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25th January 2012

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January’s a bit grim isn’t it?

The weather’s hideous, the holidays are long gone and we’re trying to cut the flab from our bodies and our businesses.

Let us make it easier for you (business-wise that is- we can’t exercise for you!)

Learn from the challenges of your peers. Vicki Willden-Lebrecht (Managing Director, The Bright Group International) and Catherine Rayner (Marketing Manager, Lorne Laboratories) share their hardships and successes from growing into new markets- to better prepare you for your own exploits. 

Take inspiration from social media driven business. The achievements of Lucian Tarnowski, (Founder and CEO, Brave New Talent) should provide motivation for all web entrepreneurs- but may unsettle ‘traditional recruiters’.

Finally to whet your appetite we have Nina Uppal of New York Delhi talking about taking her spicy VIP Nuts global. Well we did say we can’t help with your diet…


Vicki Willden-Lebrecht

Taking ‘Brand Britain’ overseas: building an illustration agency
Vicki Willden-Lebrecht , Managing Director, The Bright Group International

Opportunism, cultural awareness and the utilization of the internet and ‘Brand Britain’ helped Vicki take her illustration agency multinational. She explains how despite the recession, The Bright Group now operates in 4 countries and doubled its US turnover.  

Watch Vicki's case study here


Christine Rayner

In 2009 Greece was in our top 3 distributors… in 2010 obviously, things happened’
Christine Rayner, Marketing Manager, Lorne Laboratories

Christine describes being undercut in India, having time-wasted in China and helping out a Greek distributor in crisis. She suggests innovative measures to ensure quality when exporting blood reagents to countries with stringent regulations- involving bursting stickers.
Watch Christine here


Lucian Tarnowski

  1. 'Recruitment is going through a paradigm shift and we're just at the beginning of it'
    Lucian Tarnowski, Founder and CEO, Brave New Talent

In the age of social media, Lucian believes that traditional recruitment is now a broken model. Brave New Talent exists to take recruitment from a 'transactional' to a 'relationship' model, using social media to create a dialogue between business and jobseeker.

Watch Lucian's case study here
Nina Uppal

Boris Johnson said this little British company are going to end up supplying the Chinese’
Nina Uppal, Co-founder, New York Delhi

Nina used to think you ‘just go and knock on the door of a supermarket’ to get your food product stocked. Here she talks trade-shows, distributors, wholesalers, IP and the export market. Now she sells in North America, Europe, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

Watch Nina's case study here
Alex McCuaig

You're taking your business abroad, but how do you avoid bad advice?
Alex McCuaig , Owner, MET Studio Design

Alex McCuaig is a well travelled businessman - but what advice would he give to businesses thinking of working with China and Mexico? "Avoid hearsay - gather real experience, bring in local people guide you".
Watch Alex's case study here

Chris Dines and Peter Owen

Our first Live Videocast
with Peter Owen, Corporate Tax Partner, Wingrave Yeats

To mark the launch of our series of regular lunchtime Videocasts, we kicked off with a presentation and Q&A with Peter Owen (Wingrave Yeats). Did you know that free child care, tax breaks and apprentices are all readily available for growing businesses? To find out more about free support for SMEs, watch the on demand Videocast now.
Watch the Videocast here



  1. Coming up from Knowledge Peers...

It's easy to discover which new content and events we have coming up- just take a peek at our events calendar. We have many of interviews approaching on the popular issue of procuring and delivering government contracts. There’s still more to come on New Markets, and a Case-Study on the ever-pressing matter of raising finance.
To gain access to the knowledge of The People’s Supermarket, Proxama, Anaxsys, Mission Fish, Cocorose and more, watch this space.  

Watch this space


Zoe Amar

How to use Twitter and LinkedIn for networking
Zoe Amar, Head of Marketing and Business Development, Lasa

“Much has already been written about how charities can use social media to develop their brands and build relationships with their stakeholders. I want to talk about how you can use social media tools to network and to build your own personal brand. As resources become scarcer, and the job market more competitive, I think Twitter and LinkedIn can help us all achieve more at work and widen our networks further…”
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Angel News

Find new roles at Pitching for Management! - from our friends at Angel News

"Pitching for Management  events offer executive and non-executive roles in exciting fast-growth companies proceeding to their next stage of growth.  At each event, 6 companies present their businesses and the roles available to a room of highly talented individuals ranging from sales, marketing and finance board positions to mentorships, chair, CEO and non-executive director positions.
In 2011, 100% of attendees who filled in our feedback forms would recommend "Pitching for Management" events as a great way to find senior executive and non-executive roles - come and see what it's all about!
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