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"Le retour en forme se confirme pour le label de Cosmo Vitelli avec ces 4 titres remarquables (…) entre disco de bunker déviant, EBM ralenti et boucles acides (…) noir et plombé à souhait."

"Le label parisien édite un nouveau 4 titres de Jonathan Kusuma, producteur indonésien qui ratisse aux quatre coins du monde pour ses influences (de l’italo disco de Rimini au new beat de Belgique) pour produire une musique qui n’aurait sans doute pas pu voir le jour ailleurs qu’à Jakarta en 2016."
Supported by:

John Talabot, JD Twitch (Optimo), I:Cube, Lena Willikens, Gilb'r, Red Axes, Chloé, Headman, Max Pask, Jacques Renault, Tim Paris, Tensnake, In Flagranti, Matt Walsh, Jennifer Cardini, Thomas Von Party, Capablanca, Yuksek, Justin Strauss…

Jonathan Kusuma managed in the space of a few releases and remixes to develop a signature sound which mostly relies on taking disco and EBM elements and putting them in new and unexpected contexts, offering us a glimpse of what modern dance music would sound like if house and techno had never existed.

Two years after the release of his acclaimed debut on I’m a Cliché the “GONG 3000” EP, Jakarta’s best kept secret is back on Cosmo Vitelli’s imprint with four terrific original tracks for this new "AUTOMATONE" EP.

Narcotic, hedonistic, abstract and particularly efficient on the dancefloor, his music is always about quality and never about quantity and so we are particularly thrilled to share with the world the four new tracks that constitute this EP.

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