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Did you ever wonder why some folks can exercise, eat right and “do all the right things” but never achieve their goals in regaining health and fitness? I have seen people count calories, buy “all organic food”, routinely take all the latest and greatest supplements, “Bust their butt at the gym” and never achieve health.


Well…quite simply …they don’t have an broad view plan and a small view plan. They don’t understand their cycles and the cycles within cycles.  So all of those diets, therapists, healing routines and money spent on supplements….all are mostly wasted.

The Immortal Seasonal QiGong program is just that…teaching you how to cycle for optimal health and well-being. Nothing like this has EVER been done before in a program that I will outline for you in this course!!!!

When you begin to work with your natural self and Nature… will be the best you can be at any age!

Also this month (March 25-26) is our Medical QiGong for Self Health  program, designed to give anyone interested in energy work the foundational knowledge to have a safe and solid QiGong practice. So many weekend QiGong programs give an unbalanced or ungrounded approach to a practice. This week is designed to assist you to create the proper routine for yourself, with a practice of purgation, cultivation and tonification, as well as understanding what your own personal energy needs might be. This program is a great starter for those beginning with energy work. It's also a perfect weekend for those already involved in energy work ( Reiki, healing hands, taiji chuan, qigong exercise, medical qigong) who have noticed that their own energy is not as sparkling and vibrant as it should be.
Hope to see you this spring for some rejuvenation!
Ted J. Cibik, Ph.D., ND, DMQ (China), CHFS
Zhong Yi 中醫
Executive Director of Inner Strength, Inc
Chair of International QiGong Certification, NQA
Immortal Seasonal Qigong Program
Your emotions and mental balance can affected by season and cycles. Learn how using the Immortal Seasonal Qigong Program can assist you to find balance.
Immortal Seasonal QiGong
~ Dr. Ted J. Cibik

Having coached thousands of people over the years in fitness, weight loss, recovery from heart attacks, cancer, MS and auto accidents, I amassed information of how the body heals, based on the ancient practices, and then applying that wisdom to hundreds of cases. I have now placed it collectively into one course.While we might not keep our bodies forever, the ancients considered this knowledge part of creating immortality.

Qigong exercises, meditations and practices are the keynote in the course,(and it's hours can be counted towards a certification level within the National Qigong Association). More than just learning what you might need to do in a season of the year, or time of the month, you understand how you can interpret the signs in your body (or that of a client) that indicate being stuck on a season, and realign the bodies energy to flow forward in the cycle. For exmple: depression is often being stuck in the 'winter' season, even if it is summer.

Included in this course I will also be teaching specialized walking programs for the cycles that involves unique Taoist breathing techniques. Our sensory system evolved in the natural world and when we’re in those spaces, our brains become relaxed because these are things that we were designed to look at, hear and to smell. For instance, our immune cells, or “natural killer cells,” which fight cancer, increase in forests. As a result, Japan now has 48 therapy trails. Called Shinrin-yoku, or Forest bating, the forest service is taking this seriously, as a public health benefit. They’re medicalizing the forest!  Taking this a step further at Inner Strength, I will teach you how to breath optimally on our numerous beautiful walking trails.
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Medical Qigong for Self Health
Next session: March  25-26, 2017 * Weekend retreat workshop

This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.
  • Learn qigong exercises for purging obstructions(repeated mistakes, emotional traumas, or injury pathology)  and unblock the qi from your body to enhance your health
  • Practice acquiring energy and regulating it in your body to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Learn methods to enhance your body's ability to heal from surgery or disease
  • Incorporate practices for protection against energy pathogens and toxic emotions; such as sadness, lack of elf worth, elf loathing, etc.
  • Strengthen you resistance to other people's emotional energy
Tuition: $350  Registration has opened for this class, and spaces are still available in CHI House!

Great course of the beginner to get a solid foundation of energy practice. 
Great course for the experienced energy practitioner to go deeper in their work, and fine tune their techniques.

Call 724-845-1041 for more information   or visit
Register by emailing :
“Remember, the purpose of training today is
to defeat the limitations of yesterday” !

Ted Cibik
Total Fitness Plan Appointment!

Set up a total fitness plan  appointment with Dr. Cibik, in person or via SKYPE. This fast paced 1 hour session will give you the essentials you need for nutrition, exercise and stress management/mindset so that you can succeed on achieving your best personal health this year.
Normally $150, appointments booked before the end of January will be at $100 and also include Dr. Cibik's Fitness journal book to keep you on track with your new years best health.

Call today 724-845-1041 or email to set up your Total Fitness Plan!
Life Enhancing Sessions

QiGong/Tai chi Weekly Class: Available at $10 per class,QiGong has been recognized to help calm stress and stress related disorders.

Chinese Medicine Treatments: For those who have already had an initial evaluation and looking for treatments, sessions are $60 per 30 minutes, and $110 for 1 hour.

Far Infrared Sauna Treatments: For those who have already had an initial evaluation Dr Cibik can recommend the length of sauna treatment that can be most beneficial to your to rid the body of toxins. Booked in 30 minute increments for $45.

Medical Qigong sessions: For those who have already had an initial evaluation, Hour long Medical Qigong sessions are $125. Dr Cibik is the tri-state expert in Medical Qigong, having an active clinic since 1999. He is a Qigong teacher as acupuncture colleges round the USA, and the trainer for the Professional track offerings at the Nation Qigong Association.

Initial Evaluation sessions: For those who are on their first visit to Inner Strength or have an new issues that needs an evaluation, these session review your body/mind/spirit health. Outcome of the session is a treatment plan that might include diet, exercise, Chinese herbals, homeopathy, meditation ( or stress management activities) and Chinese medicine modalities of treatment. (Unlike other professional we do not push $1000 of supplements or expensive tests on our patients). Initial session are $250 and can be done in person or via Skype.
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