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August 2012 
Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training

 - Recommended Events -


Colt Starting and Horsemanship Clinic
with Bryan Neubert 

August 9-12
 Fremont, NE 
We are getting organized for Bryan's upcoming clinic, there are still a few spots left. Bryan has learned a great deal from legends in the horse world...  a line of horsemen that began with Bill and Tom Dorrance, and continued through Ray Hunt.  All give most credit to their finest teachers, the horses themselves. 
Bryan will be offering four-day classes in colt starting and horsemanship with a quiet, relaxed, patient,and humble approach to both horses and people, and will help the horse and human become true partners and friends.   No matter the skill or experience level, Bryan will adjust to fit the needs of each horse and rider to help them become confident and capable. 
Each rider is encouraged to be open about the ideas they are working on, the problems they might be having, or the goals they are striving for.   Bryan can help the rider address all sorts of issues....  anything from from saddling or mounting problems, simple riding exercises, or very advanced flexions, maneuvers or transitions.  
Spectators welcome, please give us a call or send a note if you would like to register for this clinic.
Scott Wehrmann 402-709-7439 or


Fear Management for Horse Lovers
Presented by:
Bonnie Brindle, Jody Marken and Liz Johnson

Thursday evening, August 23, 5:30 PM – 9 PM (seminar without horses, includes dinner)
Saturday, August 25, 9 AM – 12 PM (clinic with horses)
Berthoud, CO

Attend one session or attend BOTH sessions (attendance at the Thursday clinic required for the Saturday clinic)

Does underlying fear or lack of confidence hinder your enjoyment of horses?

Please join us to explore the causes of stress, personalize solutions
and build a safer, more enjoyable relationship with your horse.
Some comments from participants at the July Fear Management clinic:
“I thought I was alone in my fear.  So happy to see that it is probably a commonality with horse people.  Makes me feel good.”
“Feel really supported and happy to be around people who understand and have experienced these feelings before.”
“Very informative.  Liked the interactive part.  Nice group of people.  Like the relaxed, supportive approach.”

Pre-registration required. Contact Jody for Reservation form: or 720-201-4363.

See flyer for additional details.


Trail Obstacle Clinics
with Marty Marten and Jody Marken
plus other Guest Instructors (TBA)

Saturday and Sundays through September
Berthoud, CO

- Build trust and confidence in your horse, and your horse in you
- Expose your horse to challenges in a safe, positive, fun environment

-  not a series, come to one or come to more  -

Cost:  $95/clinic (riders)


Pre-Registration Required, contact Marty or Jody at 720-494-9898  or

See flyer for additional details.


Horsepower the Movie

I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing with this passionate group of filmmakers on my recent horse trip to La Estancia Alegre in New Mexico. Horsepower the Movie is a documentary film investigating humankind's relationship with horses and the disturbing truths about rescue, slaughter and the current welfare of horses in America. The films goal is to make a difference in the lives of horses by educating the public on the harsh realities our beloved equines are facing. 
This is an extraordinary project backed by terrifically talented and passionate people, but the project cannot continue without the collective financial support of America's horse lovers. The film is in the fundraising stage and has until Aug. 9th to raise the funds needed to continue this project to its completion. 
I invite you to learn more at the link below and ask that you consider supporting this project. Please do spread the word as well about this consequential film and their fundraising need.

Horsepower the Movie Fundraiser

 - Upcoming Events - 

Colorado Private Horsemanship Instruction —
Thursday, August 2nd and Friday, August 3rd 

Emily is in Colorado this week and is looking forward to supporting you and your horse in your ever progressing partnership. Don't have a horse? Lesson horse available. Contact her at to schedule your lesson time(s).

From the Horse's Point of View — 
Friday, August 3rd from 6 pm - 8:30 pm (Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO)
Do you dream of enjoying ultimate partnership with your horse? The kind of relationship where you can go anywhere and do anything? 
If so, please join us for an enlightening evening of photos, videos and discussion. You will learn how horses think, feel and what they instinctively crave. We will discuss understanding the mind and nature of the horse, how horses communicate, how to relate to your horse in their language, and empathetic problem solving from the horse's point of view. $10

"What Trailer?" Trailer Loading Clinic —
Saturday, August 4th from 9 am - 5 pm  (Colorado Horse Rescue - Longmont, CO)

The recent onslaught of Colorado wildfires has been a hard, but valuable reminder of the importance of having your horse properly prepared to trailer load both consistently and predictably. Don't wait until it could be too late to instill confidence and obedience in your horse with the trailer. 
Trailer loading often has a reputation of being troublesome or challenging, but it certainly does not have to be! In this demonstration you will develop the knowledge and skills to prepare your horse for a safe and smooth loading experience and will learn how to assist your horse in becoming a willing and confident partner with the trailer. This clinic is perfect for horses that are difficult to load or those that have had traumatic experiences with trailers, as well as for anyone looking to enhance the relationship with their horse. Attending the "From the Horse's Point of View" lecture the evening before is highly recommended. Cost: $25 to audit; $75 for your horse to participate.

Attend both the lecture and clinic for $30!
Wanted: Hard to load horses for trailer loading demonstration. Contact Carol at or 720-494-1414 to register your horse. 

Read what previous participants say about the "What Trailer?" Trailer Loading Clinic.

Soccer for Softness — 
Saturday, August 11th from 9 am - 5 pm (Log Barn Stables - Plattsmouth, NE)

Are you interested in . . . 
  • building your horses confidence?
  • increasing your horses trust in you?
  • replacing fear and tension with curiosity and courage?
  • enhancing softness?
  • riding with purpose and playfulness?
If so, then join us for a day of horsemanship growth and fun with Horse Soccer! Topics covered will include: control of the seperate parts, accountability to the aids, how to ride a spook, desensitization, confidence building and more. We will complete our day of new skills with a rousing game of horse soccer! $95


Long Distance Coaching —

In appreciation and with respect of your fervor and devotion for horsemanship learning, Emily will be providing the opportunity for long distance coaching and training by means of telephone and video assessment. Please see the following options below:

I. Phone Coaching: Emily will assist you in coaching by means of phone conversation and email coorespondences. $25/hour

II. Video Assessment: Send a video of you and your horse for Emily to review and address your questions. Video may be either sent via YouTube or on a DVD by mail. $50 per 15 min of video. Includes 2 email responses or one 1/2 hour phone consultation. 


Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRH Calendar.

 - Summer Fun - 

It has been a delightful summer of riding here in Nebraska. Although, we too have been enveloped by this summers heatwave, temperatures always seem more tolerable atop a terrific horse.

The highlight of our summer has been riding with Becky Parker of RP Dressage, dressage instructor extraordinaire! Becky's wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and approachable instruction have made our continuing study of western dressage a real pleasure. My two geldings, Chinook and Frisco, exceled at last months Summer Solstice Dressage Show, bringing home blue ribbons and scores well worth being proud of. My sincere thanks to Becky for her support and guidance and as well to Sheila and Peg, for all their efforts in organizing an exceptional show!

Amidst our preparation for the summer and fall show season, the herd has enjoyed plenty of summer fun as well. Please enjoy some highlights in Horse Days of Summer.



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