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February 9th

Most of the practices of the Christian faith come real easy to me. Going to church every week, engaging in worship and meeting people is one of the highlights of my week so it's no sweat to be there. I love our small group that meets on Thursday night and all the discussions and debates we have. As for reading the Bible, well that's a walkover for someone like me who reads as a hobby anyway. Praying though, well that's another matter......

During yesterday's message, The Power of #Christianeering, I mentioned a super little book that I read called "Too busy not to pray" by Bill Hybels. In Chapter 6 he lays out a "Pattern for Prayer." This pattern is the now relatively common ACTS pattern and stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication. I've actually been using it for some time now, from when I heard someone speak of it in church years back. I've found it very helpful in giving me a frame work to pray as before I began using this my prayers were pretty much full of "supplication" (I want something) and little of the others. I've also found his advice on finding a specific place and a specific time to pray most helpful - for me that's first thing in the morning in a big brown leather chair that's in our lounge.

To be honest, my prayer life is still not what it should be. I really struggle with this area of my Christian life, but I continue to make progress every year. One thing I do know though is I am one of those "too busy NOT to pray" people and my activist nature is something that will easily crush out time that I should be spending in prayer, solitude and meditation if I'm not careful.

Are you "too busy not to pray"?

Have a great week!

Pastor Phyl

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The problem with parenting is that normally by the time we get the hang of it – we’re redundant!  Parenting is a mixture of highs and lows … and everything in between. It can bring some of life’s biggest joys, but also its greatest challenges. For most of us, a bit of encouragement and a reminder that we’re not alone can make a real difference.

The Parent Talk Tour is in Swansea on the 12th February 2015 and ABC is organising a bus to help you get there. During the event, world class speakers we’ll look at key issues such as communication with our children, setting boundaries, helping them grow in independence while keeping them safe and, above all, building strong bonds with them that will help us weather those teenage storms. We’ll share practical tips that you can take away and put into action at home straightaway. It certainly won’t be dull – there will be lots of humour and you may even shed a tear or two. The aim of this event is to have you leaving inspired and empowered as a mum or dad. Interested? Find out more.

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