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1. FinCEAL Horizon 2020 Training: Opportunities for Social Sciences and Humanities Research in International Cooperation

2.  FinCEAL and VTT are co-organizing a workshop on ICT for Societal Challenges and Information Society

3.  FinCEAL "Roadshow" goes on.
4.  The FinCEAL Preparatory Funding- Grants awarded
5.  InfoBank

6. Events, Publications and Calls relevant to FinCEAL LAC themes

7.  Events, Publications and Calls relevant to FinCEAL Africa themes

7. Open Registrations


Issue 2/2014


Developing Finnish Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation between Europe, Africa and the LAC region 

FinCEAL is organizing the FinCEAL Horizon 2020 Training: Opportunities for Social Sciences and Humanities Research in International Cooperation targeting researchers in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities with a keen interest in applying for Horizon 2020 funding for projects related to African and/or Latin American and Caribbean partners. The training takes place March 3rd, in Helsinki.  More information and to view the programme.
Please register for the Workshop by 24th February.

FinCEAL and VTT are co-organizing a Workshop on ICT for Societal Challenges and Information Society on March 11th, in Espoo.The workshop is targeted to researchers and companies working with ICT-related solutions to societal challenges with special interest either in Africa or the Latin America and Caribbean region. More information and to view the programme.
To participate, please register by March 4th. 

FinCEAL “Roadshow” goes on. 

FinCEAL held an Info session at the University of Oulu on February 4th. The next Info Session will take place in Tampere on March 14th at the premises of Tampere University of Technology.

To participate please register by March 10th.

The FinCEAL Preparatory Funding – Grants awarded

The first Call for FinCEAL Preparatory Funding was published in December and closed on January 31st. In total we received 14 applications, 10 for Africa and 4 for Latin America and the Caribbean. Two applicants for Africa and one for LAC were awarded the grant.


Over 30 exciting research projects related to Africa or the LAC region are already registered to the Infobank with themes varying from monumental landscapes to owl biodiversity and urban poverty. Check it out and join the club by registering your own project at !

Events, Publications and Calls relevant to FinCEAL LAC themes

Upcoming workshops and events:

ALCUE NET- Policy Dialogue Meeting on Renewable Energies will take place in Mexico City, Mexico from 11th to 12th March. The Meeting will be focused on the Bi-regional dialogue on EU-LAC R&I cooperation related to energy research agendas.  For more information. For the agenda.

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean: Developing, linking and applying climate knowledge from 17th to 21st March in Montevideo. Uruguay. The conference is aimed at identifying gaps and ways to overcome limitations in the chain of knowledge going from basic to applied climate science and to informing policy and decisions that are particularly relevant for LAC. More information.  

ALCUE NET - Thematic workshop on ICT will be organized from 19th to 20th March in Santiago de Chile. Event is organized by CONICYT (Chile) and VTT (Finland). The objective of the Workshop is to elaborate recommendations for the ALCUE NET Concept Note to be proposed to the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM). More information. The agenda is available for download.

Projects of interest:

EU-LAC Health
is a project aiming at linking European and Latin American and Caribbean policy making institutions in the field of health research. Its main goal is to define a detailed roadmap to guide policy-makers and other stakeholders on future actions to support cooperative health research between these regions. For more information, visit:

Nanotechnologies Deployment in Latin America
The "Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials And New Production Technologies - Deployment in Latin American Countries” (NMP–DeLa) project has now launched its Community pages where it is possible to join the community of organizations and individuals supporting the deployment of Nanotechnologies across Latin America and Europe. For more information, visit:

ALCUE NET – Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Network on Research and Innovation ALCUE NET supports the CELAC-UE S&T Policy Dialogue process & the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation (CELAC-UE JIRI) implementation during 2013-2017, aiming to establish a common platform for EU-LAC policy makers, research institutions and the private sector. To learn more, visit the web site at:

Prometeo Project 
Scholarships for foreign researchers interested in developing their research projects in an Ecuadorian Public University or National Research Institute. More information: or

Events, Publications and Calls relevant to FinCEAL Africa themes

Calls for H2020 Partners, Concept Notes, Job Opportunities and Grants

NUTRA AFRICA HORIZON 2014 Project is searching for partners and collaborators in food security and Agriculture biodiversity and in nutritional innovation to reply to the call on Societal Challenges Support Action Project SFS-06 H-2014, topic of Sustainable intensification pathways of agro-food systems in Africa. The project proposal is” promoted” by EGOCREANET (No Profit Association in R& D for improving social responsibility c/o Business Incubator of the UNIVERSITY of FLORENCE Italy)  
Link to the Call  

The goals of the NUTRA-AFRICA project will be:
- to improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality of nutritional component of food in order to demonstrate the nutritional benefit for Europe and Africa,
- to overcome malnutrition through favoring the intensification of Agriculture production in the agro-ecological contemporary change
- to develop a sustainable innovation of bio-economy in the agro-ecology contemporary environmental change .

Expressions of interest to join the consortia can be sent to Institutions should attach a brief curriculum or profile of their institution in English.

Sudan University of Science and Technology: Call for PhD Supervisors in computer science and information technology  
The PhD granting universities in Sudan do not have enough supervisors capable of covering the demand. Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), the College of Graduate Studies, is now searching for professors all over the world interested in working as PhD Supervisors for PhD Program at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology. The Professors would participate as lecturers and supervisors through internet by using a blend of distance education but they would also meet their students face-to-face at least once a year. The aim is to enable young lecturers in remote colleges and universities, inside and outside Sudan, to obtain PhD degrees in computer science and information technology. SUST would offer the degree and coordinate the activities of the program. 

Professors interested are asked to send their CV, areas of specialization and research interest to 

Call for Concept Notes for CCAFS Flagships
The CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) announced two open calls for concept notes:
1) help develop its portfolio of work related to climate-smart agricultural practices, specifically around the area of local adaptation planning processes, and scaling up and out approaches (Flagship 1).
2) contribute to the resilience and adaptive capacity of agriculture through climate information services and climate-informed food security safety nets (Flagship 2).The submission deadline is March 1st, 2014

Grants in Ecological Agriculture 2014
The Ekhaga Foundation (Sweden) makes grants for research in ecological agriculture and biological medicine. Universities, research institutes, from all over the world are invited to apply, although Ekhaga recommends cooperation with a European institution. The deadline for applications is May 31st, 2014.

Useful Information for Health Researchers
European and Development Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP 2) preparations are well underway for the proposed second phase of the Programme, which is expected to start in May 2014 as part of Horizon 2020. Finland is in the process of preparing full membership. For more information, see the document on the UniPID website.

Fit for Health 2.0
Be visible for a participation in Horizon 2020 in Health thematic through the Fit for Health 2.0 expertise match-making database. This is an European initiative supporting researchers in all stages of Health research and results valorisation.

Upcoming Events

IST-Africa 2014 will be held on May 6-9th in Mauritius. The conference focuses on Information Society and ICT Policy Dialogues, International Development and Research Cooperation and Community Building. More information.


Open Registrations

  • Register by February 24th for the FinCEAL Tailor made Horizon2020 Training on Opportunities in Social Sciences and Humanities Research in International Cooperation on March 3rd 
  • Register by March 4th for the FinCEAL and VTT Workshop on ICT for Societal Challenges and Information Society on March 11th. 
  • Register by March 10th for the FinCEAL Info Session in Tampere at the premises of the Tampere University for Technology on March 14th 


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Project Coordinator FinCEAL Africa
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Tel: +358 40 805 4232
Kajsa Ekroos
Project Coordinator FinCEAL
Latin America and the Caribbean

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