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Peace on Earth Goodwill to All!

Warmest wishes of the season from all of us at Yazdi!  We are so thankful to have your support and patronage and this seems like an appropriate time to let you know how much you are appreciated! We do our utmost everyday to provide you with the most outstanding selection of beautiful clothes & accessories we can find. In return you give us the opportunity to serve you, our community, as an independent local small business. We are truly blessed and we love what we do, helping you find things unique and personal, pieces that are an expression of you. Our customers are highly individual women who know that our shops offer variety, quality, and great fashions, with the accessories to match.
          We offer again at this time of year our special thanks to our fowl & feathered friends who have been here eons before us and will perhaps carry on someday without us! The future is a mystery, an unfolding act that we have a great part in. So we may strive for peace and goodwill towards all, especially towards those beings that struggle to survive in a harsh and changing world.  Special blessings for the animals that depend on our stewardship ~ may we not fail them & ourselves! 
           This coming Friday 11/30 is the kick off of the traditional shopping season for the Holidays.  Last year we jumped on the bandwagon with a Black Friday Promotion and this year we are continuing the tradition, offering for one day only 10% Off Everything in the Store.  This includes current promotion items listed below, as well as all sale racks. The next day, Saturday, is Small Business Saturday, which we are participating in for the opportunity of a rebate to Amex customers, as well as offering 10% off on all the jewelry at both Yazdi & Yazdi II. See more details on our sales this weekend below! 

Current Promotion

30% Off all Meng & Moei Design, missy & plus
20% Off on all Eucalyptus cottons

*prices are as marked in Shops ~ Coupon not necessary!
Sale good till the end of the year.

The Merry Season Begins! 

This Friday 11/30 we are offering a little bit off on your Holiday shopping at Yazdi.  If you are so inclined to get out and about, come take advantage of our one day sale.  The next day, Saturday,is Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses everywhere.  American Express is offering a card rebate on purchases made that day at qualified registered businesses, of which we are one. To participate, register your card between 11/24 - 11/30 by visiting ShopSmall.com.  You can receive a $10 rebate for each Amex card you have, one purchase per card. To honor this "Shop Small" day, we are also again offering all of our jewelry at 10% Off on that Saturday only. Come visit us at Yazdi and Yazdi II for a little preemptive shopping!

Shopping for Something Special?
Please remember to check us out for finding that beautiful outfit or accessory for your holiday wear!  While you are in you will again discover what a great place Yazdi is for gift shopping.  We have some completely unique and lovely pieces for the season, including a varied collection of different jewelry styles to choose from. As always Yazdi carries lots & lots of specialty scarves & mufflers, hats & gloves galore. So much to feast the eyes on!  From all of us at Yazdi, Warmest wishes of the Season to Everyone!  

Silk Velvet Scarves...
Ooh La La!

More & more Yazdi is committed to natural fabric lines, as these are the most comfortable, quality fabrics that wear the longest and look & feel the best. Natural fibers are the healthy choice, providing natural ventilation in the heat and insulation in the cold.  They are the responsible choice as well, being of major economic importance to many developing countries and small scale farmers. And importantly, natural fabrics are the sustainable choice as a renewable resource that is carbon neutral, using less than 10% of the energy used for production of synthetics. While Yazdi puts an emphasis on these fabrics, we also carry many lines that offer some great new synthetics that are on the market. We hope to have something for everyone! 
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