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Dear Supporter,

Welcome to our summer newsletter! 

Last month we returned from our 13th trip to the area of Essaouira!  For 8 years now we have been focusing on sterilising and treating the street cat population but since November 2013 we began to help the street dogs!

Over the years we have seen a massive improvement in the cats' welfare and health and it's always great to see familiar faces!  As there are not so many dogs, you really get to know them individually!  I
t's has been a complete eye opener for us as we have got to know a whole different side of Essaouira and our trips are now complete as we are able to help all of our four legged friends!

I feel privileged to be involved in the successful work of HSAM.  The progress we are already seeing on the streets is a credit to our volunteers and supporters.  With your continued help and support our work will continue, enabling us to give the street animals greater hope for the future.

Claire Sedgwick 
Co-Founder of HSAM    


HSAM volunteers sprung into action to help
over 300 animals in just 2 weeks!

      Statistics for Spring 2014!     
Week One
44 dogs sterilised & Rabies vaccinated
16 dogs treated for parasites

Week Two
111 cats sterilised & Rabies vaccinated
119 kittens treated
45 adults treated

Total animals treated in
two weeks


          Star Dog!          

Tag no:  72
Age:       Approximately 6 months old
Lives:    Medina, Essaouira
Likes:    Living with her mum! 
              They are both sterilised and
              Rabies vaccinated! 


           Star Cat!           

 Boat Mummy

By Keyley- volunteer Veterinary Nurse
During the summer trip in 2013, myself and another volunteer, Hannah, came across a beautiful tortoiseshell cat living on a boat in the harbour.  The fishermen saw our HSAM t-shirts and called us over to see her.  The boat was filled with fishing equipment and right at the back of the boat, nestled on a pair of old jeans were three tiny kittens!  The fishermen explained that the kittens belonged to the tortoiseshell cat, which soon became apparent as she leapt in the boat to make sure we were not harming her babies!  She trusted us very quickly and allowed us to examine her kittens. 

Unfortunately, they were suffering from cat flu so a course of treatment was started to give them the best chance of surviving.

Daily treatment was given and they became stronger each day.  Each time we arrived, the affectionately named “boat mummy” would jump out of the boat and greet us purring and rubbing herself against our legs.  After each kitten was treated, she would take the baby from our laps and place them back in to their cosy nest.  When we left Essaouira, a little piece of our hearts was left behind with ‘boat mummy’, hoping that she and her babies were going to be okay!

When we returned this year in May, the first thing we did was to look for boat mummy! There she was, exactly where we had found her but this time she had kittens that were healthy and  feeding for themselves- she was ready to be sterilised and vaccinated!
We easily picked her up, gave her a kiss and placed her in the carry basket.  We labelled the carrier to make sure that she was returned to the boat and off we went to the surgery.

The next day we anxiously headed off to the surgery but she was sitting up bright and alert in her carry box. When we returned her home, all the fishermen were happy to see her and she walked straight over to greet them.  
‘Boat mummy’ is one of many success stories; she can now enjoy living in the harbour, laying in the sunshine! We cannot wait to see her again next year!

 April Trip Highlight...

CATCHING UP with two cats that received our help 6 months ago!
Both cats live in one of the restaurant squares in the Medina.  Unfortunately, they both had to have their earlobes removed as they had pre-cancerous cells which, if left untreated, would have caused them severe suffering.

Seeing them looking bright and well was amazing! The restaurant owners were so happy that we had helped them and to see them looking so well!
Have you seen the HSAM-Film by Annie Heslop? Please click to watch HSAM volunteers in action!
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So far HSAM has helped

street cats and dogs

For information about previous trips please visit

We would like to thank the following for their valued support
Amazing volunteers!
AnimalCare- Sarah
Melissa Bennett
Jessica Davies
Dechra Veterinary Products- Liz
Dr Adnan El Aji
Francis at The Spice Cave, Essaouira
Nicola at Chez Nicola, Essaouira
St Francis Veterinary Clinic, Brighton
Protexin- Dan
Marcia Rhodes
Valerie and Gerard at Refuge GEO
Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS)

Sorry but we don't have enough room to thank everyone who has supported us... you know who you are!  Your support is appreciated!
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