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Summer 2012 
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training
Spellbinder's Fury
1986 - 2012

We have lost another dear friend recently.

Spellbinder's Fury (aka Binder) passed away on June 16th in the loving company of his long-time horse and human herd. Binder was as magnanimous and saintly a spirit as any horse I have known and a gracious teacher and steadfast friend to many throughout his life.

I owe terrific gratitude and credit to Binder, as it was he, who as my first horse, turned a young girl's interest for horses into a hobby, hobby into a obsession, and obsession into a career. Had Binder not entered my life when I was a fledgling teenager, I am not certain I would have ended up on the path I am today. 

Binder extended his love and reliable spirit 
to many a student and to his final human partner, Diane as well. Diane began her relationship with Binder in 2008. After a year of leasing, it became clear that Diane and Binder were perfect for each other and on March 1, 2009 Diane became Binder's official human. A horse could not have wished for a better human, nor a human for a better horse. Diane and Binder's connection consistently flourished throughout their years together allowing them to enjoy an outragous partnership.

I am so thankful for the wonderful care and commitment Diane provided to my dear friend. And Binder, to you, we are forever grateful
 for your elegant presence, faithful friendship and abundantly gracious spirit in our lives. Thank you.

Video: In Loving Memory of Binder

 - Recommended Events -

Summer Soltice Dressage Schooling Show

Saturday, July 14th
S and L Stables - Bennet, NE

Sponsored by Harmony Hill 4-H Club and S and L Stables, Bennet, Nebraska
Qualifying Event for the NDA Schooling Show Championship

See flyer for more information and registration information.


Fear Management for Horse Lovers

July 19th and July 21st
Berthoud, CO

Does underlying fear or lack of confidence hinder your enjoyment of horses?

Please join us to explore the causes of stress, personalize solutions and build a safer, more enjoyable relationship with your horse.

Presented by: Bonnie Brindle, M.Ed, Registered Psychotherapist, PATH Intl Therapeutic Riding Instructor Liz Johnson, Windy Creek Ranch LLC, Owner/Breeder/Trainer Jody Marken, Two Spruce Farm LLC, Owner, Instructor, USEF Judge, Physical Therapist

Dates and Times:
Thursday evening, July 19 6 PM – 9 PM (focus group without horses) Saturday, July 21 9AM – 12 PM (outdoor clinic with horses) Cost: $65/evening session (includes dinner) – limit 14 people $75/Sunday session – limit 10 people **We recommend that you attend BOTH sessions** **Attendance at the evening session required for the Sunday session** (Horses available for lease for the Sunday session)

Location: Two Spruce Farm, 3714 West County Rd 2, Berthoud, CO 80513

PRE-REGISTRATION required: 720-494-9898


Mane Event - Buckaroo Bash Benefit Auction
For Colorado Horse Rescue

Saturday, August 25th
Plaza Hotel - Longmont, CO

Colorado Horse Rescue is proud to announce our 2012 “Mane Event – Buckaroo Bash”.  Celebrating 26 years of serving the horse community, the Mane Event will be held August 25, 2012 at the Summit Grand Ballroom, Plaza Hotel Longmont.

Purchase tickets here.

What is Dressage?
Dressage is a word drawn from the French verb for “to train.” Dressage is both a method of training horses and a competitive sport.
With a centuries-old history, dressage training is based on a series of progressively more difficult movements introduced to the horse gradually. This take-it-slow approach enables the horse to develop the musculature and understanding necessary for the extreme physical and mental demands of higher-level dressage movements.

What is Western Dressage? 
Western Dressage is a new approach to western riding and a rapidly growing new and exciting division. It uses the methods of master horsemen to combine the suppleness and harmony of classical dressage with the spirit of the western horse. It is a melding of two very different equine cultures that results in new riding skills and a different relationship between horse and rider.

Who can participate?
No matter what breed of horse that you ride, you want a better partnership with your horse. That is Western Dressage. The WDAA welcomes all breeds to participate. If your horse can walk, trot and canter, there is a place for you within Western Dressage.

Learn More:
USDF Western Dressage Article
Western Dressage Video Magazine
Dressage Goes West

Get Involved:

Western Dressage Association
Nebraska Dressage


 - Upcoming Events - 

Colorado Private and Semi-Private Horsemanship Instruction —
Thursday, August 2nd and Friday, August 3rd 

Emily is heading your way and is anxious to support you and your horse. Contact her at to schedule your lesson time(s).

