World AIDS Day 2012


Today we mark the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day.

It is a chance to raise awareness about the ongoing challenges that we all face in responding to HIV and AIDS. 
We want to hear how you are marking World AIDS Day! Please email us to tell us what you are planning or use our online forum to share with the rest of the Stepping Stones Community. 



COWLHA have been awarded the 2012 AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA) Human Rights, HIV and TB award at a ceremony hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday, 15 November 2012.  Michaela Clayton, the director of ARASA, praised how COWLHA has been an agent of change to enhance the protection and promotion of rights of women and girls living with HIV and AIDS.
Annie Banda, the national co-ordinator of COWLHA, spoke about the work that they have been doing:  
“Through our work, communities have begun to discuss and challenge cultural norms...As a result, communities are realising that some cultures like chokolo (wife inheritance) have to be modified or completely stopped alongside other cultural practices that are fuelling the spread of HIV...”   

Find out more about COWLHA
COWLHA recently published a newsletter about how they use Stepping Stones in communities to tackle gender based violence. Click here to read it in full. OR Click here to watch a video of Steven Iphani, COWLHA's programme officer, talking about their work with Stepping Stones.

The Salamander Trust "I Have A Dream" Video Project to Mark the 16 Days 2012

This year, the International AIDS Conference took place in Washington, D.C. The Conference provided a platform for HIV activists from all around the world to express their demands for justice and an effective response to HIV and AIDS. Almost 50 years earlier, in this same city of Washington, D.C; Martin Luther King was giving his famous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. During this public speech, he imagined an end to racial inequality and discrimination. 

At Salamander Trust we have created a series of short videos to recognize the historical importance of the International AIDS conference 
2012 and the incredible women activists that were present for it. We asked women living with HIV to tell us their dreams for the future. These videos show a powerful, collective representation of the dreams of women living with HIV in 2012, for a better future.
Watch our campaign Videos
Click here to be taken straight to our campaign website and watch the videos.
Below is a list of all our speakers, and the countries they come from. Each video is accompanied by a collection of country specific resources. They have been chosen to demonstrate the wide range of challenges that continue to face people living with HIV in different parts of the world.


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