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Revolutions to End Poverty

Indian theatre group performing at a Spring Health village blitz marketing campaign 
Photo by Paul Polak, June 2014, Orissa, India

Dear Friends,

We have made a great deal of progress from the Spring newsletter, much more than I anticipated! 

Solar powered water pump prototype at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, CO

  It has been an  amazing process  working with the  team of engineers  from Ball  Aerospace, who  have volunteered  their time
 to successfully  lower the cost of 

 photovoltaic solar  pumping by 80%. 
 We will start the pilot tests at 10 locations in Gujarat, India with our partner Rajesh Shah and his organization, SAVE.


                                                                                                            SunWater pumps for drip irrigation

It will take nine months to fully evaluate the pilot test and incorporate what we’ve learned from our participating farmers into our business plan. We plan to raise approximately 1.5 million dollars for the commercial phase rollout, starting a year from now.  I think these developments will not only transform solar pumping, but also provide electricity to off-grid rural villages.

Dave Taylor, who retired as CEO of Ball Aerospace, is now CEO of Transform Energy, the company we created to transform waste biomass into a green substitute for coal and charcoal.  We’ve commissioned a business study on torrefaction beginning in the state of Gujarat in India.  The pilot work on creating a $25,000 village based torrefaction plant has begun in Utah led by Jeff and Andy Keller.  We expect rapid progress for this company now.

The Spring Health model for safe drinking water continues to progress rapidly.  We are working hard to close our next investment round of 2 million dollars, which will help us accomplish our goal of reaching 100 million customers.  Here is a summary of the current business plan along with a 5-minute video we recently produced telling the Spring Health Story.

    Blueberry farm in Nova Scotia
 My wife Aggie and I are heading up to Nova  Scotia for a 10-day vacation and to  participate in what I hope will be my first  commercial blueberry crop.  I hope  to harvest about 5 tons this year and will let  you know if I’m successful!


Warm Regards,

Paul Polak


In June, I participated in a conference at the Vatican launching an initiative supported by the Catholic Church exploring the ways they can be directly involved in Impact Investing. Click to hear my talk, starting at 37 minutes.

New Video: Spring Health, June 15, 2014 
5-minute Update

The Guardian, June 13, 2014
Cleantech in the developing world: from solar power to refrigeration 
By Kristine A. Wong 


Radio: Green is Good, June 13, 2014
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Business Fights Poverty, June 12, 2014
iDE And American Standard See Big Business In Toilets At The Bottom Of The Pyramid
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Video: Business Fights Poverty, May 22, 2014
Google Hangout with Paul Polak: Business as a Solution to Poverty  

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Paul Polak and Mal Warwick's new book, The Business Solution to Poverty: Designing Products and Services for Three Billion New Customers, offers a bold and brilliant new market-based approach to end global poverty.

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