Mercenary Audio (Huckleberry Music) has closed, for good, and is out of business. A new is in the works. 
Dear Mercenary Customer

You may be hearing this for the first time, or you might have heard it already: Mercenary Audio (which was owned by Huckleberry Music) has closed for good, it is 100% out of business, but a new Mercenary is in the works. 

My name is Bob Crowley. I was one of the founding partners and development engineers for Crowley and Tripp Microphones. As many of you know, Crowley and Tripp developed the revolutionary material used in the "el Diablo" [Mercenary Edition] microphone called "Roswellite", which today can be found in products made by Shure®.

Crowley and Tripp Microphones were made in Ashland, MA when Mercenary Audio, (owned by Mercenary Industries Inc., and led by Fletcher), was our local dealer and very good friend to the company. A lot has happened since then: Mercenary Audio was sold to Huckleberry Music, and Crowley and Tripp Ribbon Microphones was sold to Shure. Since those sales, the Crowley and Tripp team have moved on to develop RF Venue, among other industry related ventures. 

That said, I think we might be able to do something good with Mercenary to help expand into areas we know hold our, (and Mercenary Audio's) previous customer's interest. Though we haven't decided exactly what that will be quite yet, we do have a few ideas, like RF Venue

While we figure it out, I'd like to ask a favor of you: If you are interested in recording, and especially live performances, please check out what we are doing at RF Venue? The link to the RF Venue website is

The founding team at Crowley and Tripp - led by Chris Regan - have come up with some really great, new, and sorely needed wireless products, in the same factory where we used to make microphones. 

You will find our new and exciting wireless products are made to the same exacting standards as our microphones, and you will find a level of technical innovation that is consistent with our microphone building past.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you,

My email address is


Bob Crowley

Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.
Ashland MA

Makers of RF Venue, 3VUS, New55 FILM, 
ps: Would you please share this letter with anyone you think might be interested? If you do, please send this or the link to RFvenue along, and help us spread the word.
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