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1. To do this month: plan to provide some of these species where you can

2. To spot this month: Keep an eye out for Winter Bumblebees

The normal lifecycle of most Irish bumblebees ends when the workers and males die off and the newly mated queens hibernate through the cold Winter months. However, in recent years, the Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) has been seen foraging during winter months in both Ireland and in southern Britain. It is not known for certain what exactly is causing this. You can help improve our understanding by letting us know if you spot winter-active bumblebees.

Please submit your sightings here:

3.  We are delighted to launch new guidelines for Sports Clubs

With approximately 15,000 clubs across the island, sports clubs can play a vital role in the conservation of our biodiversity. The newest publication from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, ‘Pollinator-friendly management of Sports Clubs’ offers 10 actions to help pollinators, ranging from reduced mowing on off-pitch grass to planting a native tree walking trail. If you can help us promote these guidelines to your local club we would be very grateful.
4.  Number of Business Supporters continues to grow!

We are delighted that we now have more than 280 business supporters of the AIPP. In supporting the Plan, they all agree to take actions to help pollinators. You can see the full list of companies here:
5. International conference postponed until March 2022

Limerick City and County Council very kindly agreed to fund an international pollinator conference where we can share knowledge and expertise. This was due to take place in May 2020, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to Covid-19. We are delighted that it can still go ahead. Rather than hold another remote event, we are keen to try to have this in person and have decided to be conservative and aim for 2022. While it seems far off, hopefully we can look forward to meeting up in Limerick in March 2022.
6. New All-Ireland Pollinator Plan for 2021-2025

Work is continuing to finalise a new and more ambitious version of the AIPP for the next five years. It is hoped that it will be published over the coming months. We thank the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine who have committed to funding a farmland project officer to help deliver the farmland actions in the Plan in 2021.
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