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Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

2013 Calendar

The MRH Calendar is chock full of great events and offerings both in Nebraska and Colorado. Our 2013 Schedule is growing everyday! MRH especially wants to express our deep appreciation to all our clinic sponsors and hosts. Their hard work and hospitality make it possible for us to do what we do, and because of them 2013 is already shaping up to be a busy year for us!

New Offerings and Rates

MRH strives to make horsemanship learning approachable and accessible to everyone. In 2013 MRH will be unveiling a few changes and additions to best serve and support you on your journey with horses.
First, we will be adding to the line-up of great events you have come to know and love via the means of online educational videos, teleseminars and webinars.

Second, we are continually developing new ideas and clinic topics to suit the needs and desires of you and your horse, as well as refining the course and clinic offerings already offered to ensure they are the best and most effective they can be for horse and human alike! If you have any special clinic topic ideas or requests, please do let Emily know so she can try to make it happen.

Lastly, MRH is offering new, slightly discounted rates this year. Plus special discounts offered to volunteers of the various not for profit organizations MRH partners with. We are also offering a slew of new Discounts and Incentives that you will want to check out!

Working Student Position

MRH now has a working student position available. A working student position is an excellent way to learn and improve your knowledge of and skills in an area of the industry that interests you, in exchange for work. A working student position is not a job, but rather an opportunity to train under a professional to learn and polish skills at almost no cost to the student. It is an intensive, equestrian immersion experience. A working student position is not for everyone. Those who succeed however find that they have gained tremendously not only in their horsemanship and riding skills, but also in life skills.

The working student position at MRH will expose a working student to high levels of horsemanship and a wide variety of horsemanship activities. MRH prides itself on operating with a high degree of integrity and has built a sought after reputation for quality and credible horsemanship instruction and training. Our reputation and the quality of care horses and students receive is of the utmost importance to us and therefore a working student must hold in high regard the values of MRH. Please begin by taking some time to throughly get to know the MRH philosophy and program via our website to be sure that our program is in alignment with your desires and goals for your horsemanship development.

Learn more about the working student position, including how to apply here

Recommended Events



Open Arena at BC Fairgrounds
Wednesdays from 9 am - 9 pm; November - April
Longmont, CO

Wishing for the comforts of an indoor arena? Want to build your horses confidence in new environments? The Boulder County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena is open to the public every Wednesday for $5 per horse. Contact the Fairgrounds at 303-678-6235 for more information.



Light Hands Horsemanship
May 20th - June 2nd
Santa Ynez, CA

Vision: To be the leading advocate, worldwide, of lightness in the handling and riding of horses.
Mission: To provide horse owners and riders with the education, motivation, and techniques to implement lightness of mind and body in their interaction with their horses.

Learn more and register here.

In Loving Memory

It is with sadness that I share of the passing of a beautiful horse spirit, Joy. 

I first met Joy, then known as Lakota, in 2004 while working as barn manager at Medicine Horse Program. Joy had been a Premarin mare and had been rescued from the hardships of that life to share her wisdom as a therapy horse with troubled girls.

Joy arrived at MHP pregnant and in the spring of 2005 delivered a healthy colt -- the spitting image of herself, as handsome as she was elegant. I had the honor of being with Joy during her delivery and enjoyed the privilege of being one of the first to welcome her new foal into the world. Within moments of his arrival, I knew this special colt would play an important role in my life. And sure enough, Joy's little bundle of joy, became my next horse partner and has grown and flourished into the remarkable horse we know today, Mountain Rose Charisma (Chinook). I will be forever grateful to Joy bringing this strong and vivacious colt into the world.

After her delivery, Joy received the most stupendous gift of life herself - - a human partner to call her own! When Jolee and Joy first met, their connection was instant. Joy has been blessed to call Jolee her human partner since 2005 and with the support, love and encouragement of Jolee, Joy blossomed into her fullest self -- a bright, compassionate and wise spirit. She and Jolee enjoyed a powerful connection and bond and Joy played an integral role in the lives and healing journeys of many as a therapy horse. Jolee shared this of her dear friend, Joy:

"Her absence has left an enormous void in my life, the lives of people at the therapy barn, and in the lives of her small herd. One boarder said, 'The world is a different place without Joy in it.' And it's so true. Joy was such an amazing soul and my best friend. I cherish every moment I spent with her. The lessons she taught me about leadership, respect, boundaries, honoring the truth, intimacy and love will forever guide interactions I have with people and animals alike. Indeed, the world is a different place without Joy in it." 

We offer our deepest thanks to Joy for the many ways she has gifted and graced our lives and for the many joys she brought to the lives of those who knew her. And we send our sympathies and condolences to Jolee as she journeys on without the reassuring physical presence of her beloved Joy.


