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August 2011 
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

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To Martha and Pinta!

Congratulations to Martha and Pinta on their many successes at the recent Queen City Peruvian Horse Show! Despite all odds, this determined duo took the competition by storm and earned the admiration of judges and fellow competitors alike. Way to go!

Library Updates and Additions

Learning opportunities abound in the MRHT library with a plethora of exciting new books and videos, on top of the great collection of resources already available. All materials are available for check-out, but please be reminded of and adhered to the following Library Checkout Policies:

- You must sign out a book or video on the whiteboard before taking it home with you.
- There is a $2.00 per item check-out fee (book or video). The proceeds from library use will go toward purchasing more learning materials for community enjoyment. Please put money
in the payment box in office. Your honesty and respect of this policy is appreciated.
- All items are due back 2 weeks from the check-out date. Please write in the due back date on the white board upon checkout.
- Please check out only one item at a time and return the item before checking out other material.
- Please treat these items kindly, so that you may return them in the same condition they left. Excessively damaged materials will need to be replaced.
- Not all items are available for check-out. Books not available will be labeled “not for check-out” and may be perused in the office instead.

The following titles are missing from the library. Please check your book inventory so that they may be located:

In Harmony With Your Horse - Claire Albison
Move Closer, Stay Longer - Stephanie Burns
Horse People - Micheal Korda
How to Rope a Kick Ass Life - Ellen Reid Smith

Boarders' Bulletin

Please de-worm your horse with Ivermectin by the 7th of this month and leave the box, marked with your horses name, on the staff desk.

~ Upcoming Events ~


Horsemanship 201 *  

Friday, August 5th - Sunday, August 7th

This course will take your relationship to the next level and solidify a respectful, willing, and connected partnership between you and your horse. You will learn how to use your knowledge of the equine language to increase your horse's confidence and curiosity, empowering them to tackle advanced groundwork and more challenging obstacles. You will continue to hone your awareness of intention and timing as you prepare to take these skills into the saddle. Safe grooming techniques and proper saddling will also be covered, as will the development of a balanced and independent seat, which allows you to ride with consideration for your equine partner. $400


Read what participants have had to say about Horsemanship 201.

Training for the Trail * —

Friday, September 9th - Sunday, September 11th


Trail riding is a wonderful way for you and your horse to enjoy each other's company, but without proper preparation it can quickly become an unpleasant experience. This course equips both horse and rider with the skills necessary to enjoy a safe and successful outing on the trail. Together, you will build your confidence and agility by navigating obstacles, riding various terrains, and encountering experiences common to the trail - all from the comfort and familiarity of the MRHT ranch. Trail etiquette, equipment safety, and proper trailering guidelines will also be discussed. Now offered in a new and improved, full weekend format, which includes a full day trail outing! $400

Read what participants have had to say about Training for the Trail.

New H301 Mini-Series Beginning in August!

Fundamentals of Western Dressage * 

Wednesdays 2:30 - 4 pm (note new time!) New series begins August 3rd.

This new series is the next step for current MRHT students who are looking to further refine their communication and advance their aids from the saddle. Classical dressage theory and gymnastics exercises will be covered helping horse and human to further their balance, cadence and over all self-cariage. Participants will then have the chance to test their skills through the riding of practice dressage tests. It is recommended that riders can ride with an independent seat at a walk, trot and lope and can consistently execute the basics of movement from the saddle prior to participating in this clinic.


Riding with Fluidity * 
Thursdays 5 - 6:30 pm. New series begins August 4th.

Enjoying a sky is the limit kind of partnership from the saddle merits our ability to ride with fluidity and harmony with the horse. In this new series current MRHT students will further their understanding of the alignment necessary for self-carriage in both the horse and themselves. You will refine your independent seat and ability to properly support the horses natural movements allowing for ultimate partnership and understanding in the saddle.


* Indicates that course has prerequisites.

Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRHT Calendar.

- Catch Us In EQUUS -

Catch Emily and some of the horses of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training in August's EQUUS magazine. Emily is featured as the trainer of Sophie, a rambunctious Appaloosa filly, in the story of "Saving Sophie" written by Amy Herdy. Stay tuned for more installments of "Saving Sophie" featuring Emily Johnson and photos from MRHT's very own Josh Levin throughout the year.


Western Dressage Association of America!

Emily recently returned from a month in California studying and riding with her long time mentor, Eitan Beth-Halachmy of Cowboy Dressage. Emily credits her first time at Eitan's ranch in 2004 as the inspiration behind her decision to devote her life to pursuing the art of horsemanship. After a 7 year hiatus from his ranch in Grass Valley, it was Emily's sheer thrill and ultimate privilege to be able to ride and study, yet again, with such a master. The learning and lessons at Eitan's, Wolf Creek Ranch, as well as at Light Hands Horsemanship, were rich and abundant. You can see pictures from Emily's month in CA here.

Eitan and his wife Debbie's latest endeavor has been the creation of the much anticipated and long awaited Western Dressage Association of America. This new division is taking the horse world by storm and is such a fun addition to any horse and humans repertoire. 

What is it?
Western Dressage is a new approach to western riding. It uses the methods of master horsemen to combine the suppleness and harmony of classical dressage with the spirit of the western horse. It combines the proscribed patterns and movement of classical dressage training with the techniques and attitude of quiet hands and soft reins of western horsemanship. It is a melding of two very different equine cultures that results in new riding skills and a different relationship between horse and rider.

Who can participate?
No matter what breed of horse that you ride, you want a better partnership with your horse. That is Western Dressage. The WDAA welcomes all breeds to participate. If your horse can walk, trot and canter, there is a place for you within Western Dressage.

How to get involved?
A Fundamentals of Western Dressage series is beginning in
August at MRHT and is open to current H301 students. See Upcoming Events above for more information. Eitan, himself, will also be giving a clinic in Parker, CO on August 26 - 28th. Contact Ellen DiBella at 303-841-5210 or for more information.

How to get more information?


- Horses For Sale -
Leo is an 8 year old Arabian gelding who has an excellent mind and wonderful demeanor. He is as bright and sociable as they come and has a wonderful "can do" attitude. He has proven himself to be a reliable and fun saddle mount and will make for a wonderful partner in an array of activities. Don't miss out on this gentle and vibrant spirit!  Adoption fee: $700. Contact Colorado Horse Rescue for additional information.

Isis is a 4 year old paint mare. She is a vibrant and talent spirit who brings a very eager attitude to the table. This elegant mare has the mental aptitude and emotional pizazz to thrive in a variety of disciplines! See her CHR listing for more information.  

Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at or 720-494-1414 for more information.

Quite a Fancy Bandit (aka Checkers)
Checkers is a splashy black and white 2007 APHA overo gelding who is ready to go on with a job. This gorgeous boy is both athletic and handsome. He has an excellent foundation and is riding nicely. His training includes turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, side pass, two track, backing softly and collection through his topline in motion. He stands quietly tied, is nice with his feet, hauls easily and is gentle to be around. He is 15.1 + hands and still growing. He is champion bred with bloodlines similar to many of the horses on our website show page, (half brother to World Champion producer Feverz Dusky Eyes and World Champion Dusky’s Ditto). He is ready to go to work, whatever discipline, he is sure to get noticed! Contact Lynn at 303-530-2519 for more information. $5500

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