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July 2011 
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Library Updates and Additions

Learning opportunities abound in the MRHT library with a plethora of exciting new books and videos, on top of the great collection of resources already available. All materials are available for check-out, but please be reminded of and adhere to the following Library Checkout Policies:

- You must sign out a book or video on the whiteboard before taking it home with you.
- There is a $2.00 per item check-out fee (book or video). The proceeds from library use will go toward purchasing more learning materials for community enjoyment. Please put money
in the payment box in office. Your honesty and respect of this policy is appreciated.
- All items are due back 2 weeks from the check-out date. Please write in the due back date on the white board upon checkout.
- Please check out only one item at a time and return the item before checking out other material.
- Please treat these items kindly, so that you may return them in the same condition they left. Excessively damaged materials will need to be replaced.
- Not all items are available for check-out. Books not available will be labeled “not for check-out” and may be perused in the office instead.

The following titles are either overdue or missing from the library. Please check your book inventory so that they may be located:

In Harmony With Your Horse - Claire Albison

How to Think Like a Horse - Cherry Hill

What Horses Reveal - Klaus Ferdinand Hempling

The Ultimate Book of Horse and Rider

Move Closer, Stay Longer - Stephanie Burns

Dancing With Your Dark Horse - Chris Irwin

Horse People - Micheal Korda

Animals Make Us Human - Temple Grandin

Cesar's Way - Cesar Milan

Safe People - Cloud and Townsend

Centered Riding - Sally Swift

EHV- 1 Update

The State Veterinarian’s Office of the Colorado Department of Agriculture has released almost all of quarantine and hold orders associated with the recent Equine Herpesvirus (EHV-1) outbreak. The disease is considered contained within Colorado. There have been no new confirmed positive EHV-1 cases or quarantined premises since May 20, 2011. 
The control and containment of the EHV-1 disease outbreak could not have been accomplished without the work and energy of many veterinary practitioners, university professionals, diagnosticians, Extension, horse industry organizations, horse owners, local agencies, and regulatory personnel; to name everyone would be impossible. This outbreak also demonstrates how our animal health and disease control processes work together for successful outcomes. In addition, all of us involved in the horse industry have been forced to evaluate and improve current bio-security or disease prevention practices for EHV-1 and other infectious diseases of horses.
Current epidemiological update for Colorado:
• Colorado had 9 confirmed cases of horses with EHV-1 
• Two horses, which tested positive for EHV-1, were euthanized after showing severe neurological signs associated with the disease. 
• There are currently no “suspect cases” 
• Only 1 facility remains under a quarantine but that premises is scheduled to be released soon 
Recommendations for transporting horses out of state or to an equine event: 
1. Contact the State Veterinarian’s Office of the destination state to find out if import requirements have changed for that state.
2. Call organizers of the event to see if they have any new health requirements.
3. Practice appropriate biosecurity 

BUCK, a richly textured and visually stunning film, follows Brannaman from his abusive childhood to his phenomenally successful approach to horses. A real-life “horse-whisperer”, he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment.

Buck possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses – and people – with his understanding, compassion and respect. In this film, the animal-human relationship becomes a metaphor for facing the daily challenges of life. A truly American story about an unsung hero, BUCK is about an ordinary man who has made an extraordinary life despite tremendous odds. Find a showing time in your area.

~ Upcoming Events ~


Horsemanship 201 *  

Friday, July 1st - Sunday, July 3rd.

This course will take your relationship to the next level and solidify a respectful, willing, and connected partnership between you and your horse. You will learn how to use your knowledge of the equine language to increase your horse's confidence and curiosity, empowering them to tackle advanced groundwork and more challenging obstacles. You will continue to hone your awareness of intention and timing as you prepare to take these skills into the saddle. Safe grooming techniques and proper saddling will also be covered, as will the development of a balanced and independent seat, which allows you to ride with consideration for your equine partner. Course full, auditor spots still available.



Discover the Leader Within  

Wednesdays, July 6th - 20th (3 weeks) from 6 - 7:30 pm

To enjoy safe, successful, and thriving relationships with horses, we must be welcomed by them as their respected and trusted leader. It can often feel difficult, however, to be assertive and to communicate with clarity and strength. This multi-week course will help you identify and shift whatever is blocking the full expression of your confident inner leader who is congruent in mind, emotion, and body. Participants will study the horse's natural language, learn valuable communication skills and techniques, and connect with both horses and themselves in a profound and gratifying way. Participants will be introduced to using feel, timing and intent as they ask a horse to respond in partnership through round pen communication. Join us as we open to the horse's terrific wisdom on the journey toward our best self and ultimate partnership with the horse. Spots still available. Offered at a special rate of $250 for a limited time!

Read what previous participants say about Discover the Leader Within.


Post H101 Semi-Private * —

Saturday, July 9th from 12 - 1:30 pm

Continue your study of the Horsemanship 101 concepts and refine your skills in preparation for transferring your partnership to the saddle in the August Horsemanship 201. Already an H201 graduate? You can still benefit from this time as a review of the valuable and all important, "A-B-C's" of horsemanship! $60


Training for the Trail * —

Friday, July 15th - Sunday, July 17th

Trail riding is a wonderful way for you and your horse to enjoy each other's company, but without proper preparation it can quickly become an unpleasant experience. This course equips both horse and rider with the skills necessary to enjoy a safe and successful outing on the trail. Together, you will build your confidence and agility by navigating obstacles, riding various terrains, and encountering experiences common to the trail - all from the comfort and familiarity of the MRHT ranch. Trail etiquette, equipment safety, and proper trailering guidelines will also be discussed. Now offered in a new and improved, full weekend format, which includes a full day trail outing! $400

Read what previous participants say about Training for the Trail.

