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Hello and Happy New Year!

We are very excited for the new year and very grateful for everything that 2016 gave to us.  We have had joyous times, struggles, learning, sharing and a whole lot of love mixed throughout!  There have been a lot of changes in our world so we thought it would be good to send out a little letter to everyone to get you up to speed.

We decided to move to a duplex in south Minneapolis and out of apartment life and it was a great change indeed.  Dwight discovered that part of the reason sleep was such a challenge over the past several years was due to all of the extra energy and emotions from other people that come from living in an apartment building.  For those of you who are Empaths, you know what I'm talking about.  The weird thing is that he really didn't realize it until we moved.  So if you have a hard time sleeping, you might want to consider your environment as the possible cause.

With our move, we are no longer doing Breathwork group sessions at the Vernon Ave location in Edina.  We are so excited to have teamed up with Present Moment in Minneapolis as our new location to do our Breathwork workshops and individual sessions! 

It was a busy year with a big accomplishment for Melissa who finished her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work!  In addition to her doing Breathwork, she is now also doing therapy work with children, adolescents, and families at Soul Work Counseling in Champlin, MN.  She can now accept insurance (at this location only) for those of you who would like to do Breathwork (or are possibly seeking therapy services) and can leverage the financial assistance of your insurance plan.

For those of you interested in doing individual sessions and you'd rather meet in the Minnetonka area, Melissa is still setting up appointments at the Back to Balance Natural Healing Center location near Hopkins Crossroad and Hwy 394.  Please contact Melissa for appointment times.

We hope you are all excited for the coming year and we look forward to connecting with you.  Please feel free to contact us any time!

You can see more details at our web site
Upcoming Events
Sunday, January 8th
   Breathwork Intro
   10:00am - 11:30am
   See more at our Events Page
Contact us at: Soul Work Counseling - Champlin
    11108 Zealand Avenue N, Suite #106, Champlin, MN 55316

Conscious Connected Breathing (otherwise known as Breathwork) is a breathing technique discovered by Leonard Orr in the mid 1970's that assists you in releasing physical and mental blocks. This breathing technique is a series of gentle connected rhythmic breaths that can be very powerful. You are using the breath to flow energy in your body and mind that is done consciously with purpose and intuition.

As an infant we already know how to breath properly, but after years of various stresses in our lives and traumatic events (both physical and mental) we forget how to breath correctly. Our breathing becomes more shallow which means that more carbon dioxide remains in the system and less oxygen is supplied to our tissues. Even negative thoughts can inhibit our ability to breathe fully. This lack of oxygen can cause our cells to suffocate within our bodies. By learning the benefits of proper breathing, you will not only release our physical and emotional tension, but we will become healthier by releasing trapped toxins in our body. 

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Breathwork sessions can result in:

  • Heightened mental clarity and intuition
  • Greater ability to manage life challenges
  • Improved relationships, finances, self-esteem
  • Resolved birth, early childhood and adult traumas
If you want to learn more about how you can use this technique in your life, please join us at one of our upcoming Intro workshops.  See the Events page on our website at

Come and experience this at our next class on January 8th at 10am!  See the Upcoming Events box above for a link to details!

Kangen Water
What can be simpler than drinking water!? Well, not all water is created equally. Come and experience why it's important to drink healthy alkaline water as well as the many uses of a Kangen Water Machine in your home. There will be demonstrations and samples.

Alkaline water is preferred to ordinary water because of several notable properties:

  • Many diseases thrive in an acidic environment, Kangen water is a perfect source for alkaline water that will not only hydrate you, but also to allow more oxygen to your cells and the elimination of toxins more readily from your body.
  • It is an anti-oxidant free radical scavenger that will clean your body out
  • It is free of contaminants and full of healthy minerals
  • Alkaline Kangen Water is micro-clustered, making more soluble and permeable for optimal hydration. 
Both Melissa and Dwight have seen a radical change in having their body detox and to make our skin clear and improve our digestive process.  The Kangen machine is not only good for producing the perfect alkaline Ph level water, it can also be adjusted to other Ph levels to:
  • 11.0 Ph: Veggie wash, Soak clothes with grease spots, Emulsify oils for making soaps & lotions, etc.
  • 8.0 - 9.5 Ph: Drinking water, balances the effects of acidic foods, draw out flavors in foods
  • 7.0 Ph: Clean water, Neutral Ph, removed impurities
  • 4.0 - 6.5 Ph: Acidic Beauty water, Astringent properties for firming and toning skin, Washing dishes, Household cleaning, etc.
  • < 2.7 Ph: Strong Acidic Water used for disinfecting and cleaning, hand sanitizer, disinfecting tooth brushes, etc.
You can really save a lot of money on other products and just use one machine to do all of these things and more.  To learn more on this, please watch this video link and then contact use for more info!
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