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1. Finnish-Southern African cooperation in Health and Nutrition
2. Joint call: ICT Platform for Learning & Inclusion
3. FC+ LAC Targeted Travel Grants
4. China-Finland Co-creating New Solutions for Education and Health -seminar

5. FC+ participated in the ENRICH-China Matchmaking tour
FinCEAL+ Rolling Call for Grants

7. Relevant Horizon 2020 calls for FC+ regions
8. News from FinCEAL+ Grantees

9. Other Funding Opportunities and Call for Papers
10. Events relevant to the FC+ themes and regions
11. Publications and consultations

Issue 10/2017


Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa, Asia and the LAC region


1. Finnish-Southern African Research and Innovation cooperation in Animal and/or Human Health and Nutrition, 4 December 2017
FinCEAL+ and BioFISA (a programme co-funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), are organizing a joint event in Helsinki. 15 representatives from projects funded by BioFISA II will be visiting Finland over a 2-week period and will be present at the event. The aim is to bring together Finnish scientists and their counterparts from the SADEC region to broker new relationships, explore opportunities for collaboration and get first-hand information on different support mechanisms that exist for the development of these partnerships. The registration has now ended, but questions can be directed to the FinCEAL+ Africa coordinator.

2. Joint call launched by the EU-CELAC platform in cooperation with ERANet-LAC: ICT Platform for Learning and Inclusion
- FinCEAL+ Project Preparatory Funding available for the proposal writing phase

The Academy of Finland will participate in a joint call launched by the EU-CELAC platform in cooperation with ERANet-LAC, specifically in the call’s topic ICT Platform for Learning and Inclusion. The Academy’s Research Council for Culture and Society will provide funding to Finnish researchers who will participate in the projects to be funded. More information on the Aka website. For more detailed information, please check the call. The deadline for applications is 8th March, 2017.

FinCEAL+ Project Preparatory Funding can be applied to support the preparation of the application. Please apply for Prep. Funding in January 2018 at the latest! More information on the Preparatory funding here.

3. FinCEAL+ LAC  Targeted Travel Grants
FinCEAL+ LAC is offering Targeted Travel Grants for experts based in Finnish institutions to participate in the following events:
  • FAUBAI 2018: Internationalization and Research: Challenges and Strategies, 14-18 April, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    One of the most important events on internalization of higher education in South America organized by the Brazilian Association for International Education.
  • CILAC 2018: Open Science Forum for Latin America and the Caribbean, 22-24 October 2018, Panama City
    The Open Forum for Science in Latin America and the Caribean is a dynamic and inclusive multistakeholder space for debating, planning, and monitoring the role that  Science, Technology, and Innovation play for sustainable development in the LAC region. The key themes for the 2018 Forum are: Sustainable Cities, Resilience and reconciliation and Bioeconomy.
Deadline for applications for the Targeted Travel Grants is 2 February 2018. More information on the events and grants

4. "China-Finland Co-creating New Solutions for Education and Health" seminar held in Beijing, China
This high level event was co-organized by UniPID – FinCEAL Plus with China – Finland Strategic ICT Alliance and BNU-JoLII as part of the Minister of Education and Science of Finland visit to China. The goal of the seminar was to provide a platform for developing concrete joint innovation and research cooperation initiatives. Read more here!

5. FinCEAL Plus Participated in the ENRICH-China Matchmaking Tour to China, 24-31 October 2017
FincEAL Plus delegates from FinCEAL Plus, University of Oulu and University of Tampere participated in the ENRICH (European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs) Matchmaking Tour to China (Beijing, Chengdu and Qingdao) from 24th to 31st of October with over 50 organisations from 20 EU member states. Read more here!

6. FinCEAL+ Rolling Call for Grants under the Partnership Support Instrument
Through this Call, researchers can apply anytime for any of the following: Travel Grants, Event Grants, Project Preparatory Grants and also the new Research Visit Grants. The planned activity must be related to cooperation with African, Asian or LAC partners, in any of the FinCEAL+ regional thematic areas. We encourage interested researchers to apply for grants as soon as possible, as the Call will most likely be closed by summer 2018.  More information

7. Relevant Horizon2020 calls for FinCEAL Plus regions

Over the next 3 years, the Commission will seek greater impact of its research funding by focusing on fewer, but critical topics such as migration, security, climate, clean energy and digital economy.

