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Commitment to Self
Inner Strength offers many types of services as well as certification and experiential programs. Our Formless Taoism Foundation offers a course called 'Immortal Mind'. People often ask what The Immortal Mind class is, as the name can mean a variety of things.
 I try to answer this but it is difficult because the class is designed to be something different for each mind who enters into it. How can that be?

Well, before there was Psychology, mental health and “therapies” there was “Mind Science” or Adhyatmavidya in Buddhist tradition. The true study of the mind in all its’ capacities - physical (brain), emotional /feeling (blood) and Spirit.
Admittingly, having background in psychology helps, but the world of energy, mind and spirituality is different from psychological models learned in college. The psychology profession delves little, if any, into the world of faith (not religion) but true spirituality of beyond death and what that means to us as homo sapiens. Human beings certainly like to think they're wise, and, in fact, the word "Homo sapiens" ("humankind") comes in part from the Latin word "sapiens," meaning "wise" or "intelligent." "Sapiens" in turn comes from the verb "sapere," which means "to be wise" (and which also gave us "sage" and "savant"). To be wise or intelligent in the energy world, one must have many experiential lessons induced by different training methods and be able to summarize them for use.
This class provides so many different experiences for you to process as an individual to further discover who you really are, what are your greatest possibilities, and how to fully engage in all of life’s gifts. You will begin to understand “why those thought come into my head” and “why can’t I get rid of these thoughts and feelings”. The releasing of these redundant thoughts frees up tremendous amount of mind energy that you then can then put back into really living life again – fully and happily!
A new class forms in November 2017 that meets one weekend a month, both Saturday and Sunday for 8 hrs. This year we are considering having a distance option of having student telelcommute.

Yes, it is a commitment to yourself.
The next yearly program beings the weekend of Nov 11-12, 2017

To find out more about this program, visit

or contact us at
Become a Qigong Healer with one of the most sought after Medical Qigong Educators in the USA, Dr. Ted J. Cibik. Dr Cibik brings many years of clinical experience to the classroom. Keeping class sizes small insures each student gets the attention needed for their growth. New sessions begin this fall:

Medical Qigong Therapist: November 2017

Our program offers a 3 year track to become a
Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Begin your career with the Medical Qigong Therapist program.

Comments from recent Graduates:

"I have experienced profound changes in my life, opening my eyes about myself and my relationship to life!  I would recommend this course to all who would like a deep understanding of life forces.  
Ted is an amazing and gifted teacher who allows each of us to develop at our own rate !! "

~ Barbara Curtis, Medical Qigong Therapist

"This course was amazing. I have been coming to Inner Strength for a good while now. But this course pulled together and illuminated and fleshed out all of my previous studies heretofore.

Words really cannot describe the transformational process that takes place during the work of becoming a MQT. I sense this is still taking place for me and will continue with my energetic cultivation.

For anyone who is wondering whether this is a path they should take up, I simply say, when the call comes in your heart to delve into this work.....Answer that call !!!"

~ Michele Dolgovskij, Medical Qigong Therapist

Certification Program Details
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