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EU-SPRI Helsinki 2015 

Photo credit: Jussi-Pekka Erkkola, 2010, on Flickr

The acronym EU-SPRI stands for the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation. This year's conference's theme was "Innovation policies for economic and social transitions: Developing strategies for knowledge, practice and institutions", and it was organized June 10 to June 12 2015 in Helsinki. The theme enabled the organizers to integrate other regions of the world besides Europe within the theme, such as emerging economies and developing countries struggling to solve economic modernization and pressing social challenges. The program incorporated various aspects of innovation studies organized into separate tracks, such as "Social Innovation Futures: Beyond Policy Panacea and Conceptual Ambiguity" and "Innovation Collaboration to Tackle Societal Challenges and Promote Development". 

Melissa Plath from UniPID hosted an afternoon session on June 11, which was a part of the track E, "Innovation Collaboration to Tackle Societal Challenges and Promote Development". The session's participants demonstrated different ways in which innovations can address societal challenges, such as water sustainability challenges, energy issues, economic development and the democratization of knowledge generation.

You can check out some of the abstracts and presentations from the conference here

For further information, please contact Melissa Plath

UniPID Project Updates 

CAAST-Net Plus is an FP7-funded project dedicated to strengthening cooperation in science and technology between Europe and Africa. Follow CN+ on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and LinkedIn

On the agenda:
  • Bergen is to host a CAAST-Net Plus climate meet. The Research Council of Norway, a CAAST-Net Plus project partner, is organising a closed meeting of CAAST-Net Plus stakeholders to discuss the project’s legacy on climate change research and innovation cooperation. Read more here
  • CAAST-Net Plus Magazine Issue 5 is now available for download here. Check it out to see statistics on African participation in Horizon 2020, ways to address food security through Africa-EU innovation and research collaboration and more!
  • A brief summary of ERAfrica results is now available! Running from 2011 to 2014, ERAfrica established long-term framework for collaboration and coordination of research programmes in S&T for innovation and sustainable development. Read more here.
Want to know more about CAAST-Net Plus or any of the above? Contact Melissa
FinCEAL Plus is an initiative by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and coordinated by UniPID. FinCEAL Plus's overall purpose is to increase support for Finnish researchers focusing on Africa, Asia and the Latin America and the Caribbean region. 

On the agenda
​Want to know more about FinCEAL Plus? Contact Johanna (Africa), Kajsa (LAC) or Jarkko (Asia)! 

Poverty and Development Research Conference at the University of Jyväskylä

The Poverty and Development Research Center is a recently established research group at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The group's research centers mostly on urban poverty in the so-called developing countries, focusing especially on India and African countries. Studies investigate the causes and consequences of poverty through ethnographis methods, giving particular attention to socio-cultural factors. The research center is also interested in the effects of development interventions, and aims to provide recommendations to solving the problems of poverty and inequality. 

Organized 4 - 6 August 2016 and co-organized by the Nordic Africa Institute, the research center's three-day conference will be aimed at both exploring new empirically based findings and developing theories on the causes of poverty, especially urban poverty or poverty at the interface between the urban and rural. The conference welcomes critical perspectives which pay attention to the intersection between micro and macro levels of analysis, including ethnographic methods and local case studies with relevance for larger issues as well as larger-scale studies with theoretical implications for micro-level research. See the conference's Call for Sessions here

Read more here. If you'd like to know more about the conference, contact Laura Stark.


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