Life is Good * Feeling Healthy
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Life is good when you are Feeling Healthy!

Life is so wonderful when you feel healthy !


I recently started a new journey in my life – one that has allowed me to lose weight, gain muscle and break personal weight lifting records and speed records every other workout! 

I am doing more now at 57, than I did when I was 30. I have been breaking PR’s (personal records) for months now and it still continues to work.It has taken me my entire life to come to this point of wisdom, and it couldn’t have come at a better time!


No, it’s not a supplement or something, but a combination of things. A unique QiGong that I invented for myself (breath + movement+ intention) + a unique diet based on cycles, +  a unique weight training program based on cycles  (no, not periodization routines either) and a special combination of amino acids and supplements.


I have never felt so good!   My mind is so clear and I have so much energy and I want to share it.


Perhaps you have seen the advertisements for it. It’s called Immortal Seasonal Qigong, and it’s a totally unique qigong retreat class that will tie in information about seasons, cycles and the energy of the body, mind and soul like no other. It presents information about nutrition, as well as specific qigong exercises and meditations to balance or enhance your energy based on the season. People can attend one seasonal session, and enjoy a week of practice, learning and connecting to nature on our 66 acres. Or they can sign up for the whole year and gain not only the personal energy enhancement from each week, but also a certificate in Immortal Seasonal Qigong and work in this manner with others.

When you begin to work with your natural self and Nature… will be the best you can be at any age!

Life is Good - and I want it to be good for you too!
Ted J. Cibik, Ph.D., ND, DMQ (China), CHFS
Zhong Yi 中醫
Executive Director of Inner Strength, Inc
Chair of International QiGong Certification, NQA

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Medical Qigong for Self Health
Next session: March  25-26, 2017 * Weekend retreat workshop


This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.
  • Learn qigong exercises for purging obstructions(repeated mistakes, emotional traumas, or injury pathology)  and unblock the qi from your body to enhance your health
  • Practice acquiring energy and regulating it in your body to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Learn methods to enhance your body's ability to heal from surgery or disease
  • Incorporate practices for protection against energy pathogens and toxic emotions; such as sadness, lack of elf worth, elf loathing, etc.
  • Strengthen you resistance to other people's emotional energy
Tuition: $350  Registration has opened for this class, and spaces are still available in CHI House!

Great course of the beginner to get a solid foundation of energy practice. 
Great course for the experienced energy practitioner to go deeper in their work, and fine tune their techniques.

Call 724-845-1041 for more information   or visit
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“Remember, the purpose of training today is
to defeat the limitations of yesterday” !

Ted Cibik
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