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The Microbiome Benefits from Nutritional Ratios and Timing

If you have been following my new blog, you know that nutrition has a lot to do with keeping your internal balance of bacteria, or your nutritional team - the microbiome. Once the microbiome is stabilized, you can move on to proper nutrition for health, strength gains and longevity. In the western concept of nutrition, the big 3:  the fat, protein and carbohydrates have all taken their turn being the bad guys. The truth is you need all three, but the ratios change based on what you are doing with your body and brain.

Obviously if you are very physical in your job 8 hours a day you need a different ratio than someone who is doing accounting for the same hours. One needs to feed the brain more; the other needs to feed the muscles more. The ratio of thinking intensely, like a computer programmer, needs more carbs (glucose or immediate energy) to fuel the brain and trace amounts of fats and protein during the intense thinking process.

The timing of nutrition is also very important. Learning to preload correctly before physical or mental exertion so the body has the right fuels is different than nutrition needed for recuperation. Eat at the right time and the body responds favorably with lean muscle and clear thinking. Eat at the wrong time / wrong ratios and portions, the body stores it as fat and your sluggish.

The guy doing concrete work all day needs to preload protein, carbs and trace fats for sustained physical work and muscle endurance. They also need to replenish them at lunch, but in lighter portions. And then after work, load up on protein for muscle rebuilding.

A runners needs are different then the nutrient timing of a weightlifter. If your weight training follows a day of accounting work, that too is a different ratio and timing.

So you see it’s not just the big 3, but how the body/mind is being used, for how long and building a nutrition program around your lifestyle; rather than following a particular style of eating, (say paleo or vegan), but matched to the needs of your body / brain.

Healing from disease is different than a healthy person trying to recover from workouts. Healing from disease is a special program based on the roots of the disease and ongoing lifestyle rather than anything else. I could write a book about this but I keep learning new things all the time so it would be outdated in a year.

If you are interested in what I have been saying here, please contact me for a customized eating program based on your brain and body.

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Advanced Medical Qigong: Strength, Sports and Medical Qigong
June 30- July 1, 2018

I am super  super excited to announce an exclusive weekend for Energy medicine practitioners. One of my passions for anyone who knows me is fitness, strength training, and nutrition (and of course martial arts).  

I have put together a course for energy workers that will explain energetic implications of gaining strength, aging, nutrition (and its timing) and weight gain or weight loss. This is an entirely new approach to looking at these controversial, debated issues.

Most programs explain strength from western perspectives, but never really address 8 extra, Luo and 12 primary in the sports medicine model. This approach will allow you to work with athletes and improve their performance and personal records. A valuable asset to your practice and for personal knowledge.

Not only will this cover the above, but treating sports injuries is very different than treating disease. We will cover some very interesting principles of treating athletic injuries.

Prerequisites: MMQ certification or above, or  acupuncturist.


Medical Qigong for Self Health


This course presents the roots of oriental medicine and how you may apply it to your own self health. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages.
  • Learn qigong exercises for purging  obstructions that block chi in your body
  • Practice acquiring energy and regulating
  • Incorporate practices for protection against energy pathogens and toxic emotions.

Chinese energetic medicine consists of Taoist and Buddhist QiGong forms to promote flow and tonification of energy. Various methods will be used to help you become aware of your body’s energetic flow and blockages. Training will be provided in meditation and tissue manipulation to stimulate energy flow in the body’s meridians, regulate nerve and musculoskeletal function, and strengthen the immune system regardless of whether you are healthy or working on becoming healthy.

Tuition: $350

Read more and Register

Medical Qigong Therapist: Begins May 2018

Our program offers a 3 year track to become a
Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Begin your career with the Medical Qigong Therapist program. Dr Cibik brings many years of clinical experience to the classroom. Keeping class sizes small insures each student gets the attention needed for their growth. 

Read about why you might want to consider taking the Inner Strength program, even if you have studied Qigong Healing with someone else.

Doctor of Medical Qigong: Begins September 2018

For those with an MMQ certification who are ready to step into the role Doctor of Medical Qigong.

Become a Qigong Healer with one of the most sought after
Medical Qigong Educators in the USA, Dr. Ted J. Cibik.

Medical / Clinical Qigong Certification Program Details
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