The Horizon 2020 Work Programme (WP) for 2018-2020 has been adopted and new 2018-2019 calls are now available on the Participant Portal. FinCEAL Plus has gathered a selection of relevant calls by region below. Remember to also apply for a Project Preparatory Grant if you are planning on submitting a proposal!

A list of relevant calls for the region can be found as a Google sheet here.

A list of relevant calls for the region can be found as a Google sheet here.
More information on China-specific calls, including a listing of all flagship initiatives and priority areas for EU-China S&T cooperation, can be found here.

A list of relevant calls for the region can be found as a Google sheet here.


8. News from FinCEAL Plus Grantees

Dr. Kaisa Haukka and University of Helsinki are partners in the Sustainable Intensification of Aquaculture in Africa (SAquA) preliminary proposal, which was accepted to the second application round of LEAP-Agri. LEAP-Agri call was opened earlier this year to attract proposals for long term EU-Africa research and innovation partnerships on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.

Makerere University from Uganda is a key partner in the consortium, and since there are no former links in this field of science between University of Helsinki and Makerere University, SAquA project’s coordinator Dr. Haukka applied for a FinCEAL travel grant to visit the Makerere University in Uganda to form a closer collaborative link.

Read the full story on our website!

9. Other Funding Opportunities and Call for Papers

All regions - Funding

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Calls in 2018
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) contribute to excellent research, boosting jobs, growth and investment by equipping researchers with the new knowledge, skills and international and intersectoral exposure to fill the top positions of tomorrow and solve current and future societal challenges. The MSCA thrive by being open to all domains of research and innovation, chosen freely by the applicants in a fully bottom-up manner. They are based on the principle of mobility, and researchers can receive funding on the condition that they move from one country to another to acquire new knowledge and develop their research career. More information

ERC Consolidator and starting grants
ERC Consolidator (ERC-2018-CoG) grant is open for researchers with 7-12 years (+potential extensions) of experience since completion of PhD.
Deadline for applications is 15 February 2018.
ERC Starting (ERC-2019-StG) grant is open for researchers with 2-7 years (+potential extensions) of experience since completion of PhD.
Deadline for applications is in October 2018 (tbc).
For more information visit ERC-2018-CoG call or ERC Homepage

The European Young Researchers' Award
The prize is dedicated to post-doctoral fellows with maximum 5 years of experience. The Award consists of a certificate, waiving the participation fee to the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), a grant to cover travel and accommodation for the stay in the ESOF city and one year free EuroScience membership. Deadline for applications is 30 January 2018. More information

TEKES Funding Call For Projects With Commercial Potential: New business from research ideas
Funding is intended for research groups and researchers in research organizations, who want to build a new business based on their research. There are two calls for applications each year, one in the spring and another in the autumn.  More information

All regions - Calls

Calls for access: JRC opens its laboratories to wider scientific community
Beginning in December 2017, researchers will be able to use JRC research facilities located in Ispra (Italy), and thereafter in Geel (Belgium), Karlsruhe (Germany) and Petten (Netherlands), thus helping to maximise the benefits of these world-class infrastructures and laboratories. The calls for access to the first three laboratories are available on the dedicated portal.

Call for papers: Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition, 13–14 June 2018, Tampere, Finland
The conference program will consist of interactive keynote lectures, parallel workshops and poster session. If you are interested in presenting a paper or poster at the conference, please submit your abstract via abstract form. Deadline for paper submission is 8 December. More information

Call for papers: Towards Zero Hunger – Partnerships for impact, 30-31 August 2018, Wageningen, The Netherlands
The conference centres around 2 goals: end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture (SDG2) and create partnerships (SDG17). Deadline for submissions is 15th March 2018. More information

Call for papers: 4th Annual Conference of the World-Ecology Research Network: Extractivisms, social movements and ontological formations, 15 -18 August 2018, Helsinki
Abstracts submission deadline is 1st February 2018. More information


Call for Experts: The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)
EDCTP invites individuals to join its database of independent experts to assist with the evaluation of proposals and monitoring of projects carried out under EDCTP. Read more here.


