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A welcome, a birthday wish, we opened some registrations, and more in this first edition of Herd Life from Mini Cow Tri.

The very first The Herd

Welcome to Herd Life

Happy New Year and welcome to Herd Life from Mini Cow Tri, our new newsletter designed to keep you in-the-know about things happening around the barn and the sport. If it's youth related—or even youth adjacent—you can read about it here. We'll also include a story possibly having nothing to do with triathlon, you know, because cows. And puns, there will definitely be puns.

Mark your cowendar

See what we did there? We opened registration this morning for our Youth and Junior Skills Camp, Columbia Association Kids Triathlon, and Nottingham Kids Triathlon. Take advantage of our lowest prices of the year by registering by January 31.

// June 26-28 Youth and Junior Skills Camp Register for Skills Camp
// July 21 Columbia Association Kids Triathlon Register for Columbia
// August 24 Nottingham Kids Triathlon Register for Nottingham

Happy birthday

Did you wake up New Year's Day feeling a year older? USA Triathlon's Age Group Competition Rule or "age up rule" is often a new experience for triathletes and parents, especially those coming to the sport from swimming or running. Simply, triathletes compete based upon their age on December 31 of the year of the event. So even if your birthday isn't until the Fall, you'll race all Spring and Summer as if your birthday was January 1. Happy birthday!

Clean is fast (and pro)

A dirty chain can result in poor shifting, lost efficiency, excessive drivetrain wear and even worse, rookie marks. Whether you are limited on time and space or, like Coach Brian, shopping for your first ultrasonic cleaner, "Chain cleaning: A complete guide from lazy to obsessive" has something for everyone. (CyclingTips)

Just in

// Mixed Team Relay and Region Youth Championship added to slate of races at the 2019 East Coast Triathlon Festival.

In case you missed it

// Why cows? We're so glad you asked. Learn why

// USA Triathlon's Youth and Junior National Championships returns to West Chester for an unprecedented eighth consecutive year (The Herd does too). Learn more

Because cows

A few weeks back a story went around the interwebs about the world's largest cow. This isn't that story. This is a story about Hope and Love. (The Dodo)

Featured image: You can almost feel the nervous excitement—new team, new kits, first race of the season. Or was it cold? The very first Herd at the Frederick Kids Triathlon May 28, 2011.

About Mini Cow Tri
Mini Cow Tri was the first youth focused USA Triathlon Club in Maryland and has been creating multisport opportunities throughout the region for athletes ages 6 to 19 through our team, clinics, camps and events since 2008.

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