Dr. Mark Fitch 
2012 USEF/EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipient

Congratulations are in order again to Dr. Mark Fitch of Boulder, CO for being named one of the 2012 USEF/EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipients. 

The USEF/EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award is a celebration of the humanitarian achievements made by a member of the equestrian world. From improving the health and welfare of the horse to promoting and expanding the general public’s appreciation and respect of the diverse roles of horses, the recipient of this award has devoted considerable personal time to making the lives and quality of life of our equine partners paramount. 
"A record number of nominations were received this year, but two rose to the top", said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President, who with John Long, USEF CEO, presented the award to Dr. Fitch and Dr. Tully of Elkhorn, WI. Dr. Fitch is a progressive equine practitioner whose practice exudes a remarkably special sensitivity toward both the client and the patient. There is no practitioner in the area more revered and respected by his human clients or more accepted by and effective with his equine patients. Without pretense and with genuine heart and soul, this awe inspiring, yet gentle and humble humanitarian, incorporates his principles of care and caring into everything he does.

Read full article here.


Holly and Sunshine-Kalila

Having been a diligent student to learning horsemanship the past few years, Holly is now a proud first time horse owner. Congratulations to Holly and her lovely new Mustang mare, Sunshine-Kalila. We are so excited to be a part of your growth together and to watch your new partner flourish! Here's to many happy trails ahead!

May you gallop with ease, good health and
a dash of playfulness into the New Year!

Hello Horse Friends!

The start of this new year finds MRH in full swing with a great line-up of events in Nebraska as well as continued course offerings in Colorado. Despite the current fullness of life as MRH wraps up the past year and transitions into this exciting year ahead, the time I am able to enjoy with my horses, as fleeting as it can feel at times, does make the current busyness well worth it. As I know you can appreciate, any encounter with my beloved furry friends, renders time still, and fills my heart more than works can express. Ah, the joy that is time with our horses!

2013 is set to be a terrific year at MRH with many exciting things in the works! Your requests and desires have been heard and there are a slew of good things coming down the pipe to maximize MRH's ability to support you in your horsemanship goals. This is the year that the Love Horses? Learn Horsemanship Educational Video Series will begin to take form, as well as other up-with-the-times means of connecting with you and your horses, such as teleseminars and webinars -- oh boy!

Here in Nebraska, MRH is pleased to have partnered with the Nebraska Humane Society in support of their new Star Equine Rehabilitation Program and will be offering a variety of events throughout the coming year in support of the noble work they are doing for horses in need. Stay tuned!

And it delights me so to be returning to Colorado every three weeks as I so value being able to be a continued part of your and your horses every developing partnership! Colorado Horse Rescue and I have just scheduled 14 clinics throughout the next year, with even more offerings in the works at venues across the Colorado front range. Plus, you can look forward to monthly trail rides and private and semi-private instruction offerings on top of the great line-up of course and clinic offerings. See calendar for specific dates and offerings.

And because of the aforementioned list of exciting things, MRH is on the lookout for someone to join the team with a working student position now available! Learn more here and we are hopeful you or someone you know might consider joining the terrific MRH Team!

I look back with gratitude on the past year for all of you who invited me to be a part of your horse journey. I so admire your desire to learn and feel privileged to have been allowed to help out where I could. Thank you for trusting in me to guide you on your journey.  I appreciate you more than words express!

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in the year ahead and I can't wait to make 2013 the best year ever for you and your horses! Here's wishing ya’ll only good things in the coming year!
- Emily


Horsemanship Intensive Special
Book your Private or Semi-private Horsemanship Intensive with Emily in Nebraska by March 15th and receive 20% off the tuition. 
*** Special runs through March 15th only: A 50% deposit will reserve your spot. Deposit is non-refundable, but transferable to other dates. Deposit must be received by March 15th to qualify for discount.

Referral Appreciation Program
Refer a person to the MRH program and once they become a client the referring person will receive a $20 certificate good toward courses, clinics or private instruction and an MRH sticker as thanks.
*** This program applies retroactively and well as for future referrals, so if you have referred someone to MRH in the past, just shoot us an email as a reminder and we will send you your certificate and sticker. How bout them apples?!
Volunteer Discount
Current and active volunteers of the select equine non-profit organizations that MRH partners with receive a discounted tuition to MRH program offerings. See event listing or flyer for specific rates.
Family Member Discount
 Participate in a MRH course or clinic with a family member and receive $20 off your family members tuition.
Second Timer Discount
Participate in a course or clinic that you have previously taken, for a second time at half price (space permitting).

Serious Student of the Horse Special
Register as a participant in the 5 foundation courses in the MRH Wholeness Through Horsemanship program and attend the 6th at half price.