Horsemanship 101 —

Friday, July 22nd - Sunday, July 24th

This course provides the foundation from which to build a harmonious and long-lasting partnership with your horse. Participants will learn the groundwork and leadership skills necessary to establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. There will be extensive discussion on equine psychology and herd behavior, the knowledge of which enables you to communicate using the horse's natural language. You will learn how to be a clear and trustworthy leader for your horse while deepening your self-awareness. This course is designed for those who wish to build or sharpen their groundwork skills, to enhance their overall relationship with their horse, or to discover the joy of horsemanship for the first time. $400

Read what previous participants say about Horsemanship 101.

H301 Semi-Private Lesson * 

Wednesdays 2 - 3:30 pm
Thursdays 5 - 6:30 pm

(Note new Thursday time beginning in July.)


* Indicates that course has prerequisites.

Reserve your spot for all courses, clinics and events 

online at the MRHT Calendar.

- Media Appearances Galore -

After a wonderful audition on April 9th, Emily and Mackenzie qualified as alternates on America's Favorite Trail Horse. Although, she and Mackenzie never made the trip to Texas, Emily feels honored to have been a part of the select contestants considered for this new reality TV series and looks forward to a possible debut in future seasons!

Catch Emily and some of the horses of Mountain Rose Horsemanship Training in May's EQUUS magazine. Emily is featured as the trainer of Sophie, a rambunctious Appaloosa filly, in the story of "Saving Sophie" written by Amy Herdy. Stay tuned for more installments of "Saving Sophie" featuring Emily Johnson and photos from MRHT's very own Josh Levin throughout the year.

Emily enjoyed recent appearances as the guest on the Horseman's Corner hosted by Howard Hale and Marty Marten as well as on Believe in the Moment with Diane Caldwell. A collection of all of Emily's interviews can be found on the Interviews section of the website.

- Horses For Sale -
Leo is an 8 year old Arabian gelding who has an excellent mind and wonderful demeanor. He is as bright and sociable as they come and has a wonderful "can do" attitude. He has proven himself to be a reliable and fun saddle mount and will make for a wonderful partner in an array of activities. Don't miss out on this gentle and vibrant spirit!  Adoption fee: $700. Contact Colorado Horse Rescue for additional information.



Champ is a handsome, 17 year old, Quarter Pony X gelding who wants very much to connect with a trustworthy human with whom he can enjoy excursions on the trail. Champ has smooth and balanced gaits and fervently desires to please. Champ would best be suited for a small rider who can offer a gentle, yet confident demeanor to this wonderful pony! Adoption fee: $800. Contact Colorado Horse Rescue for additional information.
Contact Colorado Horse Rescue at or 720-494-1414 for more information.

- A True Story of Happily Ever After -

At MRHT, the top priority is equipping horses and humans to enjoy thriving and mutually beneficial partnerships.  Upon receiving this story of this dynamic duos thriving partnership, my heart swelled with such pride for them that I could not help but share. The real testament is to Teresa who is a true student of the horse. Kudos to you, Teresa, for having the study of horsemanship be more than an intermittent affair, but rather, for allowing the noble language of the horse to become a fluent way of life for you and your mare! It sure shows and I know that Wind is so thankful to have you as her partner! Here's to Teresa and Wind - -  terrific examples of a "go anywhere, do anything, sky-is-the-limit" kind of relationship!

" Hi Emily - I wanted to e-mail you to extend an unsolicited testimonial for MRHT.  I went out to the barn for a ride this afternoon and had a very nice ride on Wind.  We are now working together under saddle much more like we communicate on the ground.  We work 3 to 4 times a week and have been just having fun together. It is such a blast!  Anyhow, when we finished our ride I had just taken her bridle off and was preparing to put her halter back on so we could hand graze a little.  Just then, a stacker of hay pulled into the driveway at the barn.  Wind, of course, raised her head and looked at the hay wagon as if was the grim reaper coming to get her.  I asked her head back down and around to m. She complied, but with tension in her neck.  As soon as I got the halter on I ask her to back up facing the stacker wagon.  She did and I just side passed and yielded her shoulders and hind quarters back and forth.  She tuned right in and soon I had her full attention on me. I never once looked behind me at the hay truck while we worked.  Her eyes and my eyes we connected. Within 2 minutes she was soft and relaxed. Amazing!

The best part is I just did it! I didn't stop and wonder what the heck I was going to do with a spooky horse, I just stepped up and handled it.  She also stepped up and responded so beautifully. I never had to do more than ask in my quietest way. We were right there for each other in"true partnership!"   When we were back connected we went over to check out the scary new demon and after a couple of times sending her around a half circle to the truck she walked right up and touched it with her nose, even with it still running and rumbling at the time.  She did it in both directions, 2 or 3 times and even poked her head in the cab. We were then able to go about our plan of hand grazing. I don't think my blood pressure changed at all, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes and we both felt good about it.  NO BIG DEAL!!!!

Emily, I hope you are proud of the wonderful training you do!  I am so deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to work through your horsemanship program.  It was the best thing I could have done with Wind. She is now such a confidant and trustworthy partner.  We still have much to work on and learn together, but our partnership is solid.  She has been doing fairly hard work for months now and she always trots to the gate to meet me.  We love our time together because our foundation is solid.  Thank you so much!"

- Teresa
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