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The global economic downturn is continuing to cause economic impacts in many regional areas across the world. In this newsletter, we offer some excellent case studies of economic adjustment initiatives, and useful resources for leaders facing challenging periods. In addition, Future iQ Partners is please to share our new work in Italy and Spain, where we are delivering 'future thinking' projects in regional communities and municipalities.

David Beurle, CEO and Founder
Future iQ Partners

Kewaunee Regional Planning – Wisconsin, USA

Future iQ Partners recently finished an important regional future planning project in Wisconsin, USA. This project was initiated by the progressive local County Economic Development Corporations as part of a rapid response following the announced closure of the local Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station. Future iQ Partners was contracted to undertake the regional planning process and produce an Action Plan in response to this economic readjustment to the region.

US Federal Government

Future iQ Partners has worked extensively with various Departments of the U.S. Federal Government, largely on projects involving economic adjustment following major regional economic shocks. Future iQ Partners was recently a contributing author to a publication by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment, entitled 'Local Official’s Guide to Defense Industry Adjustment’. This is an excellent resource, and is highly relevant to any region or city dealing with a major economic shock such as a plant closure or relocation. Future iQ authored the sections on regional visioning, engagement, public outreach and communication.

Tuscany Regional Development, Italy

The Tuscany region of Italy is undergoing significant change at a regional level. Community Engagement has recently become an integral part of legislation, as the notion of participatory policy is becoming increasingly important. ANCI Toscana is the regional branch of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, and plays a key role in supporting and training elected and Municipal officials. They have recently included The Future Game into their accredited Training Program list. Future iQ Partners’ future thinking approaches have gained significant interest from ANCI and other groups in the region.

In early 2013, Future iQ Partners formed a partnership with Klink, a Florence based strategic planning company. Klink have put together a skilled local team to concentrate on using and promoting Future iQ Products and Services across Italy, and adapting the tools into Italian language.

Mount Pierre Property Management Project, Western Australia

Mt Pierre Cattle Station is an aboriginal owned and operated enterprise. It is located in the upper reaches of the Fitzroy River Catchment in the West Kimberley Region of Western Australia. The property is over 200,000 hectares (500,000 acres) it has the potential to become a multi-million dollar enterprise. Future iQ Partners was recently contracted to undertake the long term property planning process for Mt Pierre Cattle Station.

Future Makers Episode 4 – The Future of the Netherlands

We continue the popular Future Makers series with an interview with Ewald Breunesse, Board Member of Shell and Manager of Energy Transitions. In this interview, Mr Breunesse addresses the topic, The Future of the Netherlands. He speaks positively and candidly about his views on the future trends and challenges for the Netherlands and Europe, as well as Shell’s approach to Scenario Planning and the role of youth in today’s world.

Rural Tourism - Wallowa County, Oregon, USA

This excellent case study video focuses on how this remote location has built its agricultural, food and recreation tourism sectors. Future iQ Partners helped design the program and delivered the agricultural tourism modules. Travel Oregon has just released another stunning case study of rural tourism destination development. This video features Wallowa County, Oregon, which we wanted to share with you.

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News From The Road

We have been working extensively across the globe, since our last newsletter. Here are some short videos for your enjoyment, from our travels.

Tuscany Regional Development, Italy

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Vadinia Project, Leon, Northern Spain

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Mount Pierre Property Management, Western Australia

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ANCI Toscana Conference, November 2013

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David Beurle, CEO Future iQ Partners - Keynote at ANCI Toscana Conference, Nov 2013

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Celine Beurle, Future iQ Partners - Keynote at ANCI Toscana Conference, Nov 2013

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