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1. To do this month: Take some Willow cuttings

Willow is a vital food source for bees in spring. At this time of year, you can take hardwood cuttings from existing Willows, creating a new plantation at little cost.


2. To spot this month: Keep an eye out for Winter Bumblebees

The normal lifecycle of most Irish bumblebees ends when the workers and queen die off and the newly mated queens hibernate through the cold Winter months. However, in recent years, bumblebees have been seen foraging during winter in both Ireland and in the South of the UK. It is not known for certain what is causing this behaviour in wild bumblebees and if it is an issue of concern. You can help by doing two things:

1. If you spot winter-active bumblebee workers, please submit your sightings to us: In the comment box please mention how many workers you spotted and whether they had pollen baskets on their legs or not.

2. Maynooth University are seeking volunteers to help collect some individual, winter-active B. lucorum agg. workers between the months of November 2019 and February 2020. To understand this behaviour, they plan to analyse their DNA. If you’d be willing to do this, you can find more details here:
3. AIPP Blog Series

Don’t forget we have an active blog series to share advice and expertise. The latest one has great advice on transforming roundabouts into wildlife havens

4. Business supporters annual review for 2019

We are delighted that we now have more than 200 business supporters of the AIPP. In supporting the Plan, they all agree to take actions to help pollinators. Thanks to each for their support. The 2019 annual report outlining actions taken by each business supporter is just complete. You can view it here:

5. UBKA Conference: Love Bees Love Pollinators (14-15th February 2020)

We are delighted that the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan will have a dedicated stream on Saturday 15th February 2020 at the Ulster Beekeepers Association Annual Conference. 2020 will see discussions on the next phase of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025. At this event we will review what we’ve learned so far and begin capturing ideas for the next Plan. All are very welcome. See the website for booking information:

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