Hope this message finds you in well. The main news from us is that both Natalia and Matthias are safe and sound. If you want to support their work with grassroots initiatives in Nepal the aftermath of the earthquake, see how you can get involved in different initiatives from mapping efforts to hackathons here

Below is a summary of what else is happening right now in Edgeryders and how you can participate in projects or community efforts. 

New activities 


1.  Get involved in designing a new United Nations program for the future of youth volunteering in employment, social protection and data. If you participated in Spot the Future last year you have contributed to a major strategic change happening at the United Nations and as a result Edgeryders is recruiting for a new project in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Marocco and the Ukraine. Learn more here.

2. Join the #LOTE5 team We’re slowly but surely preparing the ground for this year's edition of our annual community gathering, and you can get involved as early as now. "A lot remains unknown about where, when and how the event would look like, but that is always part of the work with Edgeryders" – from Natalia’s experience as a conference coordinator and call for the next team. Hop in!

3. Join the Weekly Community Call If you want to catch up with other community members and projects in person do join the Weekly Community Call tomorrow at 11:00 CEST. Just add edgeryders to your contact list on Skype and we'll call you in when it's time.


Recommended reading


1. Can networked communities steward public assets at scale? This is the question we set out to answer through our conversations with one another before, during and after LOTE4. After months of developing the Open Ethnographer software to help us go through all the content and identify patterns in it, producing a first ethnographic report, running it through another round of analysis and synthesis, and producing a visualisation of the conversation the LOTE4 visual report is now online!

2. Mobility in a hyperconnected world: are we a threat to the institutional architecture? " My office is my laptop. I can work anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. For me, the portability has made it a spectacularly practical job. But in dealing with the interested bureaucratic authorities it is rather the opposite. The principle question is where do I pay taxes? Technically I am a registered Danish company so I pay income taxes in Denmark. But is this an appropriate reflection of the situation? Tax season generally leaves me feeling uneasy largely because of the discrepancy I feel between the options I’m given by the tax people and the realities of my job." - Julia Ess

3. Final call for non-operational Edgeryders directors: We're recruiting 2 directors in the Edgeryders LbG non-profit company to help with oversight and keeping members up to date with future plans. Anyone from this list that you support? If you are interested in how the company has far stewarded Edgeryders, a list of recent acts of resource sharing and transparency is here.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything you want to help build? See you on our web home! 

Nadia, Noemi, and everyone.

P.s If you appreciate these newsletters and want us to continue making them, you can help keep us motivated by spreading links to the individual projects or the newsletter on social media :)