An original Lutyens piano, three tables and sconce lighting.
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Original Lutyens Piano
It is known that Lutyens collaborated with the piano maker John Broadwood & Sons on several instruments, some of which were on display at the Paris Exposition of 1910.  One of his pianos is owned - though sadly not displayed - by London's Victoria & Albert Museum and I have seen at least another two change hands in the last five or six years.
The piano illustrated below is probably the prettiest of any I have seen.  The oak is a beautiful honey colour, the curve of the right flank is very effective with lovely paneling (the others I've seen tend to a straight line here) and the legs, so simple, rather like extended versions of the legs to the Napoleon chair.
As well as clearly being of Lutyens's hand, this piano comes with an impeccable provenance.  It is featured in the Broadwood archive and a letter exists showing that it was sold to a Mr Benson (of the banking family that was one half of Kleinwort Benson).  Robert Benson rented a house called Buckhurst Park in Sussex on a 21 year lease from 1899 with the stipulation that he was free to make alterations. Lutyens was appointed to make the alterations which included a music room. Apparently Lutyens and Benson were also members of the same London club!

There would appear to be no reasonable doubt that the piano was built especially for the aforementioned music room, having been designed by Lutyens.

The piano has recently been most beautifully restored both inside and out.  It is available for sale now and anyone interested in purchasing the instrument should get in touch with me at

My thanks to Martin Lutyens and Margaret Richardson of the Lutyens Trust for helping me with research into the above.
Three tables, new images.
Two major projects have been occupying my time over the last month.  The first is that I am now exhibiting as a furniture and lighting producer on Dering Hall and the second, as a result of overdue necessity and prompted by the first, is that I have been having a significant sort through my image archive.  

In the course of this exercise, I found three tables that for no particularly good reason never made it on to my website so I decided that here is as good a place as any to show them off.

None of them - it has to be said - are actual Lutyens designs.  All were designed by us with the needs of a particular client in mind and serve to illustrate that we can both adapt the Lutyens idiom and produce our own work.
Above is the Berry table, so called as it was made for the boardroom of the London wine merchant Berry Brothers & Rudd.  Made in Walnut with a quarter veneered top and beautifully detailed cross banding and inlay line (below), it was made with a matching cabinet.  
The second of the three is one we called the Sonning table.  It is largely a cross between our Marshcourt table and the Wilfsford table.  It employs the same basic concept often used by Lutyens that the two "D-ends" are free standing and either free standing rectangular inserts or leaves can be used to expand it. The table is made from European Oak and the image right shows off the grain to great effect.  The Lutyens design idiom is reflected in the Tuscan column of the leg and the bun foot beneath the stretcher. 
The final table below - the Hoop Gateleg - has a very different and modern feel to it though we have incorporated Lutyens features, the hoop within a square frame borrowed from our Delhi Occasional Table.  Lutyens was no stranger to the gate leg table and designed several for New Delhi but this, our own version in Walnut, is a very practical table for contemporary spaces.
Wall sconces revisited
Much of our lighting product can be adapted to the humble wall sconce. The sconce is a versatile way of creating mood lighting and can generally be pared with its pendant big brother.
Below, clockwise from top left, our S-Lantern sconce, our Cardinal Hat sconce, our Halo sconce and our Britannic House sconce.
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