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The fall schedule of all our great horsemanship offerings and events is now up. Please have a look to ensure that you get to be a part of the many great things in store at MRH this fall! 

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Past Months Highlights
Be sure to check out the photo highlights from the past months of horsemanship learning. You may do so here. Galleries are updated each month, so there are always new photos to enjoy. View, share, comment and enjoy!

And please enjoy, as well, some video highlights of our summer of trail riding fun!

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Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to Jody Marken and Marty Marten of Two Spruce Farm in Berthoud, CO for their hosting of some terrific summer Trail Obstacle Clinics. Emily enjoyed the honor of guest instructing at a slew of these great events and felt so pleased to be a part of their great events and community of horse enthusiasts! It was, as always, a treat to enjoy the company of Jody and Marty and also a real pleasure to get to meet and instruct some new faces, horse and human alike!

Please visit their website to learn more about their program offerings and be sure to get on their newsletter list so as to stay tuned for future offerings.


Congratulations are in order to Lisa and Scott on the purchase of their new horses, Sioux and Simon. We are so pleased that you have joined the ranks of horse ownership and look forward to both watching and supporting the development of your partnership! Yeehaw!


Kathy and Mia

Kathy and Mia have been together since Mia was a foal. After a bit of a rough start, with an injury followed by an unideal first training experience, Kathy and Mia are now well established on their road of partnership. Kathy has done an exemplary job providing both herself and her mare with continual learning support and ample learning experiences. Besides being a regular at the MRH clinics and trail rides, Kathy is often trailering Mia to various odd events (horse shows, cattle roundups, etc.) simply to allow her mare to glean from the new life experiences. Kathy's diligence to investing in herself and her mare sure shows as they now enjoy a thriving partnership! Please enjoy this excerpt from an email Kathy recently sent about one of their many great outings together!

"I hope you don’t get tired of my emails but I just had to brag about my wonderful little yellow horse! We scouted out the Caribou Ranch Open Space today -- by ourselves!!
Mia was wonderful! Came out of the trailer like she had grown up there and was never really afraid of anything. I loved this ride! Not too rocky (I didn’t have to use rear ez boots), not too steep but there was enough of rolling ups and downs that I got to practice a lot of keeping her hindquarters under her on the downhills and making her push from behind on the uphills. Lots of nice places to trot too.
There is a bridge-a nice one that zig zags over some wetlands. Mia got a little anxious at the end of the bridge so we spent some time going back and forth then she was fine. The only other thing that spooked her at first were the shimmering aspen trees but she quickly got over this.
Thank you so much Emily, for giving us the tools to be able to go out and do this. We had a great ride, feel very proud of ourselves and wanted to share!"

*** As an instructor and fervent student of the horse herself, Emily is often inspired by a student's commitment to or diligence within their learning process, because as fellow learners we know the learning process can have its ups and downs! In this section, we are proud to feature a student who has represented what it means to be a true student of the horse and is reaping the benefits of partnership in return. Way to go and keep on keeping on in pursuit of partnership and horsemanship excellence!

Exploring Equine Emotionality —
Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Friday, September 13th from 6 - 8:30 pm 
Horsemanship 201: Advancing Communication and Partnership —
 Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Saturday, September 14th - Sunday, September 15th
Trail Ride 
Bennington, NE
Friday, October 4th 

Ride in Harmony with Your Horse 
Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Friday, October 4th from 6 - 8:30 pm

Develop an Independent Seat —
 Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Saturday, October 5th - Sunday, October 6th
Trail Ride 
Bennington, NE
Friday, October 11th 
Equine First Aid 
Nebraska Humane Society - Omaha, NE
Saturday, October 12th from 10 am - 5 pm

Showing of Cloud Documentary —
Nebraska Humane Society - Omaha, NE
Sunday, October 13th from 2 - 4:30 pm

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Trail Ride
Longmont, CO
Friday, October 25th 
Discover Your Leader Within—
at Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO
Friday,October 25th from 6 - 8:30 pm

Roundpen Reasoning —
at Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO
Saturday, October 26th - Sunday, October 27th

