Economic Adjustment and High Level Community Engagement – USA, Canada and Europe

Vision Edina (USA)

Future iQ Partners is working, with the City of Edina on a long term, high level community visioning and foresight project entitled ‘Vision Edina’. This project is using a scenario based planning framework, and is engaging approximately one thousand citizens about future trends, challenges and the evolution of the City. The outcome will be a data-driven community vision that will inform the City's future comprehensive plans.

Defense Industry Adjustment (USA)

The Fox River Valley region, Eastern Wisconsin, USA has received a major Dept of Defense grant to support economic adjustment, in response to cuts in defense contracts with local manufacturers, resulting in significant job layoffs and economic impacts. Future iQ Partners is leading the regional planning efforts, examining ways to improve collaboration, develop industry diversification strategies and craft future response plans. This project encompasses the economic and workforce development ‘eco-system’ across the region.

Volunteer Alberta Network Mapping (Canada)

Future iQ Partners is working with Volunteer Alberta and the Community Engagement Branch of Alberta Culture & Tourism to map organisational networks in the voluntary sector in Alberta. This process will deliver an interactive network mapping tool to the Volunteer Alberta network, which will show relationships, information flows, network gaps and potential opportunities for collaboration.

Government of Alberta Small Business Strategy (Canada)

The Government of Alberta has engaged people from all aspects of small business development (e.g. service providers, business owners, regulatory agencies) to contribute to the Small Business Strategy. The overall objective was to deliver a cohesive and integrated strategy of services provision to small businesses in this prosperous region of Canada Future iQ Partners worked with the Government of Alberta on the development of the Small Business Strategy, which has recently been published.

Mountains of Leon (Northern Spain)

Future iQ Partners have completed their initial work with Cidecot, on the Mountains of Leon project in Northern Spain. Over the past few months network mapping was conducted across the region, with a unique network mapping platform produced. A new Spanish version of the Future Game, based on the Leon region, was produced during June/July 2014 to be used in Spain generally and the Mountains of Leon region, specifically.

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Future iQ Partners Update

Welcome to our November newsletter, in which we share some interesting case studies of high level community engagement and economic adjustment across Europe, USA and Canada. We also wish to welcome Sergio Salimbeni, as our country representative in Argentina and South America.

David Beurle
CEO and Founder
Future iQ Partners

New Team Member

We are delighted to introduce Sergio Salimbeni, CEO of Activus, as our country representative in Argentina and South America. Sergio specializes in Project Management, Process and Business Analysis.

Sergio Salimbeni
Country Representative, Argentina and South America

Coming Up Soon

Future iQ Partners Event - 'Planning for the Future: Anticipating the Unexpected’

On November 27th 2014, Future iQ Partners are holding an event in the Ecologic Institute, Berlin which will explore global trends and future planning.

Cities of the Future

Future iQ Partners have been developing a strong visual research piece on Cities of the Future. This will be released in early 2015.

Italian Ports Project

Future iQ Partners will be working with Italian partners, Klink, on a project in January 2015 exploring future planning for the main ports in Italy, Sardinia and Corsica.

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