EqUIP call for collaborative research on sustainability, equity, wellbeing and cultural connections
The EU-India Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP) is pleased to announce its first research funding call. The call aims to bring together a number of social science and humanities funders in India and Europe to support excellent and innovative research on sustainability, equity, well-being and cultural connections. The emphasis of the research will be on Indian and European dimensions, in both contemporary and historical contexts. Call closes 16:00 (UK time) on Thursday 30 November. More information

ENRICH-European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs, China
ENRICH is a global network of centres and hubs that promotes the internationalisation of European science, technology and innovation (STI). Promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the ENRICH network currently offers services to connect European research, technology and business organisations. More Information


INCOBRA Call for EU-Brazil Bilateral Cooperation Networks
The main objective of the call is to foster and strengthen the mutual cooperation of Brazilian and European R&I actors through the support of bilateral networks on selected priority areas by providing a Grant for the implementation of mutual bilateral visits and workshops. Applications can be submitted by legal public and private R&I organisations (including research driven SMEs) combined in groups, networks or consortiums. Deadline for applications is 15 December. More information

Call for Proposals: Side Events and Thematic Sessions for CILAC 2018, 22nd - 24th October 2018, Panama City, Panama
The main objective of the CILAC Forum is to create a dynamic and inclusive space to debate, plan and monitor the scientific-technological integration of the region and the role of Science, Technology and Innovation for sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The key themes for the 2018 Forum are: Sustainable Cities, Resilience and reconciliation and Bioeconomy. Deadline for proposals is 31 December. Read more here.

Call for Proposals: Best Practices for the inclusion of young women from Latin America, the Caribbean and the EU in the Labour Market
The EU-LAC Foundation and EUROsociAL+ Programme invite proposals for the Call "Best practices and innovations for the inclusion of young women in the Labour Market" as an effort to collect and share among social organisations, business actors, public institutions and decision makers, positive experiences that have succeeded to diminish the gender and generational gaps that still persist in the economic, political and social systems in both regions. Deadline for submissions is 10 January 2018. More information

Call for papers: FAUBAI 2018 – Internationalization and Research: Challenges and Strategies, 14-18 April 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The official language of the conference is English, but your abstract may be submitted also in Portuguese, Spanish or French. Deadline for submissions is 15 January 2018. More information

ENRICH European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs, Brazil office launched
ENRICH is a global network of centres and hubs that promotes the internationalisation of European science, technology and innovation (STI). The ENRICH Centre (previously called CEBRABIC) inaugurated in Brazil in November will encourage sustainable internationalization of European research and business organizations to the Brazilian market, and promotes cooperation among European and Brazilian research, innovation and business (R&I&B) organisations. More information

10. Events relevant to the FC+ themes and regions



Info Day: Horizon 2020, Societal Challenge 1 (2018 Calls), 8 December, Brussels, Belgium
The event targets potential applicants to the 2018 calls for project proposals under the Horizon 2020 Challenge 1 (Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing). More information

2nd Global Bioeconomy Summit, 19-20 April 2018, Berlin, Germany
The German Government (Federal Ministry for Education and Research, BMBF) has provided funding and support to the German Bioeconomy Council to organize a second Global Bioeconomy Summit in April 2018. An International Advisory Council will shape the agenda and outcome of the Summit. More information 


Horizon 2020: WP 2018-2020 Transport Info Day, 13 December, Brussels, Belgium
The event will address potential applicants to the 2018 calls for project proposals under the Horizon 2020 challenge 'Smart, green and integrated transport' . More information

PAUWES Research-2-Practice Forum - Linking research and development to achieve African Union Agenda 2063, 16-18 April 2018, Tlemcen, Algeria
The Research-2-Practice Forum aims to provide a platform for experts/scientists, entrepreneurs, policy makers, civil society actors and more to discuss state of the art, challenges and innovative solutions in the areas of renewable energy, water and climate security and build strategic partnerships. Read more here


IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, 5-8 February 2018, Singapore
The 2018 IEEE 4th World Forum on The Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2018) brings the latest from the research and academic community. It includes a broad program of papers and presentations on the latest technology developments and innovations in the many fields and disciplines that drive the utility and vitality of IoT solutions and applications. More information

20th World Congress on Nutrition & Food Sciences, 14-16 May 2018, Tokyo, Japan
The Conference bring the food technologists, food professors, young researchers, students, companies, industries under a single roof at the conference. The Food Tech 2018 is a remarkable event in the field of Food Science and Nutrition. More information

ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week, 6-9 June 2018, Bangkok, Thailand
The 14th South East Asia's Renewable Energy Technology Exhibition and Conference focuses on the latest Renewable Energy programs, trends and development. More information


FIESA 2018: International Conference on Higher Education in Argentina, 27 February - 3 March 2018, Mendoza, Argentina
Argentina will hold its first International Conference on Higher Education in 2018. This event will bring together experts of Internationalization of Higher Education from all over the world to carry out workshops, trainings, and seminars in an environment conducive to networking and developing strategic links for international cooperation. More information here (website) and here (brochure).

