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 January 2016 newsletter!
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2016 Calendar
The first part of the 2016 Calendar is now posted. The remainder of the year's offerings, following our relocation, will continue to be posted as the year progresses.

MRH Calendar


2015 in Review

If you were a part of our great 2015 you will want to be sure to check out the Galleries page as it is now chock full with new photos of our grand times. And if you weren't able to join us this year, take a gander over anyway for some fun and inspiring photos which will help get you geared up for the year of horsemanship learning ahead!



New Resources

We have recently added some handy new resources for your benefit. Hop on over to the website to download some helpful resources for you and your horse in the new year, such as:
Body Condition Scoring
Horse Health Record
Emergency Horse Care Chart
Equine Anatomy



Phone and Video Coaching


Need help outlining your goals and intentions for the coming season? Or want feedback about how to create a plan and path for getting there? Or maybe you just having a training question that you would benefit from some guidance on?

Emily is available year round for phone and video coaching, but this can be an especially handy resource during these colder winter months when getting together in person proves more challenging. Please visit the Phone and Video Coaching page for more information and to get yours scheduled!
Phone and Video Coaching



Horses for Sale


The MRH website currently boasts two very nice mares for sale. Do take a visit over to learn more about these fine mares and to see if they might just be your next perfect partner.
Horses for Sale



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The start of this year finds myself and my family happy and well and I do so sincerely hope the same can be said for you! 2015 was a banner year here at MRH filled with courses, clinics and learning galore, not to mention many a fun and oh so successful show excursion. To get a recap and share in the grand fun we had I encourage you to catch up with us on the News Page and as well in the Galleries as I have been hard at it bringing it all up to speed for your viewing pleasure!

Following some decadent time off around the holidays I am now back to teaching and will continue to do so on a part-time basis in the coming months. You will want to be sure to check out the MRH Calendar as there are some new community events and a couple of only once a year horsemanship offerings coming up, as well as a slew of western dressage clinics and shows, so do be sure to check there for specific dates and details.  

This new year of 2016 will prove to be an equally big and exciting year for us, though it will look a little different on the horsemanship front than the year prior and the ones to come. My husband and I welcome our second child, another son, here in March. We are oh so excited, as yes, even this over-the-top-horse-enthusiast-now-Mom will say that knowing and loving my boy (soon to be boys) is right up there -- no, even just a little better than horses! How blessed I am to be able to know and do both!

On top of the arrival of a second kiddo, 2016 is a momentous year for us as it brings another location change for our family. Many of you know that it was my husband's work that merited our relocation to the mid-west nearly 5 years ago. And here we are, almost 5 years later and nearing the end of the contract which brought us here. Hence, the time has come for our family to embark on our next step which we have chosen to be the sweet, quaint and oh so friendly town of Kearney, NE.  

Though the move, which will take place this summer, will merit yet another difficult departure from what has become a very special horse community here in Omaha, we are equally excited for some amazing and unique opportunities it brings. Our relocation to Kearney will not only allow us to get back closer to our home and my original horse community in Colorado (while simultaneously remaining in close and accessible proximity to the Omaha/Lincoln area) but it also provides us the chance to acquire a facility of our own. (Brief pause for some dancing, jumping and other expressions of exuberant delight!). While this is many a horse enthusiasts dream, it has been a particular focus and dream of mine since MRH's inception, as it will become the home of my long term vision, the Wholeness Through Horsemanship Education Center. I look forward to sharing with you more details in the coming months and can assure you that though this pending transition will merit a few fewer horsemanship offerings in the 2016 season, that it will ensure amazing and invigorating new offerings and opportunities for horsemanship (and lifemanship!) study ahead! 

I do look forward to re-connecting with you and your horse and in support of your horsemanship dreams in the year ahead! 

With Gratitude,

P.S. And speaking of dreams, or more specifically turning dreams into reality, be sure to have a look at the article below for some tips on how to do some goal and intention setting yourself for this new year. And then be sure to let me know how I might best serve and support you in them!
                                                            Jan 30               Monthly Movie Night
                                                                                            Private Residence - Omaha, NE 

February         Discover Your Leader Within
Contact us at if you                                                                                                 are interested in learning more about this upcoming offering.


If you were not able to make it to our recent Goal Setting Gathering, well, you missed out! We enjoyed a fun time and a lively sharing about our goals and intentions (photos of our event may be found on the MRH Facebook page) But, fear not, there is still ample opportunity for you to define your goals and intentions for yourself -- horsemanship and otherwise, here in the new year. Below are some goal setting tips and recommendations for your benefit and then be sure to also visit the listed link to access our Goal Setting Worksheet. Happy goal setting to you!

Goals and Intentions in the New Year

Goal should be just out of reach, but not out of sight. Set a big, but obtainable goal!

Your goal needs to be important to you and have value to you in achieving it. Set goals that are meaningful and which motivate!

Focus on process/personal goals, which are based on personal performance targets or skills development, rather than outcome goals, which are based on a particular objective result (win or lose). We have control over process/personal goals, but not as much over outcome goals. 

Ensure your goals work by: 
-    Writing your goal down. 
-    Telling someone about your goal. 
-    Reading your goal aloud daily or weekly. 

It is very hard to arrive somewhere if you don’t know where you are going. A goal without a plan is just a wish/hope/dream. Likewise, a goal/objective/resolution without conscientious language and a thoughtful road map is just a plan for self-defeat.

Set SMART goals!
Specific    Measurable         Attainable             Relevant            Time Bound

Reverse engineer the big goal into short term goals that are the stepping stones to the long range goals.

Daily: I.e. visualization, positive self-talk, diet adjustments, stretching, reading, etc.
Weekly: I.e. take/audit a lesson a week, video tape your ride, get on the lounge line, improve personal fitness, etc.
Monthly: attend a show, submit video tape of ride, attend a clinic, etc.

Be precise, positive and present tense in your language. This programs the sub-conscious mind. They do not have to be your reality now, but saying them this way ensures they do become your reality.

Read more and find the Goal Setting Worksheet here.

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