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1. Call for Experts: FC+ Singapore-Finland Research Seminar
2. Call for Experts: FC+ Targeted Travel Grants to ELAN events
Infobank Competition 2016: Extended deadline
4. Preparatory Seminar for the III EU-CELAC Academic Summit

5. Save-the-date: UniPID-FinCEAL Seminar
6. FC+ Open Travel Grant Call closing
7. New FC+ team member


8. BALEWARE conference 2016 call for papers
9. I&S International Workshop on Bio-based Economy
10. LOCS4Africa Water & Climate Congress


11. Nordic-LAC meeting




Issue 5/2016


Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa, Asia and the LAC region


1. Call for Experts: FinCEAL+ organizes a Singapore-Finland Research Seminar on Smart Innovations for Health and Education in Singapore on 18th October
We are now inviting experts from Finnish universities and research institutions to express their interest in joining the Finnish expert delegation to the event. More information

2. Call for Experts: FinCEAL+ Targeted Travel Grants available to attend ELAN European Latin American Technology Based Business Network events
  • ICTs in environment, health and high performance computing as key for technological business opportunities, 19-21 September, San José, Costa Rica
  • Sustainable cities: achieving efficiency in the city, 3-4 October, Lima, Peru
  • Biotechnology, a space for articulation of challenges, skills and ICT, 5-7 October, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Health Food Innovation, 26-28 October, Santiago, Chile
  • Deadline for grant applications 31st August/14th September. More information
3. FinCEAL INFOBANK competition 2016 - Extended Deadline 
Interested in showcasing your research in the FinCEAL INFOBANK and getting a chance to win a 1500€ travel grant? You can still register your project! The deadline for the competition is extended to 30th of September.
Click here to register a project to the Infobank
More information on the Infobank competition

4. Preparatory Seminar for the III EU-CELAC Academic Summit in Stockholm, 6th – 7th October
The seminar, supported by FinCEAL+, is a platform for networking and discussion for academics, university and research center representatives from Europe and LAC. The aim of the seminar is to advance in the implementation of the EU-CELAC Common Area for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation and to formulate new action proposals for the III CELAC-EU Summit of Heads of State and Government 2017. Deadline for registration is 30th August. More information

5. Save the Date - UniPID-FinCEAL Seminar 27th - 28th October
UniPID/FinCEAL+ is organizing a seminar on Science, Technology and Innovation Crossroads - Global Lesson from Intersectoral Cooperation in Helsinki. The two-day event will examine the roles of academia and companies in cross-sectoral cooperation and will include a f
ull day training on Horizon2020 with specific focus on cooperation with third country partners. Mark the dates in your calendar - more information coming soon!

6. FinCEAL+ Call for Open Travel Grants and PhD Travel Grants is closing August 31st
After the end of August FinCEAL+ will only award Targeted Travel Grants for the rest of 2016.
More information

7. New member in the FC+ team!
We're excited to have Alex Cisneros working as a Project Assistant in our team until the end of November. Welcome Alex!


8. Call for Papers: BALEWARE Conference 2016 (Bridging Africa, Latin America and Europe on Water and Renewable Energies) co-organized by FinCEAL+
The conference will be held on 11-13th December, 2016 in Arusha, Tanzania. Researchers in Finnish institutions focusing on Africa and LAC are encouraged to submit papers to this conference. Deadline for abstract submission is 15th of September. FinCEAL+ will open a Targeted Travel grant Call to support the participation of successful submissions. More information

9. Call for Papers: I&S International Workshop on Insights and Strategies Towards a Bio-Based Economy, 22-25 November, Montevideo, Uruguay
New deadline extension for abstract submission by 8th of September. More information

10. Call for Papers: Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LOCS4Africa): Water & Climate Congress, 22-24 March 2017, South Africa
Interested in the critical links between climate change, urban water, and sanitation in African cities? Send your abstracts by the 16th of September. More information


11. Nordic Perspectives on Strengthening Higher Education, Research and Innovation Cooperation with the LAC region meeting for Nordic stakeholders
FinCEAL+ co-organized this first-ever meeting together with the European Institute of International Studies in Stockholm on June 2-3. Information was shared about ongoing EU-CELAC processes, and the current state of cooperation with the LAC region in the Nordic countries. New cooperation ideas will be further discussed at the Preparatory Seminar for the III EU-CELAC Academic Summit that will also be held in Stockholm on 6th-7th October. Read more

News from FinCEAL+ Grantees

FinCEAL Plus delegate Kaisa Haukka from the University of Helsinki attended the ASEAN-EU STI Days in Hanoi, Vietnam, 10-12 May 2016
Attending the ASEAN-EU STI Days in Hanoi, Vietnam offered a great chance for networking with the scientists from the Southeast Asian countries. Read the full story here

