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October 2011 
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Library Due Date

Due to MRHT's upcoming move all library items are needed back. Please return any items on check-out by October 31st. Items not returned by this date will be billed to responsible party for the replacement amount and will be due in full by date on invoice.

The following titles are missing from the library. Please check your book inventory so that they may be located:

Move Closer, Stay Longer - Stephanie Burns
Horse People - Micheal Korda


Boarders' Bulletin

Please de-worm your horse using Ivermectin by October 7th and leave the box, marked with your horses name, on the staff desk. 

Also, it's that time of year again to wash, repair and bring to the barn your winter blankets.


- An Important Message From Emily -

Dear Valued MRHT Clients and Community,

As the glorious Colorado fall harkens the transition into the winter ahead, so I write to you to share of an upcoming transition in my life. As some of you may know, I have been spending a portion of the past months in Omaha, Nebraska, as my husband, Matt, moved there in June upon accepting a medical residency position at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Although a very exciting and necessary next step in his career, his relocation did begin a period of change and transition in our lives. I have been traveling back and forth since June, balancing time with him, with the continued opeartion of MRHT in Colorado. I know the frequent travel has rendered some constraints in my teaching and training schedule and so I write with my thanks for your support, flexibility and understanding these past months. 
The time has sadly come where it is no longer feasible for me to continue to operate MRHT in Colorado and so I write to you, with a very heavy heart, to share of my upcoming departure. 
I will no longer be managing and operating MRHT at its current Longmont location as of October 31st and will be departing for Omaha, with my horses in tow, on November 7th.  This announcement steals the breath from my chest as I write because my beloved ranch and you, my valued community, are so very dear to my heart. I have felt beyond humbled and honored that you have allowed me to be a part of your journey with horses these past 5 years and offer you my most sincere gratitude and thanks for your trust in me and your willingness to courageously join me in the learning process. 

Although MRHT will begin operating predominately out of the Omaha area, I will return to Colorado, as a traveling clinician, to offer select courses and clinics beginning next spring. I encourage you to remain connected via the monthly newsletters as they will be the best source in which to stay apprised of MRHT's events, happenings and future Colorado course and clinic offerings. I will as well be available for phone and video consulation, allowing me to continue to support you and your horse in your pursuit of ultimate partnership together. More information about MRHT's consultation services can be found in the upcoming November newsletter.

Amidst my present sadness and profound sense of loss, I do feel occassional glimmers of excitment for the opportunities ahead as MRHT expands into the mid-west. MRHT will operate from the lovely Log Barn Stables, in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, with programs being offered in the Omaha area beginning in 2012. 

Now to what this means for the coming month. I will be available at the Longmont ranch for the entirety of October and will be teaching courses, clinics and semi-private classes based on the schedule on the calendar. I will also be available for private lessons on Wednesday and Thursdays throughout October. I encourage you to schedule these with me as you wish as my goal is to provide you the guidance and support you desire in your horsemanship journey prior to my departure. You will notice that the calendar has been cleared of semi-private lessons and courses the last 2 weeks of October to allow ample time for closure sessions on a private basis. Also, please note that the last MRHT offering of the year will be the So, You Want to Buy a Horse? Clinic on November 5th at Colorado Horse Rescue (see Upcoming Events below for more information).
Beginning November 1st, Autumn Haney will open her new business, Edens Aspens Horsemanship, out of the old MRHT facility.  Autumn can be contacted at (970)590-7052 or with inquiries regarding future boarding, training and instruction.  Please note that Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training and Edens Aspens Horsemasnhip are seperate entities and operate as such.

Through your pursuit and desire to more intimatley know the horse and subsequently, yourself, I have been inspired and gifted beyond words. Thank you! While I acknowledge the saddness and difficult nature of this transition, I also look forward to continuing the journey of horsemanship with you in new and evolving ways.  

In Continued Service to You and the Horse,


~ Upcoming Events ~

Training for the Trail * —

Friday, October 14th - Sunday, October 16th

Trail riding is a wonderful way for you and your horse to enjoy each other's company, but without proper preparation it can quickly become an unpleasant experience. This course equips both horse and rider with the skills necessary to enjoy a safe and successful outing on the trail. Together, you will build your confidence and agility by navigating obstacles, riding various terrains, and encountering experiences common to the trail - all from the comfort and familiarity of the MRHT ranch. Trail etiquette, equipment safety, and proper trailering guidelines will also be discussed. Now offered in a new and improved, full weekend format, which includes a full day trail outing! $400. Course full. Auditing spots for Friday evening and Saturday still available. Register here.

So, You Want to Buy a Horse? —

Saturday, November 5th at Colorado Horse Rescue (Last Colorado course of the year.)

You and your future equine partner deserve to be set up for the best relationship possible. Ensuring a good match requires adequate preparation. This clinic will equip you to be an informed and discerning horse buyer and will prime you for what to except as a horse owner. Topics covered include: identifying your goals, riding style, and experience level; what to look for in a horse; questions to ask a potential seller; understanding a pre-purchase exam; where to find a horse; ensuring your safety in the looking process; finding a suitable trainer or instructor; and what kind of costs you can expect as a new horse owner. This clinic is suitable for anyone looking to purchase a horse or for those who have recently come into horse ownership. $100 See flyerRegister with Jessica at 720-494-1414 or or online.


* Indicates that course has prerequisites.


Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRHT Calendar.


- American Competitive Trail Horse Association -

This past month's horsemanship highlight was participating in ACTHA's Ride for the Mustangs Competitive Trail Ride held on September 10th near Fort Collins. The ride boasted an exceptional turnout of 90+ horse rider teams who boldly faced the challenges that lay ahead on the expansive, diverse and dramatic terrain.
ACTHA began with the concept of trail riding as sport: six miles, six natural obstacles, and six judges to bring it all together. Still involving miles, trails and judges, ACTHA has evolved into much more. As traditional horse sports are declining in popularity and horse are being neglected, ACHTA is dedicated to putting horses back on the trail. On the trail is a great place to enjoy your horse and build bonds that will last a lifetime. And enjoy time with our horses is exactly what a few of the members of the MRHT community did! 

The determined Martha and her faithful mount Pinta successfully completed the competition with a 19% increase in their score from their last competition. Wow! The ever-patient Herb demonstrated terrific compusure aboard his spirited Arab, Tod, earning him the Savvy Award (in the form of a huge trophy!) for his fine horsemanship amidst challenging circumstances. Congratulations! And Emily and Mackenzie placed 3rd in the Open Division and thoroughly enjoyed having some quiet connection time, just the two of them. All in all, it was a very fun and highly successful event. Stay tuned for 2012 trail obstacle clinic offerings that can help prepare you and your horse for a year of terrific trail riding, competitive or not!


Martha and Pinta


Herb and Tod

Emily and Mackenzie

- Horses For Sale -
Isis is a 4 year old paint mare. She is a vibrant and talented spirit who brings a very eager attitude to the table. This elegant mare has the mental aptitude and emotional pizazz to thrive in a variety of disciplines! 
See website for more pics
Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at or 720-494-1414 for more information. $1500
(Click to view video)

Little Bit
Little Bit is a lovely 10 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is a well-built athletic mare who has correct, comfortable gaits. Her warm liquid eye tells of her good-nature and she has a very sound, discerning mind. Little Bit is bold and willing to tackle a variety of tasks. She has been started both english and western and is a versatile mare who is willing to please.  
See website for more pictures
Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at or 720-494-1414 for more information. $1000

Video coming soon!
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