Do You Need to Detox?
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Do You Need To Detox?
Well it’s been a busy couple of months and I just realized that Fall is on its way soon!! Kids will be going back to school and harvesting has already started on the farms.
In Chinese Medicine this is the time of the Spleen, the Earth element, or a time to prepare and get ready for harvest. It’s usually is the hottest time of the year when we would normally sweat a lot -  or in ancient ways of thinking….detox.

Yes, detox through sweating – something we try desperately not to do – is actually one of the best ways for your body to heal naturally. The skin IS your largest organ and it and all the other organs needs to be cleansed several times a year.
In fact, some of the things you place on your skin like antiperspirants and deodorants can be carcinogens by themselves in addition to not allowing you to detox properly.
The truth is we are loaded with toxins more than ever before in history due to our food and the exposure to the chemical age. Substances not available in nature 50 years ago have been created in our labs and we are subjected directly or indirectly on an hourly bases to them.
The need to detox has never been more important than now.
I have developed through my 3 decades of research a program to help. The Inner Strength Detox Method™ is a Proprietary Hierarchical Detox that is enormously useful for modern times.
Based in my training in Classical Chinese Medicine plus loads of in the trenches experiences and tweaking’s, I now can offer this program to my patients. Learn the most effective ways for you to detox your body based on your personal health and health challenges.

Happy August!


Dr. Ted J. Cibik
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Doctor of Medical QiGong

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Medical Qigong for Self Health - August 26-27
All healing is energy work.  When you heal from a cut or an operation, when you recuperate from a cold or cancer -  it is ALL energy work; whether that is mental or physical illness – it works on common every day principals.
How does this miracle happen? In this course we will teach you how it happens and what YOU can do to magnify that opportunity to HEAL YOURSELF.
ABOUT THIS COURSE: This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.

Class is Saturday- Sunday, 9 am - 5pm. There is availability at CHI House for out of town visitors or those looking to create a true retreat experience for themselves.
Read more and Register before August 15!

This quarterly QiGong program is designed for the QiGong Practitioner and/or Taoist student who wishes to learn more about living in conjunction with the cycles and seasons, and understand it's influence on our bodies.  There have long been practiced, herbs, foods, and exercises used for different seasons to assist in balancing the body, mind, and spirit. We understand these dysfunctions today as diagnosis of 'Seasonal Effective Disorder' or a number of other autoimmune dysfunctions. This session will delve into the energy of the autumn cycle, and how to enhance this energy within the body when needed, how to balance it when out of balance, and qigong, exercise, and nutritional information to support yourself or clients in relation to this seasonal time.
The course is designed for serious students wish to come and learn, practice, meditate and connect with the energy of the seasons, in order to be able to integrate practices into their own lives, and also be able to teach these practices to others.
Formal Qigong Training contact hours certificate can be obtained for those looking to elevate their NQA certification level. Tuition for this powerful 5 day program is $2000.
This course is offered to anyone with a basic knowledge of Qigong. If one has not had a formal Qigong practice we recommend attending the Medical Qigong for Self Health Program offered at Inner Strength at the end of August. This course is also open to students/graduates from other schools or systems.

Immortal Seasonal Qigong Details
Become a Qigong Healer with one of the most sought after Medical Qigong Educators in the USA, Dr. Ted J. Cibik. Dr Cibik brings many years of clinical experience to the classroom. Keeping class sizes small insures each student gets the attention needed for their growth. New sessions begin this fall:

Medical Qigong Therapist: November 2017
Masters in Medical Qigong: September 2017
Immortal Mind Taoist Study: November 201

Our program offers a 3 year track to become a
Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Begin your career with the Medical Qigong Therapist program.

Comments from recent Graduates:

"I have experienced profound changes in my life, opening my eyes about myself and my relationship to life!  I would recommend this course to all who would like a deep understanding of life forces.  
Ted is an amazing and gifted teacher who allows each of us to develop at our own rate !! "

~ Barbara Curtis, Medical Qigong Therapist

"This course was amazing. I have been coming to Inner Strength for a good while now. But this course pulled together and illuminated and fleshed out all of my previous studies heretofore.

Words really cannot describe the transformational process that takes place during the work of becoming a MQT. I sense this is still taking place for me and will continue with my energetic cultivation.

For anyone who is wondering whether this is a path they should take up, I simply say, when the call comes in your heart to delve into this work.....Answer that call !!!"

~ Michele Dolgovskij, Medical Qigong Therapist

Certification Program Details
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