Other Funding Opportunities

All regions

Securing Water for Food - Call for Innovations Competition
Do you have a technology or innovation that enables production of food with less water? Apply

The OECD Co-operative Research Programme (CRP)'s Call for Applications for funding international conferences and research fellowship grants
Applications are invited from researchers in agriculture, forestry or fisheries and who would like to conduct projects in another member country of the Co-operative Research Programme. Deadline for applications is 10th September. More information

EC updates on H2020 work programmes
Read more about the priorities and funding opportunities coming in 2017 here. More information

Africa -related

EDCTP - Clinical Trials and Operational Research Studies to Optimise the Use of products for poverty-related diseases in mothers, newborns, children and/or adolescents - Deadline 29th September
This call, partially supported by the Academy of Finland (see current Academy open calls), aims to support actions on preventive and therapeutic clinical interventions of post-registration products, as well as related behavioural studies. More information


Travel Grant Scheme: Participation in the China High-Tech Forum and Brokerage Event during the China Hi-Tech Fair 2016 in Shenzhen, China
The aim of the Travel Grant Scheme is to support technological and research collaboration between Chinese and European organizations in order to explore the opportunities in H2020.  More information


Mexican Government's Call for Scholarships: Special Programmes for Foreigners 2016
The Call includes several different programmes that are open for Finnish professors, researchers, artists and students. Application deadline on 15 September, just in time before one of Mexico's biggest festivities. More information

Magnet financing scheme for foreign scientists to work in a Peruvian research institution
MAGNET is a financing scheme that the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC) of Peru has created to encourage the incorporation of highly specialized scientists, foreign or Peruvian, to consolidate research lines in science, technology and technological innovation in Peruvian entities. More information

Events relevant to the FC+ themes and regions

Europe & Global

Global Forum 2016 - International Think Tank on the Digital Future, 19-20 September, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
More information

UNU WIDER conference Responding to Crises, 23-24 September, Helsinki
The ‘Responding to crises’ conference aims to improve knowledge about ongoing, unexpected, and future crises, and to discuss the options available for responses by governments, international agencies, NGOs, civil society and private citizens. More information

Science and Policy-Making: towards a new dialogue, 29th-30th September, Brussels
A two-day conference jointly organised by the European Commission and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA), the conference will bring together users and providers of scientific advice on critical, global issues. More information

International Conference on Research Infrastructures, 3-5th October, Cape Town, South Africa
The overall objective of ICRI 2016 is to explore the move towards a reinforced cooperation on globally-relevant Research Infrastructures and to discuss concrete steps in this direction. Register

UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development - Habitat III, 17-20 October, Quito, Ecuador
Habitat III is the first United Nations global summit after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.  More information


African Innovation Summit - 20-22nd September, Nairobi, Kenya
Africa’s Official Ministerial Summit. Focus on Education, Innovation and ICT. More information
Science Forum South Africa

Science Forum South Africa - 8-9th September, Pretoria, South Africa
The Science Forum South Africa is inspired by events such as ESOF, AAAS and the Japan Agora. The second Forum will serve as a large, open, public platform for debating the science and society interface.


The 7th edition of the EU-India STI Cooperation Days, 21-22 September, Goa, India
Organized by the Indigo Policy and Inno Indigo projects, the STI Days will bring together researchers, SMEs and policy makers to discuss the latest policy, research and innovation developments in the field of bioeconomy. More Information and Registration

Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in Asia, 1-3 February 2017, New Delhi, India
The symposium will focus on strengthening sustainable development and adaptation capabilities and will showcase experiences from research, field projects and best practice in climate change adaptation in Asia. More Information


ANDICOM International ICT Congress, 31st August - 2 September, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
More information

European and Latin American Technology based Business Network (ELAN) Technical Mission in Finland: Sustainable Business from Bioeconomy, Renewable Energy and Digitalization, 5-9 September, Espoo
More information

Preparatory Seminar of the III EU-CELAC Academic Summit, 6–7 October, Stockholm
The aims of the Preparatory Seminar is to advance in the implementation of the Euro-Latin American and Caribbean Common Area for Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. More information

Publications and consultations

Finnish Academy Report on Academy of Finland's Participation in EU Network Collaboration (2016).

REN21 Global Status Report 2016 - REN21 facilitates the collection of comprehensive and timely information on renewable energy.

EU-Africa Research and Innovation News - A newsletter of the European Union delegation to the African Union EN21 facilitates the collection of comprehensive and timely information on renewable energy.

Evaluation of EU Support to Research and Innovation for Development in Partner Countries (2007-2013) - The objectives of the evaluation were to provide an overall judgment on the extent to which the EU development cooperation policy has adopted a strategic approach to support R&I and whether the approach was appropriate to enhance capacity to reach development objectives. 
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