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"Nobody on this earth has the right to tell anyone that their love for another human being is morally wrong." Barbara Streisand, Taurus Sun, Taurus Uranus

Dear <<First Name>>,

We're just past a potent Scorpio Full Moon. I trust that your experience was deep and meaningful in some way whether merging ideas with others or going within to discover more of inner dynamics.

Mine was inspired by Alberto Villoldo's desire and strategy to use Full Moon energy in a year long webinar series. The early bird pricing is $99, with lots of gifts, if you sign up today. More information.

May Astrology
Mid-month there is another HUGE sign change with Uranus entering Taurus during a Taurus New Moon.  

Mars in Aquarius intensifies the transition with a First Quarter Square to Uranus--- the first of 3 this year, which will make the days around May 15 worth making note of. Three time 'hits' are bound to reverberate on the other dates this year: August 1 and September 18.
I came across this card in a box during unpacking. It was a group I joined in my late 20's, when  visionary Jupiter was traveling through Aquarius. It is a reminder life long desire to develop a peaceful presence and life experience.

Taurus is one of the most peaceful signs in the zodiac; Aquarius the most revolutionary. Both are fixed and can be resistant to change, yet.... Uranus awakens and liberates. Mars is instinctual and is motivated to take action.
Mars also is a trigger planet to possibly nasty, surprising, chaotic events or to lightbulb moments and wake-up calls that promote positive effective action. Decisions and breaking away from old patterns is more possible at a First Quarter Square with resistant signs.

The Uranian/Aquarian energy can be inspired by humanitarian motives, but also involve Machiavellian tactics. This "ends justify the means" philosophy comes from Taurus Nicollo Machiavelli, who wrote The Prince.

From a wellness perspective, be aware of stressors and electrical vibrations in the body. How do they feel? Good or bad? How do you want to feel?

The energy of Taurus Aquarius/ Taurus Uranus offers much to ponder in our own charts and in the world.

Wishing you an inspired, peaceful yet motivated month, Shawn

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P.S.S. It's a bit short notice but the 13 month webinar with Alberto Villodo is still available at the early bird price today, April 30, 2018. Use Full Moon Energy to have a more sacred life experience over the next 13 Full Moons.
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New on the Scorpio Moon Astrology website

May's Book of the Month. Tracy Marks The Art of Chart Interpretation: A Step-by-Step Method for Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Understanding the Birth Chart Level: Intermediate-Advanced. This is a great resource book and a book to return to over time. If you are looking at birth charts, it's a great book to include in your library. 

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I wasn’t able to finish all of the 2018 Forecasts for each zodiac sign. With the move this year plus my own Uranian transitions, well, they still were not all finished.

Still, in all the upheaval, 8 out of 12 ain’t bad. I decided to put them on the website and offer them freely or by donation. They are written with Sun sign and Rising Sign in mind, so if your Sun sign is not here, and your Rising Sign is, it will be valuable as well.... i know, it's already May, but you never know what will be sparked for you. (I'm proud of the writing and effort regardless of completion.) Don't know your Rising Sign? Send me your full birth information.
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