XXXVI International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), 23-26 May 2018, Barcelona, Spain
The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) is the largest professional Association in the world for individuals and institutions from all disciplines and diverse occupational endeavors, engaged in the study of Latin America. The topic of the XXXVI International Congress will be Latin American studies in a globalized world. More information

11. Publications and consultations

INASP’s toolkits on gender in research and knowledge systems
More information

Poor People's Energy Outlook 2017 – Financing National Energy Access: A Bottom Up Approach
Full report and a briefing paper summarising key findings and recommendations available here.

Report on Accelerating Sustainable Energy for All in landlocked developing countries through innovative partnerships
More information

Energizing equality: The importance of integrating gender equality principles in national energy policies and frameworks
More information

EU Science Hub – Publications from the Joint Research Centre
Most scientific publications are freely available thanks to the European Commission's open access policy. Search for publications here.

Going Global - Enhancing international cooperation in EU Research and innovation
More information

Outcome from Joint Research Centre annual conference EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world
Read more here

Call for Inputs: 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report
The 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) is meant to strengthen the science-policy interface and provide a strong evidence-based instrument to support policymakers in promoting poverty eradication and sustainable development. Currently the writers are soliciting inputs from a diverse group of scientific and non-scientific communities, from all over the world, in the form of publications supported by short abstracts or descriptions of case studies. Contributions will be acknowledged in the GSDR. If you are interested in contributing to this important exercise, please follow this link to a questionnaire.


Finnish funded 'FoodAfrica' Programme is coming to an end
See their publications on improving food security in East and West Africa here.

Discussion paper: EU’s financial instruments for access to energy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Available here

ECDPM Insight publications in the run-up to the EU-Africa Summit here.

Gender and Energy - ECOWAS Report on gender assessments in energy projects

More information

ECDPM's dossier: buildup to the fifth EU-Africa Summit in Abidjan
This dossier collects European Centre for Development Policy Management's analysis, blogs and events linked to the Summit. In the weeks to come, you can expect many new blogs, articles and publications. Read them here


Read more about ENRICH in China in online Chinese media and see the ENRICH, China promotional video

4th Joint Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Japan and the EU - Joint summary
The meeting, held in Tokyo on 24 November, welcomed the agreement of the Japanese Science and Technology Agency to continue co-funding projects in open Horizon 2020 calls, and acknowledged the opportunities offered through the European Research Council-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science cooperation arrangement. Read more here.

8th EU-Japan Science Policy Forum: 'Evidence Based STI Policy'
The 8th EU-Japan Science Policy Forum with a focus on ''Evidence Based STI Policy'' was held in Kyoto on 30 September, organised by the EU Delegation in Japan in cooperation with Japan's National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). More information
The 14th EU-India Summit, 6 October, New Delhi, India
The summit marked 55 years of diplomatic relations between the European Union (EU) and India. Amongst other issues, both sides also agreed to scale up their cooperation in research and innovation by extending the EU-India co-funding mechanism to all areas of Indian interest across Horizon 2020 such as health, climate change, and energy, the latter in the framework of Mission Innovation. An Implementing Arrangement between the Commission and the Indian Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) was signed with the aim of facilitating the collaboration of talented Indian researchers with European Research Council teams in Europe. More information: EC - press release and Joint Summit Statement


Report by the EU-LAC Foundation: Vademecum on EU- Cooperation Programmes with LAC
This paper analyses the main cooperation schemes, programmes and projects of international cooperation in place between the EU -through the European Commission- and Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more

Report by the EU-LAC Foundation: Food Security in the European Union, Latin American and the Caribbean: The Cases of Cuba and Spain
This publication analyses the impact of agricultural policies on food and nutrition security as well as on the food sovereignty of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) and the European Union. Read more
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