Do No Harm
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Do No Harm
What do we offer at Inner Strength?

Our mission is to assist people in finding better health. We teach them how to help their bodies heal. We assist them in relief of pain and symptoms through Chinese medicine modalities, Medical QiGong, movement,meditation and coaching,  food and needed supplements to get them on the road to better health.  We use ancient methods as well as 21st century methods like far infrared lights and saunas.

There is absolutely a place in the world of our advanced Western Medicine. It no doubt saves many lives in the case of traumatic injury. But for chronic conditions, a different approach of treating the source and not the symptom might be the best solution.

We teach clients how to use LIFESTYLE as medicine, and we follow these principles:

Do no harm.
Primum non nocere is part of the Hippocratic oath. We do not use harmful, artificial substances such as drugs and pharmaceuticals; nor do we use invasive and dangerous procedures, such as surgery.

Recognize the healing power of nature.
We understand the body's innate capacity for self-healing. We educate clients in creating external and internal environments conducive to healing.

Find and eliminate the cause of poor health.
We educate clients on structural problems, energetic fluctuations, as well as evaluate lifestyle choices to identify both the cause of a problem and how to correct it.

Teach health.
We teach clients how to achieve and maintain good health. We empower clients, enabling them to participate in the process of staying well.

Honor the total person.
A person is never simply a headache, a backache, or a sore throat. Except in the case of acute injury, seldom does any problem occur in isolation. We understand that people are interconnected physical, mental, and spiritual beings, and that one “dis-ease” affects all areas of life. This is why initial consultations are 2 hours long. We are not a business bases on volume of service, but the benficial quality of one on one time.

Prevent “dis-ease.”
In teaching clients how to create homeostatic balance, we help others achieve future health as well. This is a Lifestyle is medicine approach, of working with body, mind and spirit.

In Good Health!


Dr. Ted J. Cibik
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Doctor of Medical QiGong

Rid your body of chronic inflammation with our customized body detoxification protocols.

Medical Qigong for Self Health - August 26-27
All healing is energy work.  When you heal from a cut or an operation, when you recuperate from a cold or cancer -  it is ALL energy work; whether that is mental or physical illness – it works on common every day principals.
How does this miracle happen? In this course we will teach you how it happens and what YOU can do to magnify that opportunity to HEAL YOURSELF.
ABOUT THIS COURSE: This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.

Class is Saturday- Sunday, 9 am - 5pm. There is availability at CHI House for out of town visitors or those looking to create a true retreat experience for themselves.
Read more and Register before August 15!
Become a Qigong Healer with one of the most sought after Medical Qigong Educators in the USA, Dr. Ted J. Cibik. Dr Cibik brings many years of clinical experience to the classroom. Keeping class sizes small insures each student gets the attention needed for their growth. New sessions begin this fall:

Medical Qigong Therapist: November 2017
Masters in Medical Qigong: September 2017
Immortal Mind Taoist Study: November 201

Our program offers a 3 year track to become a
Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Begin your career with the Medical Qigong Therapist program.

Comments from recent Graduates:

"I have experienced profound changes in my life, opening my eyes about myself and my relationship to life!  I would recommend this course to all who would like a deep understanding of life forces.  
Ted is an amazing and gifted teacher who allows each of us to develop at our own rate !! "

~ Barbara Curtis, Medical Qigong Therapist

"This course was amazing. I have been coming to Inner Strength for a good while now. But this course pulled together and illuminated and fleshed out all of my previous studies heretofore.

Words really cannot describe the transformational process that takes place during the work of becoming a MQT. I sense this is still taking place for me and will continue with my energetic cultivation.

For anyone who is wondering whether this is a path they should take up, I simply say, when the call comes in your heart to delve into this work.....Answer that call !!!"

~ Michele Dolgovskij, Medical Qigong Therapist

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