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Beautiful Clothes & Sweet Treats!

We hope you are enjoying the lovely flowers & the green of Spring this year! Yazdi ladies have been busy bees, happily processing all the new clothes and accessories of the Season. The shop is full of new & bright pieces with a nice selection of is the best time to come in and enjoy it all! We have linens for the warm weather, cottons for lightweight wear, rayons for comfort & ease, silks for dress up - in short we are the place to find so many natural fabric lines in contemporary, exciting styles & prints. Once you have worn clothing from Yazdi, you really notice the difference in the quality and comfort of our fabrics. Polyesters & other synthetics, mostly plastic based fabrics, just don't feel so good anymore! 
      Speaking of plastics, our jewelry is the real thing too! Bought from all over the world, our lines are authentic pieces of craftwork. Silver with semi precious stones, one of a kind pieces, ethnic jewelry for a special flavor, fun & casual looks, we have a glittering variety. We are a treasure trove of 'possibilities' and we love nothing more than assisting you in finding the perfect piece to wear. 
      And then there is the perfect excuse to shop coming up very soon, Mother's Day!  How nice it can be to honor our female ancestors and ourselves together with beautiful adornments.  It is only natural and has been for a very long time now! This weekend we are continuing our tradition and offering a sweet cupcake from the Wallingford Center's very own Trophy Cupcakes to all our purchasing customers, this coming Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the special day & weekend, may the sun shine on us all, and may you not miss out on a delicious cupcake! Also don't forget to avail yourself of our nice May promotion of 15% off any one item of your choice, throughout the month. Check it out below!    

Current Promotion

15% Off All Any One Item of Your Choice!

Get an additional 15% savings on any one item of your choice in your purchase. Not valid for sale items, use limited to only one purchase per customer please..

Bali Has Just Arrived!  

Yazdi's very own exclusive clothing line has finally landed! A once a year event, our customers have come to love these natural fabric, rayon designs in classic Yazdi styles. The batiks are always fresh and unique, hand made in Indonesia by a small, family owned business we have supported for many years. This season we have added some great new bodies to our collection that we are very excited about. The Yazdi label clothing comes in all sizes, missy through plus, and are always washable & highly wearable!  Best of all, they are a great price point, very affordable, as they come directly from their maker to you, our customers!  Come check the new season out, only at Yazdi!

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

Thank heaven for little girls
Thank heaven for them all
No matter where, no matter who
For without them, what would little boys do?

Ah yes, thank goodness for Women! Without them, what would the World do?  Yazdi celebrates Women everyday and, in the process, we hope to empower ourselves a little bit more with beautiful clothing. Feeling good about how we present ourselves to the world is a small but important part of our being. To be able to individualize our tastes and our style is what we are all about at Yazdi! 
As for women & the world, it is our opinion that, as a matter of balance, there needs to be a great deal more Power & Influence given over to the 'fairer' sex! We might actually be able to start making the changes we need to be better stewards of our garden...Here's to the beauty of it all around us!  

Just In!

Don't forget our Yazdi Facebook page at Yazdi Seattle.  You can find all the latest arrivals, reviews, and photos right there, updated always!  

Flax Linens  in Missy & Plus sizes! A great casual linen line in classic contemporary styles, perfect for NW summers, easy to wash & wear.
Habitat Linen & Travel Wear in missy sizes. Floral linen prints mix back with solids in great colors this season.  The travel wear is a blend of rayon & nylon, perfect for the suitcase, easy styles at affordable prices.

Chalet in Missy & Plus Sizes - bamboo modals & cotton crinkle blends, comfortable and very contemporary styling.  The crinkle burnouts (pictured above) are gorgeous this year! Polished enough for work & relaxed enough for the weekend, it's easy care, wash & wear, and a great traveler! 

URU Silks in Missy & Plus - Sumptuous Spring silks in vibrant colors, elegant for an occasion,  easy wash.

Comfy USA in Missy & Plus - beechwood modals that are soft, seasonless, clean, & sophisticated, all made in the USA.

Dairi in Plus sizes is just arrived! A classic North African rayon blend! Lovely for summer wear, in classic styles... this is a very popular Yazdi II line.

Wind River in missy sizes is a perfect lightweight cover up sweater line for summer.  Lots of soft neutral colors to complement any outfit when the need arises.

Coobie Bras for Spring!  The most addictively comfortable bra ever, in fun new colors!

Eucalyptus in Plus sizes - Very nice Guatemalan cotton line, new for Yazdi II.  Great colors, preshrunk, casual styling and excellent prices!

Oh My Gauze in Plus Sizes - also new for Yazdi II!  A lightweight cotton gauze line, fun for summer, easy fitting. Customers are liking it!

Nataya in Missy & Plus sizes is back at Yazdi.  Lovely silk georgette dresses, romantic & dreamy,  in vintage styles - just right for summer ceremonies and tea.  

Sleevie Wonders in Missy & Plus - beautify your arms & expand your wardrobe! Sleevey Wonders are reversible, slip-on sleeves made to wear under all your sleeveless dresses & tops, magically transforming your outfit into something new!

Effie's Heart in missy sizes is a lovely, print driven cotton line with super cute dresses, skirts, and tops in vintage fashions. Lots of fun!

And, not to forget....Yazdi has The Best Scarf Selection in Seattle!

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