Showing of Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies —

Sunday, March 3rd from 2 - 4 pm Nebraska Humane Society - Omaha, NE

Cloud is a pale palomino wild horse stallion living in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. Cloud has been documented from the day of his birth (May 29th, 1995) by Emmy-winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens. Her films about Cloud, Cloud: Wild Stallions of the Rockies, Cloud's Legacy: The Wild Stallion Returns, and the latest film Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions air on PBS's Nature series and represent the only on-going documentation of a wild animal in our hemisphere. Ginger's chronicles of Cloud have been compared to Jane Goodall's work with chimpanzees in Africa. In this engrossing documentary, Cloud beats the odds and grows from colt to stallion. 

Join us to: Observe wild horse behavior in action; learn about the new NHS Equine Rehabilitation Program; enjoy a Q & A Panel Discussion with NHS Trainers and local horse professionals: Colleen Hamer, Michelle Julian and Emily Johnson.

Tuition: A suggested donation of $10 will go directly to supporting the NHS Equine Rehabilitation Program.

Registration: Contact Kristie at 402-444-7800 ext 325 or to get registered. Seating is limited so register early. 

From the Horse's Point of View —

Friday, March 15th from 6 - 8:30 pm at Nebraska Humane Society - Omaha, NE

Have you ever wondered what horses think and feel or how they see the world? Have you ever felt confused or perplexed by your horses behavior and felt at a loss for how to respond? Do you wish you could be the best partner possible to your horse?
Then join us for an enlightening evening of photos, videos and discussion about the mind and nature of these magnificent, yet at times, mystifying beings.
In From the Horse's Point of View you will learn how horses think, feel and what they instinctively crave. Discussion will include: understanding the mind and nature of the horse and how it both relates to and differs from ours; how horses communicate; how to relate to the horse in their natural language; and empathetic problem solving from the horse's point of view. This knowledge and understanding gained will further your ability to connect with and relate to the horses in your life in your pursuit toward ultimate partnership.

Tuition: $15 for NHS volunteers; $25 for non-volunteers. Portion of proceeds benefit NHS.

Registration: Contact Kristie at 402-444-7800 ext 325 or to get registered. Seating is limited so register early. 

Photo Gallery

Horsemanship 101 —

Saturday, March 16th - Sunday, March 17th at Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Sponsored by Nebraska Humane Society


Do you wish for a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust with your horse? Are you and your horse clear about the individual building blocks that make up a successful communication? Do you know what to go back to when a problem or challenge presents itself in your relationship?
Horsemanship 101 provides you and your horse the foundation from which to build a harmonious and long-lasting partnership. You will learn the groundwork and leadership skills necessary to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. You'll benefit from extensive discussion on equine psychology and herd behavior, the knowledge of which enables you to communicate using the horse's natural language. You will learn how to be a clear and trustworthy leader for your horse while deepening your awareness of yourself and of your horse.
This course is designed for those who wish to build or sharpen their groundwork skill, enhance their overall relationship with their horse or discover the joy of horsemanship for the first time.

Tuition: Participant: $175 for NHS volunteers; $275 for non-volunteers. Bring your own horse or a lesson horse may be reserved for an additional $25 per day. Auditor: $10 day or $15 for both days for NHS volunteers; $15/day or $25 for both days to non-volunteers.

Registration: Contact Kristie at 402-444-7800 ext 325 or to get registered. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.
Completion of this course is required before further advancement in the MRH program.

Photo Gallery


Trail Ride
Friday, February 22nd from 10 am - 4 pm - Longmont, CO

Trail Riding at MRH is part of the Wholeness Through Horsemanship™ curriculum and is open to students who have completed the prerequisites and are looking to take their horsemanship to the next level. Each trail offers unique terrain and obstacles with which to practice your skills. You will learn how to maintain your horse's attention and trust in a new environment, as well as trail etiquette and the essentials of safe trailering. Every trail ride includes groundwork and riding instruction and is topped off with a potluck-style lunch.

Tuition: $125 with transport by MRH; $100 with your own transport.  

Registration: Reserve your spot online

20 (More) Partnership Exercises for a Winter's Day
Saturday, February 23rd from 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm at Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO

The shorter days and colder temperatures of winter need not hold you and your horse back in your pursuit of partnership. Last month's 20 Partnership Exercises for a Winter's Day clinic received such great feedback that we are offering a Part II, with 20 more exercises! Come learn some simple and sure fire exercises, both on the ground and under saddle that will allow you and your horse to connect and enhance your partnership this winter. No need to have attended the first clinic - all are welcome.

Tuition: Participant: $50 for CHR volunteers; $75 for non-volunteers. Auditor: $10 for CHR volunteers; $15 for non-volunteers. 
Portion of proceeds benefit CHR.

Registration: Contact Carol at 720-494-1414 x 2205 or to register. Or reserve your spot online. Pre-registration required and spaces limited. 

