International Women's Day 2015


Young Women and HIV
Today we celebrate International Women's Day. It's a day to remember the many achievements of women but it also provides a chance for us to reflect upon where we are and to dream about where we want to be. Our global efforts to prevent HIV transmission, as well as to provide care, support and treatment for those living with HIV, continue to fail young women and adolescents.

The statistics are disheartening. According to Susan Kasedde's research, adolescents represent the only group in whom AIDS deaths are increasing. What's more, her research indicates that two thirds of newly acquired HIV among adolescents in 2012 was among adolescent girls (2014).

So whilst science advances how we understand the HIV virus, a full understanding of the needs of young and adolescent women in relation to HIV has been overlooked. 

Learning to Listen

Salamander Trust believe that we need to begin by listening to the experts: young women living with HIV. At the International AIDS Conference 2014 in Melbourne Salamander Trust was able to interview some leading female activists. We asked each of the women to share their dreams for the future...

We hope these messages will inspire you. Please watch and share widely.

L'Orangelis Thomas Negrón

L’Orangelis is currently working on a campaign with the Positive Youth Network from Latin America and the Hispanic Caribbean. Visit their Facebook page or tweet them at: @JovenesPosLAC. She is also part of the Chapter of Young Women, Adolescent and Girls (CYWAG) from ICW. L’Orangelis has her own blog where she writes in Spanish and English.
You can also follow her on twitter at: @lolangelis 

Watch her inspirational plenary speech from the International AIDS Conference 2014,‘’Where are we headed with HIV and adolescents?’  

Consolata Opiyo

Consolata, based in Kenya, is a board member for the International Community of Women living with HIV (ICW) in East Africa. Consolata was recently asked to speak at the launch of the global campaign ‘All In’, a joint initiative between UNICEF AND UNAIDS, aimed at reducing the impact of HIV upon adolescents and young women. You can read her speech in full by clicking here.
Follow her at: @OConsolata

Ayu Oktariani

Ayu is currently managing a social media campaign in Indonesia called "ODHA Berhak Sehat" (People Living with HIV Right To Health). The movement challenges stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV. Please share and support this campaign.

Facebook Page :

Twitter :

Website :

Ayu also gave a fantastic plenary speech at the opening session of the International AIDS Conference 2014 in Mebourne. You can listen to her speech (42 minutes in) by clicking here. Follow her at: @ayuma_morie

Further Reading

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Susan Kasedde, Ending the HIV epidemic: Programme Directions for Adolescents, powerpoint, (2014)

Coming Soon: Stepping Stones with Children

Salamander Trust is pleased to announce that Stepping Stones with Children is nearing completion and will soon be available. In this programme we have worked with our partner PASADA and communities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to adapt the original Stepping Stones training manual to support children affected by HIV aged 5 - 14, alongside their Caregivers.

This programme was designed to support children to build resilience and knowledge around HIV as they move towards adolescence. The initial outcomes have demonstrated a strong desire from the children for increased honesty around their HIV status and treatment. For more information about the Stepping Stones with Children programme or to express interest in acquiring that training package, please email us at: enquiries @ salamandertrust dot net (written like this to avoid spam).

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