Advanced Medical Qigong Training for Automimmune Disorders
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Advanced Medical Qigong Training for
Automimmune Disorders

Advanced Medical Qigong Training for Automimmune Disorders
October 29-30, 2016

This 2-day course is for advanced practitioners of Energy Medicine that have a background of Medical QiGong techniques and Chinese Medicine.
The curriculum will include:

Review and importance of the Vagal nerve and its association with microbiome and how that relates to the 8 extraordinary channels with point discussion and Hua Tu Jia ji points.
Immunoglobins in Chinese Medicine – Using Western blood work plus Chinese herbals and Medicine to harmonize how the 5 different types of Ig’s need different treatment protocols. The use of foods and herbs for TX protocols
How to unclog your Liver (past) by learning how to "Sit and forget" – a ShanQing meditation method.
Zong Qi and how to lead to the Formless state of being and living - how that helps to transcend the autoimmune system.
At the end of this seminar you will be able to assist people with complicated autoimmune disorders find peace and homeostasis. 

Tuition is $495.

Please email the office at  to reserve your space; or visit the website at and print the registration form and mail it with a check to the address provided.
Doctor of Medical Qigong at Inner Strength
Program Begins September 3, 2016

Would you like to become a Doctor of Medical Qigong? 
The 3 year Doctorate certification program begins Sept 3rd. Our program is structured so that distance students can train by attending 4 intensives per year. And our program is of an exceptional caliber, and at an affordable price. This years students lock in their tuition rate for 3 years. We will probably not have another entry level class until Spring 2018.

First year graduates gain a Medical Qigong Therapist Certification,
able to teach sound and healthy QiGong exercise classes, AND do Medical Qigong Tonification sessions with patients. This is the equivalent of both the Practitioner and Therapist level certification's that other schools offer.

If you are a serious student of Qigong, we are looking for you! Also, if you already hold a certification level in Qigong and wish to advanced, we do admit transfer students.

Dr. Cibik is one of the top Medical Qigong teachers in the USA.
Our students graduate and go on to having successful Chinese Medicine healing practices. Our program expects students to study and practice on their own, maintain their own personal qigong practice so that the intensives can be information rich and powerful days of learning and in-depth clinic practice.

Our 66 acres education center amidst rolling woodlands and meandering rivers provides the perfect background for cultivating your own Qi in nature.

For more information, please visit
"I want to thank you for an informative, stimulating, and illuminating seminar. I really enjoyed the style and content of your presentation which added significantly to my understanding of Qigong and the healing possibilities it offers. So thank you."
- K.Ryan, Maine Coast Taijiquan


Medical Qigong for Self Health

August 27-28, 2016 * Weekend retreat workshop

All healing is energy work.  
This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.
  • Learn qigong exercises for purging  obstructions and block qi from your body to enhance your health
  • Practice acquiring energy and regulating it in your body to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Learn methods to enhance your body's ability to heal from surgery or disease
  • Incorporate practices for protection against energy pathogens and toxic emotions.
  • Strengthen you resistance to other people's emotional energy
Tuition: $350  Class is filling quickly!
Great course of the beginner to get a solid foundation of energy practice. 
Great course for the experienced energy practitioner to go deeper in their work, and fine tune their techniques.

Call 724-845-1041 for more information   Register by emailing :
Take charge of your health!

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