What's your vision of Edgeryders?
Help build a shared one!
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Dorotea is doing community management
Ilaria is helping build partnerships
Caroline is collaborating on EU funding applications
Jay is hosting his project at Edgeryders

You too can bring in projects, support our common infrastructure and build a reputation. COLLABORATION STARTS HERE
Dear community member, friend, supporter or observer,

It so happens that a bunch of Edgeryders got together in a room, dreaming of a place for radical innovation: enter unMonastery. One year later, it is happening, it’s fully supported by an Edgeryders organisation, financed by the city of Matera and it just opened its doors for the third Living On The Edge conference. LOTE3 was organized entirely by over 70 volunteers and with close-to-zero funding. Achievements like these and more are proof of great things we can do with so little support, and bring a terrifying amount of freedom. They also show we're worth a million, and get us closer to making a living out of doing the kind of work we enjoy so much.

What if 2014 is the year in which we Edgeryders get many more projects off the ground with the same ambition and scale? and get paid for it?  You can help now by answering 5 simple questions to help guide the work ahead.

The big news is that we have the plumbing in place: there’s a new social enterprise to support our individual and collective initiatives. It is not the normal corporation, we are not employing anyone or bossing people around. Edgeryders is open for anybody who wants to hire themselves

We’re much more likely to get there if there is a common vision shared by every one of us. A vision that you, we and everyone else are putting together end of this year.

What do you want Edgeryders to achieve and how would you like to be involved? This question is at the core of a community survey for all 1700 of us! The survey only takes 5 minutes. Later we’ll get back to you and hack together the responses into a shared vision to be shown on our web home and valued highly. Can you please take the time to fill it in?

Thanks for being Edgeryders or for liking us, we love you for that!

Noemi, Nadia and Edgeryders on your left :)

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