From the Horse's Point of View — 
Friday, August 3rd from 6 pm - 8:30 pm (Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO)
Do you dream of enjoying ultimate partnership with your horse? The kind of relationship where you can go anywhere and do anything? 
If so, please join us for an enlightening evening of photos, videos and discussion. You will learn how horses think, feel and what they instinctively crave. We will discuss understanding the mind and nature of the horse, how horses communicate, how to relate to your horse in their language, and empathetic problem solving from the horse's point of view. $10

"What Trailer?" Trailer Loading Clinic —
Saturday, August 4th from 9 am - 5 pm  (Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO)

The recent onslaught of Colorado wildfires has been a hard, but valuable reminder of the importance of having your horse properly prepared to trailer load both consistently and predictably. Don't wait until it could be too late to instill confidence and obedience in your horse with the trailer. 
Trailer loading often has a reputation of being troublesome or challenging, but it certainly does not have to be! In this demonstration you will develop the knowledge and skills to prepare your horse for a safe and smooth loading experience and will learn how to assist your horse in becoming a willing and confident partner with the trailer. This clinic is perfect for horses that are difficult to load or those that have had traumatic experiences with trailers, as well as for anyone looking to enhance the relationship with their horse. Attending the "From the Horse's Point of View" lecture the evening before is highly recommended. Cost: $25 to audit; $75 for your horse to participate.

Attend both the lecture and clinic for $30!
Wanted: Hard to load horses for trailer loading demonstration. Contact Carol at or 720-494-1414 to register your horse. 

Read what previous participants say about the "What Trailer?" Trailer Loading Clinic.

Soccer for Softness —
Saturday, August 11th from 9 am - 5 pm (Log Barn Stables - Plattsmouth, NE)
Are you interested in . . . 
         - building your horses confidence?
         - increasing your horses trust in you?
         - replacing fear and tension with curiosity and courage?
         - enhancing softness?
         - riding with purpose and playfulness?

If so, then join us for a day of horsemanship growth and fun with Horse Soccer! Topics covered will include: control of the seperate parts, accountability to the aids, how to ride a spook, desensitization, confidence building and more. We will complete our day of new skills with a rousing game of horse soccer! $95


Long Distance Coaching —

In appreciation and with respect of your fervor and devotion for horsemanship learning, Emily will be providing the opportunity for long distance coaching and training by means of telephone and video assessment. Please see the following options below:

I. Phone Coaching: Emily will assist you in coaching by means of phone conversation and email coorespondences. $25/hour

II. Video Assessment: Send a video of you and your horse for Emily to review and address your questions. Video may be either sent via YouTube or on a DVD by mail. $50 per 15 min of video. Includes 2 email responses or one 1/2 hour phone consultation. 


Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRH Calendar.


- Horses For Sale -

Cheyenne is as lovely a mare on the inside as she is on the outside! Cheyenne has been the predominant lesson horse in the MRH horsemanship program for the past two years. Cheyenne is being retired as a lesson horse and is now looking for a human of her very own. She is a gentle, gracious and reliable mare whom has served both willingly and faithfully in her role as an equine instructor. One of our most versatile horses, she has been trusted to both take care of new riders as well as challenge the more advanced students. She is polite and respectful on the ground and boasts an array of groundwork skills. She is equally trustworthy and dependable under saddle and is also a terrific, quiet and reliable trail horse. This dear mare has such love, patience and kindness to give and would so enjoy having a human to call her own who can shower her in the attention and affection she deserves! See her website listing for further details and additional photos. Asking $2000* Available for sale or lease. Currently located near Omaha, NE. Contact Emily at or 720-204-8727 to speak further about becoming Cheyenne's next human partner!

*Cheyenne's price has been discounted to $1500 to the MRH community. Contact Emily with inquiries.
(click for video)

Scootaway Scooby (aka Scooby)
Scooby is a AQHA and FQHR registered 9 year old gelding.  He has a rich sorrel color and stands approximately 15.3 hands.  Easy keeper, completely healthy and sound.  Up to date on all shots.  Wormed and trimmed regularly. Great feet, stands quietly for farrier, takes wormer and shots just fine, easy to clip/groom, loads well.  Very easy to catch, leads nicely. Scooby is a quiet minded, athletic horse who is well suited for an intermediate or up rider.  Scooby has been ridden on trails, out on roads and in arenas.  He’s been around sheep, goats, cattle, tractors, etc.  He’s was shown by a 17 year old girl the last two years in 4-H Pleasure, Horsemanship and Showmanship, where he won blue and purple ribbons. Scooby has stabled with several different geldings and mares.  He finds a place in the herd easily and usually ends up somewhere in the middle.  He’s currently in a pen with three mares where he is second on the ladder. See his website listing for further details and additional photos. Video coming soon. Asking $3750. Currently located near Omaha, NE. Contact Derek at or  402-618-6136 for more information.

Little Bit
Little Bit is a lovely 10 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is a well-built athletic mare who has correct, comfortable gaits. Her warm liquid eye tells of her good-nature and she has a very sound, discerning mind. Little Bit is bold and willing to tackle a variety of tasks. She has been started both english and western and is a versatile mare who is willing to please. See website for more pictures. Adoption fee $1500. Currently located in Longmont, CO. Contact Colorado Horse Rescue or 720-494-1414 for more information. 

(click for video)

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