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11th January 2012

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Happy New Year, from all of us at Knowledge Peers…We hope you’re keeping busy!

We certainly have been, publishing lots of constructive Case Studies, making improvements to our website, and putting in the preparation for our first live Videocast on 19th January.

Whether your new year’s resolutions are sticking or falling by the wayside, may we suggest one that may boost the health of your business? Think internationally. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from the success stories below including Neal Ghandi, (Co-founder, Quickstart Global,) and  Howard Carter (CEO, Incognito) amongst others; and check out our ‘Growing into New Markets’ event report.

We also have an insightful guest blog from Knowledge Peers member David Lewis, (Director, Camrose Consulting) on the subject of bonuses- some more motivation for a go-getting January. 


Neal Gandhi

‘Most VCs have a view that you grow domestically before going international. That’s flawed,’ Neal Ghandi, Co-founder, Quickstart Global

Neal Gandhi reveals his formula for entrepreneurial success:target a growing market, work with a great team, hold a sustainable, competitive advantage and employ the right technologies.

Watch Neal's Case Study here


Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose, CEO, Clippy London: ‘There’s a joke in Japan- If it gets sent back from Japan it gets shipped to Harrods’

Following our recent ‘Growing into New Markets’ event, Calypso explains how exporters must do their research;  the US market demands obvious packaging and Japan will not compromise on quality.

Watch Calypso here


Howard Carter

Using Ewan MacGregor to raise your international profile: Howard Carter, CEO, Incognito

Taking your business operations abroad can be daunting. Howard discloses the people who have made the process easier, from government representatives to celebrities.

Watch Howard here

Julian Ehrhardt

‘Have an international mindset… and recruit staff in the nationalities you work with’ Julian Ehrhardt, Business Development Officer, ustwo

ustwo has staff of 19 different nationalities, split mainly between England and Sweden. Julian discusses time-zone limitations, the logistics of working cross-continent and keeping ahead of the digital gold rush.

Watch Julian's Case Study here

David Excell

The importance of behaviour analysis in business: David Excell, CEO, Featurespace 

David talks to Knowledge Peers about how his company approach customer behavioural modelling and reflects on their place in the market.

Watch David's Case Study here

Frances Crook

‘We’re the only people in the world who have ever set up a business inside a prison’ Frances Crook, CEO, The Howard League for Penal Reform

The Howard League set ‘Barbed’ up to show prisoners that work can be exciting, honourable and well paid. Frances exposes the ‘insurmountable problems’ that led to its closure.

Watch Frances' Case Study here


Peter Owen

Our first live Videocast: is your business making use of free support?

Did you know that there is as much as 50% income tax relief on investments into growing business? That’s just one of a surprisingly large number of incentives that could truly help fund and grow your business, with more on the way from a nervy coalition. And we’re not just talking tax! Chris Dines (CEO of Knowledge Peers) and Peter Owen (Wingrave Yeats) will present a live Videocast, accompanied by slides, guidance and the ability to ask questions live on the day.

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Event Report

Growing into New Markets: The Risks and Rewards – Event Report

If you couldn’t attend our fantastic panel debate at the state-of-the-art IBM Forum London, Southbank, we’re sorry for you! However you can read the key lessons and summaries of what the speakers from WOW Toys, Z-Card, Mongoose Cricket and UKTI said, in our event report.

Read the report


Patrick Rusby interviewing an executive

 What’s in our diary?

We’ve got many more expert Case Studies in our diary. Largely focusing on the popular issue of procuring and delivering government contracts, our interviews with the likes of Neil Garner, CEO, Proxama and Alex McCuaig, CEO of Met Studios will be available soon.

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Computer Weekly

Our ‘IT in the UK SMB sector’ report in the Research Library

“This report from Knowledge Peers and Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), reveals what leaders of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) think of IT – its strategic value, its potential, and the changing way in which it is being used in their organisations.”

Our report with PAC found that whilst many software providers see the SMB sector as an important growth opportunity, there remains a lack of understanding of the sector in comparison to that of large enterprise and Government. was suitably impressed with our findings and has added the report to its research library.

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Pitching for Management

From our friends at Angel News- Find new roles at Pitching for Management!

"Pitching for Management" events offer executive and non-executive roles in exciting fast-growth companies proceeding to their next stage of growth.  At each event, 6 companies present their businesses and the roles available to a room of highly talented individuals ranging from sales, marketing and finance board positions to mentorships, chair, CEO and non-executive director positions.

In 2011, 100% of attendees who filled in our feedback forms would recommend "Pitching for Management" events as a great way to find senior executive and non-executive roles - come and see what it's all about!

For a full list of upcoming events across the UK click here


David Lewis - Camrose Consulting

Blog: Bonuses – the good, the bad and the downright ugly - David Lewis, Director, Camrose Consulting 

"It is people’s abilities and behaviours that drive business success (and also failure).  

Training, leadership and motivation are critical to success. For people to perform well they should understand the purpose of what they are doing and its relevance to the organisation as a whole;  it is also important for them to have feedback.  Something that may also encourage people to go that extra mile is a bonus.  Bonuses are likely to influence behaviour, however behaviour can be good, bad or downright ugly"

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