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December 2020

News from UniPID and our FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES project
  • The UniPID Virtual Studies Call for Course Proposals 2021 is now open! We invite interested course teachers and lecturers from UniPID member universities to submit proposals for the UniPID Virtual Studies programme. The aim of the programme is to offer equal opportunities for students to learn about global development and sustainability, with a specific focus on Global South perspectives. The deadline for proposals is 3 February 2021. Read more on our website.
  • The course catalogue of UniPID Virtual Studies Courses for 2020-2021 is available on our website. Registration is currently open for:
  • A FinCEAL Plus BRIDGES funding call will be launched in early 2021! The purpose of the call is to support the re-starting and development of partnerships between the Finnish science community and counterparts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to respond to the new realities for cooperation. The call will be announced on the UniPID and FinCEAL communication channels.
  • Remember to add and update your profile and project information on the UniPID Infobank. The Infobank is a multidisciplinary expert and project database including Finnish researchers' profiles as well as research and capacity building projects carried out by them on/in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. Read more.
  • The UniPID Coordination Unit's contact details and UniPID mailing lists are changing! The coordination of the UniPID network is moving from the University of Jyväskylä to the University of Helsinki from the start of 2021, as announced in June. With this change, the email addresses and phone numbers of the UniPID staff will change. You will find the updated contact details on our website soon. Instructions for joining the new mailing list will be sent to list members via email later.
News from our members and collaborators
  • Finnish universities have published joint theses on sustainable development and responsibility. Drafted and published through Unifi, the 12 theses address sustainability issues in terms of universities core tasks, activities on campus, and preconditions for operation. They drive universities for continuous sustainability improvements and to challenge funding providers and national evaluation models. UniPID contributed to the preparation of the theses, highlighting the importance of global responsibility, global knowledge, and partnerships. Read more.
  • The University of Eastern Finland and partners have prepared four books on Africa-Europe relationships. The AEMDI (Africa-EU relations, migration, development and integration) project, a collaboration between University of Pretoria, University of Zululand, and UEF, concluded that the two continents' futures are mutually dependent. However, the tpic remains understudied. To contribute to further examination and reappraisal of the relationship dynamics, the collaborators prepared four books. Read more.
  • Online teaching lessons from a UniPID Virtual Studies course were shared in an EDUFI webinar. Professor Elina Lehtomäki and teacher Sharanya Menon from the University of Oulu shared their experiences from the UniPID course Global Education Development in a webinar on virtual internationalization in higher education. The webinar was hosted by EDUFI in early December. The recording is available here.
  • Looking for an expert on EU-CARIFORUM/CARICON trade agreement! PhD student Juliet Ogbodo is conducting comparative research on trade agreements for West Africa at UEF Law School (Supervisor Prof. Katja Lindroos). They are looking for a person who has worked on issues relating to the Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and CARIFORUM/CARICON members. Please contact (cc:, if you have insight into trade negotiations or the provisions of the trade agreement that you would like to share.
Happy and relaxing holidays to all!
The UniPID Coordination Unit wishes to thank our Board members, as well as all colleagues and partners for collaboration throughout this exceptional year. We hope you will enjoy a restful holiday break. All the best for 2021!

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Job Opportunities & Scholarships

Kehityspolitiikan neuvonantaja. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Deadline: 18.12.2020

Kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan erityisasiantuntijoita, useita kohteita. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Team Finland network. Deadline: 28.12.2020

Gender and Inclusion Collaboration Hub Coordinator. Plan International. Deadline: 2.1.2021

Erityisasiantuntija, hankekoordinaatio. Ministry of the Environment. Deadline: 4.1.2021

YUFE Postdoctoral Programme. The focus theme is European identity and responsibilities in a global world. Deadline: 8.1.2021


Promotion of integration and receptiveness of society. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Background information here).
Upcoming Events & related calls

Webinar series: Implementing sustainability at universities. The Baltic University Programme. Online, 12.1.2021.

Burning Questions 2021 - Accessibility: Building Education Towards a Sustainable World. University of Oulu. Online, 21.-22.1.2021.

Webinar: Making universities a leading force for positive change. University World News. Online, 27.1.2021

European Learning & Teaching Forum. European University Association. Online, 18.-19.2.2021

IST-Africa Week 2021. IST Africa Institute. Online, 10.-14.5.2021.

Sustainability Science Days 2021. University of Helsinki & Aalto University. Online, 18.-19.5.2021

The X In­ter­na­tional Conference of the European Council for Social Research on Latin America (CEISAL). University of Helsinki. Helsinki, 13.-15.5.2022. Call for symposia is open until 15.2.2021

Courses & Learning Resources

UniPID Virtual Studies. UniPID.

Climate University online courses. Climate University.

Why does media matter for development? University of East Anglia - Future Learn online courses.

Suomi toisena kielenä. Tampere University, KORKO-hanke.

Tulevaisuuden toimittajat - journalismia kestävästä kehityksestä -verkkokurssi. VIKES &

European Science Diplomacy Online Course.  S4D4C project.
Master's Degree Programmes

The next application round for International Master's degree programmes in Finland takes place from 7.1.2021 to 20.1.2021. Finnish universities offer several programmes related to global responsibility, global south perspectives, and sustainable development paths. All programmes are listed in
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