Private and Semi-private Instruction
Lafayette and Longmont, CO 
Monday, October 28th


by Emma Wynn - Jones
I have been working with a mare the last month with whom I have a tendency to get to this stuck place - mentally, emotionally and physically. In outward appearance, it looks like (and this is on the ground) the horse is getting dull, to the point that she stops and won’t go forward or move in the way I am asking her to. I ask her to move and she doesn’t. My anxiety starts to rise, though I don’t tend to really acknowledge this at the time, but instead I unconsciously attune to and listen to the various critical inner voices, for example: ‘I’m doing what I’ve been taught, what I know works (with other horses a.k.a. Emily’s highly attuned horses), why the heck won’t you move your feet’. And then I start to get into a kind of fight with the mare – she’s dulled out, I’m trying so hard, I feel her resistance, and then I feel like I’m flailing and I listen to and attune to the inner voice that says: ‘Failure, how embarrassing, you look like a real ninkum-poop, really unelegant and heavy-handed’. And then I have my teacher watching me, and I feel added pressure from that source. 
  Just writing this makes me realize a couple of things. First, rather than putting my energy so much on the mare, and being critical of what she’s not doing, perhaps I need to find a way to soften and bring back my attention to myself, my body, my feelings and acknowledge initially my anxiety at ‘not knowing’. I know so little, and feel quite like a baby in terms of my vocabulary and ability to converse confidently with horse. Babies need parents to help contain their anxiety and through whom they can navigate and learn about the world safely.  This is no doubt partly why I have chosen to have an ongoing relationship and dialogue with a teacher like Emily. But the challenging thing is, when conversing with a horse, since it is another species, we can’t just say, ‘hey, would you just give me a minute so I can center and breathe and acknowledge my feelings’ when we most need it, as timing is critical to the conversation with the horse so that we establish the kind of partnership we need and want with our horses. So somehow I need to find a way to be in the conversation and acknowledge my anxiety or anger (as this is clearly the second emotion that comes up for me with this mare) so that I can self-soothe myself and be more congruent. 
With that all said, what I really learned over the Horsemanship 101 weekend was how, as Emily put it, ‘horses are pure professionals at outwitting, outsmarting and outwaiting predators’. And with this horse, Emily reflected and demonstrated how I was quitting on this mare when my anxiety, anger,  and lack of believability  in myself and my ‘albeit baby’ skills got the better of me. She showed me how instead to stick with and encouraged me to believe in myself and my request until it was offered my the horse -- even if it takes two days (Emily often jokes, "I've never seen it take longer than two days")!! 
  I’m working with this mare again for the upcoming Horsemanship 201 clinic, and I am looking forward to getting to practice acknowledging my feelings whilst staying in the conversation, in order to move toward a more congruent and softer space with her. In doing so, let’s see if I can better stick with her this weekend, until my request is fulfilled and our moment of partnership obtained!

*** The Lessons from Learners is a newly featured section designed to support and encourage you, the great community of MRH Learners! It is as it sounds, simply a recap or sharing of a recent lesson from a learner. If there is a topic, lesson or experience that you have been "licking and chewing" on, we invite (and encourage!) you to share and thank you in advance for your willingness and courage in doing so. Putting into writing your lesson is both a terrific way to further absorb and integrate its value and as well serves as a terrific gift to your fellow horse enthusiasts.

If you are so inspired please send your story and any accompanying photos to Emily at for inclusion in an upcoming newsletter. Many thanks!


Scout - Terrific Trailhorse and Western Dressage Prospect

Scout is a talented and steadfast 15 year old AQHA gelding. He has a steady mind and a quiet disposition, which make him a willing partner both on the ground and under saddle. Scout is well versed in his groundwork and is also a smooth and enjoyable ride. Scout has a diverse background having been ridden both english and western, in the arena and on the trail. He is an excellent trail horse whom boldly and confidently navigates obstacles and varied terrains. He has as well been around kids and worked in a therapeutic riding program. Scout handles well for the farrier, trailer loads and ties and is current on all his vaccinations. Come meet this handsome and endearing gelding for yourself!

Medical History: Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound. Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $5000
Location: Currently in Omaha, NE

Visit website for additional photos, information and multiple videos.

Raven - Kind and Considerate Partner

Raven is as elegant of a mare on the inside as she is on the outside! She is a 9 year old, Quarter horse mare. She is very intelligent and curious and is always up for learning new skills. She enjoys adventure and exploration more than routine arena work. She is generally laid back, confident and easy going, although she can shy at the occasional plastic bag blowing across her path. She was professionally started by Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship and has been raised and trained with an understanding of partnership with people her whole life. She is a social, considerate and gentle mare who will offer her respect and partnership if treated respectfully herself. Raven tends to be a dominant mare in the herd and appreciates credible leadership from her human. She responds well to light leg and hand cues and is a great partner on the obstacle course, trail, or in a clinic setting.
Medical History: Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound. Up to date on all shots. De-wormed and trimmed regularly.
Rider Experience: High Beginner to Intermediate
Price: $4000
Location: Currently in Longmont, CO
Contact: Contact MeeMee at 303-562-7974 or to speak further about becoming Raven's next human partner!

Visit website for additional photos and information.


Saddles Offered for Sale

We currently have available a selection of fine used saddles. Please visit our Tack and Equipment For Sale page to view and learn more about our current selection. 

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