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8th February 2011

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We are delighted to present our fantastic new website.

We’ve been working hard on the upgrade, and we’re confident that this re-launch will make finding the insights to inform your business decisions a much slicker and more intuitive process.

To coincide with this we also have two exciting new features for our members, live Videocasts with sector specialists and the invaluable Ask an Expert area, where you can get a tailored answer to your specific business concern, for free!

There’s really no better time to join us and the rest of your Peers. We’ll be in touch shortly with more information, but please don’t hesitate to get in contact with any questions, suggestions and feedback- we like to talk.

In the meantime, enjoy the content below, from the ever-inspiring Alex McCuaig of MET Studio, Kristina Svajone Bobs of Svaja and more. Let their experience drive your business development. 



Knowledge Peers' new look homepage

A slick new website for faster learning

As well as looking sharper, our website is now much easier to search for content, contacts, advice and events. You can personalise your notifications so you only receive alerts which are relevant to you, and you can add your own content to your profile to share with thousands of like-minded business leaders.  If you’re new to Knowledge Peers, make sure to check out our new introductory video- coming soon.
Knowledge Peers


The Experts Area

Presenting... Ask an Expert!

If you have a specific question about a business strategy, and don’t want to risk time and money testing things out, you can now ask one of our Experts. Our 300 Experts are approved thought-leaders in their field, and on hand to help you through challenges in your organisation. Just post a comment and our Experts will be alerted. The most fitting specialist will reply to your query.
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Live Videocast being recorded

Live Videocasts with sector specialists

Many of you joined us for our inaugural Videocast last month with Peter Owen, Corporate Tax Partner at Wingrave Yeats. We were so pleased to receive such positive feedback and can announce our next one coming up on March 1st. The featured specialist will be Richard Turner, CEO of Clearswift, an IT security company. He will be sharing the experience of his recent MBO and answering your questions, live. 
Watch the last Videocast


Alex McCuaig

‘We kind of work everywhere…’ Seasoned advice on expanding into emerging markets:
Alex McCuaig, Owner, MET Studio Design

‘As much as we’d like to think some markets are the same, they’re not. There are massive cultural differences.’ Alex discusses how his success gaining business abroad has come from flexibility, sensitivity and patience. He had to spend 10 years relationship-building in China before gaining a single contract.
Watch Alex's Case Study here


Kristina Bobs

‘It’s easy to get a meeting in Saudi Arabia, but for business to follow you'll need patience’
Kristina Svajone Bobs, Co-founder and Creative Director, Svaja

Kristina has recently, successfully taken her glassware business to the Middle Eastern market. She highlights the importance of building strong relationships and having respect for local culture and religion. She also suggests hiring local legal experts who understand the royals and their sometimes quickly-changing laws.
Watch Kristina's Case Study here


Chris Molloy

How partners can help you acclimatise in new geographies:
Chris Molloy, VP Corporate Development, ID business Solutions

Chris has plenty of experience of the challenges companies face growing into new countries. He recommends locating next to your customers and making partnerships so you get to know the culture. He emphasises that expanding abroad is a risk, but one to take ‘knowingly and willingly’.
Watch Chris' Case Study here

Caroline Sheridan

Expert Insight: One Way of Addressing a Problem Employee Caroline Sheridan, General Manager, Cadex Comercio Internacional, S.L.

‘I was introduced to a company which had got itself into difficulties with one of its staff. The employee had brought a series of grievances, some of them seemingly trivial but also including serious allegations of race discrimination. It was clear both that the employee did not want to be there and that the employer didn’t want him there either…"
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Chris Dines

Blog: Getting business social media into gear
Chris Dines, CEO, Knowledge Peers

"Does social media (or business social media as we call it internally!) have a place beyond another form of marketing or recruitment activity? Logically it simply must have. Using online platforms and technologies to provide guidance from multiple sources is fast and efficient…but a complete turn off if it’s not relevant to YOU"

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Angel News

Partner News: Pitching for Management solves building management teams in entrepreneurial businesses

“Pitching for Management” is a UK-wide series of events offering executive and non-executive roles in exciting fast-growth companies proceeding to their next stage of growth. Think of it as a kind of “Dragon’s Den” for hiring. If you think you would like a new challenge and could make a significant difference to a fast-growing business, this is the event for you!
Click here for for events

We are always keen to hear your thoughts on the insights we offer. Please don't hesitate to comment on our content, and for inquiries about membership or other services, get in touch directly.

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