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September 2011 
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

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A for Effort!

Holley Garrett and Carol Brown deserve a special recognition for being in attendance at both Buck Brannaman's and Eitan Beth-Halachmy's recent clinics. These gals are to be commended for taking the time out of their schedules to prioritize these incredible events. I was so impressed to see you there as true students of the horse!


Library Updates and Additions

Learning opportunities abound in the MRHT library with a plethora of exciting new books and videos, on top of the great collection of resources already available. All materials are available for check-out, but please be reminded of and adhered to the following Library Checkout Policies:

- You must sign out a book or video on the whiteboard before taking it home with you.
- There is a $2.00 per item check-out fee (book or video). The proceeds from library use will go toward purchasing more learning materials for community enjoyment. Please put money
in the payment box in office. Your honesty and respect of this policy is appreciated.
- All items are due back 2 weeks from the check-out date. Please write in the due back date on the white board upon checkout.
- Please check out only one item at a time and return the item before checking out other material.
- Please treat these items kindly, so that you may return them in the same condition they left. Excessively damaged materials will need to be replaced.

- Failure to return an item will result in being charged the cost to replace the item.
- Not all items are available for check-out. Books not available will be labeled “not for check-out” and may be perused in the office instead.

The following titles are missing from the library. Please check your book inventory so that they may be located:

Move Closer, Stay Longer - Stephanie Burns
Horse People - Micheal Korda


Boarders' Bulletin

The Fall Shot Clinic is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th at 10 am. Please reserve your spot on the website. Please either be there to handle your horse, make arrangements to have your horse handled or notify MRHT staff and they can handle your horse for $25. Please note that it is followed by the annual Client Appreciation BBQ.

Donkeys Galore!

Mark your calendar for the Longhopes Donkey Rescue Open House on Saturday, September 17th. Longhopes is a wonderful organization doing terrific work to help donkeys in need. It was also the home of Pedro and Bonita prior to their taking up residence at MRHT. 

CHR Celebrates 25 Years!

A terrific and well deserved congratulations to Colorado Horse Rescue for 25 years of service to horses in need. What a gift you have been to so many -- horses and humans alike! Come help them celebrate and show your support at the Annual Mane Event “Starry Starry Night” Fundraiser will be held at the Grand Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts on Saturday, September 24, 2011. Click here for more information.

~ Upcoming Events ~


H301 Mini-Series
Fundamentals of Western Dressage * 

Wednesdays 2:30 - 4 pm

This new series is the next step for current MRHT students who are looking to further refine their communication and advance their aids from the saddle. Classical dressage theory and gymnastics exercises will be covered helping horse and human to further their balance, cadence and over all self-cariage. Participants will then have the chance to test their skills through the riding of practice dressage tests. It is recommended that participants are able to ride with an independent seat at a walk, trot and lope and can consistently execute the basics of movement from the saddle prior to participating in this clinic.


Riding with Fluidity * 
Thursdays 5 - 6:30 pm.

Enjoying a sky-is-the-limit kind of partnership from the saddle merits our ability to ride with fluidity and harmony with the horse. In this new series current MRHT students will further their understanding of the alignment necessary for self-carriage in both the horse and themselves. You will refine your independent seat and ability to properly support the horses natural movements allowing for ultimate partnership and understanding in the saddle.

Client Appreciation BBQ 
Saturday, September 17th @ 12:30

Bring your loved ones and a drink or desert to share for an afternoon of relaxing and camaraderie at the ranch. Please RSVP on the website to ensure accurate numbers for catering.


Training for the Trail * —

Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th

Trail riding is a wonderful way for you and your horse to enjoy each other's company, but without proper preparation it can quickly become an unpleasant experience. This course equips both horse and rider with the skills necessary to enjoy a safe and successful outing on the trail. Together, you will build your confidence and agility by navigating obstacles, riding various terrains, and encountering experiences common to the trail - all from the comfort and familiarity of the MRHT ranch. Trail etiquette, equipment safety, and proper trailering guidelines will also be discussed. Now offered in a new and improved, full weekend format, which includes a full day trail outing! $400. Only 1 spot remaining!

Read what participants have had to say about Training for the Trail.

So, You Want to Buy a Horse? —

Saturday, November 5th

You and your future equine partner deserve to be set up for the best relationship possible. Ensuring a good match requires adequate preparation. This clinic will equip you to be an informed and discerning horse buyer and will prime you for what to except as a horse owner. Topics covered include: identifying your goals, riding style, and experience level; what to look for in a horse; questions to ask a potential seller; understanding a pre-purchase exam; where to find a horse; ensuring your safety in the looking process; finding a suitable trainer or instructor; and what kind of costs you can expect as a new horse owner. This clinic is suitable for anyone looking to purchase a horse or for those who have recently come into horse ownership. $100


* Indicates that course has prerequisites.


Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRHT Calendar.


Horsemanship Learning Galore!

Emily spent the last week of August riding with Buck Brannaman and Eitan Beth-Halachmy in their respective clinics. Emily says of her time with these remarkable horsemen, "There is nothing I enjoy more than gleaning greater insight into horses as doing so allows me to better align with and support them in finding partnership. Having the chance to visit with these two men was a terrific opportunity and made for a truly inspiring week of learning."
Frisco was Emily's mount for Buck's clinic and did an exemplary job. He rose to the occassion and showed terrific courage and focus for a youngster amidst a high energy, jam packed, 4-day event. He caught the attention of many with his good looks and fabulous demeanor. He even had the chance to work some cattle and showed himself to be a real cowy fella.

Mackenzie found her time away from the familiarity of the ranch and her daily routine a little more trying and by the end of the week had pretty well had her fill of out of the ordinary things. Although time with Eitan was a real treat, Mackenzie provided Emily with the valuable reminder that a horseman's commitment to his horse is to work where the horse is at on a given day -- mentally, emotionally and physically -- not where the human wants to be. 


- Horses For Sale -
Quite a Fancy Bandit (aka Checkers)
Checkers is a 2007 15.2 H. APHA black and white gelding. He has been professionally raised and trained since birth. This gorgeous boy is both athletic and handsome. He has an excellent foundation and is riding nicely. He is kind, willing and wants to please. He loads, hauls, clips, bathes and has no vices. He has been trained by Lynn Hindman and ridden by her daughter Kinsey. He has also been through natural horsemanship training with Emily Johnson and is currently being ridden by the CU equestrian team. He is soft, flexible, all the body parts move off cue, he stops easily, backs without pressure and has a nice 360 turn around on both the haunches and the forehand. See website for more pics! He is ready to go to work, whatever discipline and is sure to get noticed! Contact Lynn at 303-530-2519 for more information. $4500

(Click to view video)

Isis is a 4 year old paint mare. She is a vibrant and talented spirit who brings a very eager attitude to the table. This elegant mare has the mental aptitude and emotional pizazz to thrive in a variety of disciplines! 
See website for more pics
Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at or 720-494-1414 for more information. $1500
(Click to view video)

- Horses For Lease -

The lovely and oh so gracious Miss Cheyenne is available for partial lease on Tuesdays. Contact Emily if you are interested in partnering with her a day a week to practice your groundwork and/or riding skills. (Must be a H101 graduate to be eligible for partial leasing). Partial lease is $30/day.
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