OMG, <<First Name>>! 

31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Abundance starts in JUST TWO DAYS!  Yeah, baby!  

Here's what's going to happen:

Every day, you’ll get a tool, a concept, or an exercise, all which will in some way help you take your life and your abundance to the next level.  Almost all of them will have action steps that you can put into practice right away. 

I strongly strongly strongly urge you to actually do them! Because to truly experience an impact, you gotta take action.  
Super important first thing to do: 

Set the intention of honoring yourself and your abundance, and decide to go through this experience with as much curiosity and commitment as possible.

Intentions help us determine the direction we're going to go in.  And if you can set this particular intention, good things will happen! Because as Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki says, “In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few.”  

So whatever you've done in the past, whether you’ve engaged in personal growth and transformation work before--hey, you might've done THIS program before!--I encourage you to go through this program as a beginner.  

Why you want to be a beginner in this context (aka why being a beginner is awesome):

Being a beginner means that you don’t keep yourself from trying things because you think you already know how it’s going to work out.  When we decide we already know whether something will work or not, or how it's going to go, we cut ourselves off from possibilities.  Is that abundant?  Nope! :) 

Being a beginner means that the world constantly has the capacity to bring you huge amounts of WONDER.  Can you remember what seeing your first rainbow was like?  Seeing your first orchid?  Magical, right?  How awesome would it be to continually see the magic in our world…even if it’s with things and experiences we’ve already had before?  It's possible...with beginner's mind!

Being a beginner means that you can see the beauty in all of the potential and to have FUN with this experience.  I mean, you’re going to be catapulting your abundance to the next level! How awesomely amazing and fun is that?!?  

So here are my pre-game requests to you:

1. Cultivate beginner’s mind!  Allow yourself to have a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Which means…
2. ==> IMPORTANT: Make a commitment to yourself and to your life that you’re going READ ALLLL OF THE EMAILS…and do ALLLL of the action steps!

I really, really, REALLY urge you to actually read the emails and actually do the action steps involved.  It’s super easy with programs like this to cherry-pick and do what feels easy, and not do what feels uncomfortable or weird.

Honestly, that approach would be a mistake. What feels good and easy isn’t where you need growth.  What feels uncomfortable or weird is.  So do it!

I won’t be asking you to do anything illegal or physically dangerous, after all!

3. Get yourself a 31 Days & Ways journal/notebook/whatever so you can do the work and refer back to it in an organized and easy fashion.  You'll be very pleased with yourself on November 1st when you flip through and look back at all the awesome you've done! 

4. Join the Facebook group!  There will be A LOT happening there, and I don’t want you to miss out! We’ll support each other in implementing the tools, and (bonus!) I’ll be available to take questions and give feedback. Go to the Facebook group, click "join”, and introduce yourself once you're added!

5. I am an excessively generous person and I like giving stuff away!
Throughout the month, I’ll be raffling off goodies from me and from other awesome people.  And you already have a raffle entry because you've signed up...but you can have even more!  

As you know, you get an extra raffle entry for every person who signs up because you sent them here. 

Here's how you can spread the word and get even more of those entries:

FacebookI've just signed up for Eryka Peskin's free program "31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Abundance!" For the whole month of October, she's going to share how transforming your relationship with your health, money, sensuality, love, work, mindset can transform our lives. So excited! Would love for you to be part of the party too--learn more and sign up at

Twitter: I'm part of @erykapeskin's free program to 31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Abundance! So excited! Starts 10/1, join us!  (You can just click here to tweet!)

And (ideally), an email you can send:
Hey! I'm doing a free program that starts on Thursday, and I get to invite amazing people who I'd like to go on this journey with because I think they'd like it and benefit from it...and that's you!

Starting this Thursday, October 1st, my coach Eryka Peskin is doing a FREE program called "31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Abundance!" so we can take our lives and our abundance to the next level.

She's going to be sharing some of her most powerful tools on how to create an abundant mindset, AND she'll be doing raffles and giveaways throughout the month, so I hope you join us!

For more info and to sign up, go to  

Oh, and it's FREE!

But you gotta check it out and sign up RIGHT NOW, because it starts on October 1st, and we don't want you to miss out!

Hope you'll be joining us!

And that’s it for now, folks!  

Got questions? Ask me on le Facebook or shoot me an email...I'm here for you and for your abundance!

"See" you Thursday! 
Hugs and kisses and wonderfully beginnery excitement!


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