"So, You Want to Buy a Horse?"
Sunday, February 24th from 10 am - 5 pm at Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO

Have you dreamed of enjoying the joy and companionship of a horse partner of your own? Is it important to you to ensure safety in the looking process and to feel confident that the horse you bring into your life is the best match for you?


You and your future equine partner deserve to be set up for the best relationship possible. Ensuring this good match requires adequate preparation.
The "So, You Want to Buy a Horse?" clinic will equip you to be an informed and discerning horse buyer and will prime you for what to except as a horse owner. Topics covered include: identifying your goals, riding style, and experience level; what to look for in a horse; questions to ask a potential seller; understanding a pre-purchase exam; where to find a horse; ensuring your safety in the looking process; finding a suitable trainer or instructor; and what kind of costs you can expect as a new horse owner.This clinic is suitable for anyone looking to purchase or adopt a horse or for those who have recently come into horse ownership. 

Tuition: $75 for CHR volunteers; $100 for non-volunteers. Portion of proceeds benefit CHR.

Registration: Contact Carol at 720-494-1414 x 2205 or to register. Or reserve your spot online. Pre-registration required and space is limited. 

Photo Gallery
Read what participants have had to say about the "So, You Want to Buy a Horse" Clinic.

Private and Semi-private Instruction
Tuesday, February 26th - Thursday, February 28th

Emily is available to for private and semi-private instruction at the dates listed above. Contact her directly at to schedule your time. 

Exploring Equine Emotionality
Friday, March 29th from 6 - 8:30 pm
at Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center - Longmont, CO

Are you able to identify and empathize with your horses emotions? Can you consistently respond in a manner that meets your horses needs and promotes safety, succes and understanding, whether on the ground or under saddle?

If you'd like to learn how, join us for an enlightening evening of photos, videos and discussion about as we explore the different horsenalities and learn how to best guide and support each type on the road toward ultimate partnership.

Tuition: $15 for CTRC volunteers; $25 for non-volunteers. Portion of proceeds benefit CTRC.

Registration: Contact Linda at 303-652-9131 x108 or Pre-registration required and spaces limited. 

Horsemanship 201
Saturday, March 30th - Sunday, March 31st
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center - Longmont, CO
Horsemanship 201 will take your and your horses relationship to the next level and solidify a respectful, willing, and connected partnership that is rooted in mutual trust and respect. You will learn how to read and properly respond to your horse's emotions; how to use your knowledge of the equine language and foundational groundwork skills to increase your horse's confidence and curiosity; and how to empower your horse to tackle more challenging obstacles. You will continue to hone your awareness of intention and timing as you prepare to take these skills into the saddle. Grooming and saddling in partnership will be introduced, as will the use of the riding aids and the development of a balanced and independent seat.

Tuition: $275 for CTRC volunteers; $325 for non-volunteers (includes admission to Friday night Exploring Equine Emotionality lecture). Bring your own horse or a lesson horse may be reserved. Auditor: $15/day or $25 for both days for CTRC volunteers; $25/day or $40 for both days to non-volunteers. Portion of proceeds benefit CTRC.

Registration: Contact Linda at 303-652-9131 x108 or Pre-registration required and spaces limited. 

Prerequisite: Horsemanship 101 

Photo Gallery

Little Bit - Colorado Horse Rescue

Breed: Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Age: 10
Size: 14.2 H
Color: Chestnut
Temperament: Little Bit is a well-built athletic mare who has nice conformation allowing for correct and comfortable gaits. Her warm liquid eye tells of her good-nature and she has a very sound, discerning mind. Little Bit is soft and willing as well as confident enough to tackle a variety of tasks. She is as steady in the arena as she is on the trail. She has been ridden both english and western and is a talented and versatile mare.
Medical History: Barefoot, current on vaccinations and has been on regular de-worming program.
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Adoption Fee: $2500
Additional Info: Contact Emily at 402-522-6748 or
Location: Currently in training with Emily in Bennington, NE
Video: Video 1
Topaz - Colorado Horse Rescue

Breed: Paint
Gender: mare
Age: 20
Size: 15.1
Color: Sorrel overo paint
Temperament: Topaz is a Paint mare with a very kind disposition. She has impeccable ground manners and a kind eye. During her training evaluation at the rescue, Topaz showed that she has a heart of gold and she always aims to please. She has recently been paired with Emily Johnson of Mountain Rose Horsemanship, who has been able to bring out the former show horse inside! Topaz was likely ridden Western Pleasure, and although she cannot hold up to a performance level at this point in her life she would make a wonderful trail and pleasure horse. She is not spooky under saddle! She bonds well with humans, and she's very polite with other horses. 
Medical History: Requires special shoes and medication daily for pain control; easy keeper; recommended weight limit (rider plus tack) = 240 lbs
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Adoption Fee: $900
Additional Info: Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at: or 720-494-1414
Location: Currently in Longmont, CO
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