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Keeping Horses Cool

By Heather Heiderich-Farmer, DVM
As seen on

We all long for warmer weather and the longer rides summer affords. But heat and humidity are major concerns for rider and horse since heat-related illness can be dangerous – even fatal. Horses have efficient natural thermoregulatory systems to cool themselves, but sometimes they are overwhelmed and cannot compensate for the heat. Hyperthermia or heatstroke results when your horse is unable to control his internal temperature and it starts to rise.
Signs of heatstroke are elevated respiratory rate – 40 to 50 breaths per minute (normal: eight to 16) – that does not slow when at rest; a heart rate over 80 beats per minute (normal: 36 to 44 beats per minute) that does not slow down after a few minutes of rest; elevated rectal temperature over 103˚F (normal: 99 to 100.5˚F); lethargy; and/or profuse sweating or absence of sweating altogether. If left untreated, hyperthermia can cause death. It is neither the heat alone nor the humidity alone that is concerning, but the two factored together. Most researchers define high heat as over 86˚F and high humidity as 80 to 85 percent.

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Private and Semi-private Instruction
Lafayette and Longmont, CO
Tuesday, July 23rd 
Wednesday, July 24th 
Thursday, July 25th

Fear Management for Horse Lovers
Berthoud, CO
Wednesday, July 24th
Trail Ride
Longmont, CO
Friday, July 19th 
Friday, July 26th 

Trail Obstacle Clinics 
with Emily Johnson, Jody Marken and Marty Marten

at Two Spruce Farm - Berthoud, CO
Saturday, July 20th
Sunday, July 21st



Trail Riding Safety and Etiquette—

Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE
Friday, August 16th from 6 - 8:30 pm 


Training for the Trail —

 Five Star Stables - Bennington, NE

Saturday, August 17th - Sunday, August 18th

Trail Ride
Bennington, NE
Friday, August 23rd 

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MRH Welcomes to the Team
This month MRH is proud to welcome Emma Wynne-Jones as the newest member of the MRH Team. Emma joins us from the United Kingdom having traveled to the United States to further engage her interest in horsemanship. Be sure to say hello and give Emma a welcome the next time you see her around the barn and look for more to come on getting to know Emma in next month's newsletter.

New Online Coaching on


Emily Johnson is now available for online video coaching through! Through this new online coaching program, you have direct access to receive instruction from Emily, whether distance prevents you from working in person or in-between live lessons. Simply make a 5 to 10 minute video of you and your horse that highlights your question or what you've been working on. Or you can submit a video from a recent show for feedback on how you can improve your performance for the next competition. With's innovative voiceover commentary, you learn more by watching your own video while listening to Emily's comments in real time.
See for yourself why this is a great way for Emily to be able to stay in touch and help you continue your progress in between live lessons! Find out more and watch a sample video here:
Thank you & hope to see you soon on!


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