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Thursday 7th March 2013

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March Newsletter

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As we move into spring, we are delighted to announce some of the exciting projects that are being developed at Knowledge Peers to help inspire growth in businesses in 2013.

We are proud to be hosting the Spring edition of The Exchange 2013, the UK’s most thought provoking conference on business innovation which will be back at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre on April 26. For more information, please read on!

Moreover, we are excited to announce plans for the Cloud Innovation Network (CIN), which will officially launch at The Exchange 2013 on April 26. Click here for more information.

We are also pleased to present two of our recent Case Studies. Free to all non-members to view for one week, we have selected a video interview showcasing Paul Byrne, CEO of ChannelCloud UK/Ireland.

From all the Knowledge Peers team we would like to wish you an excellent week!




The Exchange 2013 conference: 
How will business of the future be shaped?

On April 26, The Exchange returns to the Sadler’s Wells Theatre; bringing together the latest innovations which are driving change in the way businesses can grow and be successful.

The Exchange will focus on the move to Alternative Methods of Funding and how businesses will increasingly be built into the Cloud. The day will deliver thought provoking seminars, panel discussions, Case Studies analyzing businesses, networking sessions and much more.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from real though leaders. Book your ticket here!

For more information please visit our website.


Ed Milliband

Alternative Funding Network: Sessions on Alternative Methods of Funding will be at the core of The Exchange 2013

A series of panel discussions and seminars on the alternative ways of raising finance that many companies are using, including “peer to peer” funding and crowd funding, will be presented at our Exchange 2013 conference.

The line-up of speakers on this topic boasts industry leaders from Crowdcube, MarketInvoice, Kantox and many more.

If you are interested on becoming a member of the Alternative Funding Network, please register here!.



Chris Dines

Launch of the Cloud Innovation Network:
Official launch of the CIN at The Exchange 2013 conference - April 26

Using video Case Studies and peer group research, the CIN focuses on how businesses will be built using the Internet and cloud computing in the future.

The network will be accessible to business leaders, typically from midsized businesses, already subscribed to Knowledge Peers. The Cloud Innovation Network will provide you with a structured exposure to this market.

You can join the network at an initial charge of £10 per month, to join or for more information please click here



Case Study available to Non – membersWhy Cloud Computing is a win – win situation for SMEs, Paul Byrne, CEO, ChannelCloud UK/Ireland 


In this video interview, Paul talks about how Cloud is beneficial for SMEs as it avoids the trouble that IT can create by taking all of their technology from their premises and delivers it back to them via a hosted desktop on any device. Paul also explains what is the Code of Practice that has been developed by The Cloud Industry Forum and how ChannelCloud complies to it, by being transparent in terms of service and delivery from employment practice to the physical storage of data.
Click here to view


Ed Milliband

Case Study available for members: Peer – to – Peer Foreign Currency Exchange, Philippe Gelis, CEO, Kantox FX

In this Case Study, Philippe explains how Kantox is a platform that offers solutions to companies by allowing them to buy and sell currencies to each other. The companies that use this service are generally SMEs, with revenues of £10-100 million. A main reason that companies use Kantox is their transparency; those trading currencies are able to tell exactly how much it is costing them to do so. 

Click here to view


Chris Dines

Partner News: Introducing Worspace, our latest partner

Workspace creates unique work environments that enable new and growing businesses to have the freedom and opportunity to thrive. They have over 4,000 small and medium-sized business tenants in London and help to connect them together and support them to succeed.

We are partnering with Workspace to offer their tenants a mix of stimulating small events and will also be case studying “early” adopter businesses, including some from the Workspace portfolio.

For more information about Workspace, visit their website

We are always looking for ways to improve, and are keen to hear your thoughts on the insights we offer - feel free to leave your comments on our website, or get in touch directly.

Best wishes,
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