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Free TrialPad Update... And More
In today's email, we announce a free update to TrialPad, available today on the App Store! As many of you took advantage of the TrialPad sale this past week, we've also added some great newcomer links to free support information, like the TrialPad Quick Start Guide iBook, and our overview video on how to use TrialPad from file management to case presentation. Enjoy!
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Free Update Available - TrialPad 4.1
In addition to performance improvements that will make using TrialPad faster than ever, here are some items we've added to this free TrialPad 4.1 update:

Custom Sort

The new Custom sort option allows you to manually change and save the sort order of your Documents, Multimedia, or Key Docs. This powerful new feature can also apply to individual sub-folders. Just tap the Custom button, press Select, reorder your files as desired by dragging them up or down by the three horizontal lines, then press Done. This is useful if you want to have a particular order of documents that you’re going to present to a witness.

Straight Line Tool
If you've been underlining key text in a document with our Pen tool, you've needed a pretty steady hand. Now there's a new straight line option for perfect underlining! Press and hold on the Pen tool to select the straight line option, and underline away.

Natural Sort

Some of you, and you know who you are, have never embraced leading zeros when naming your documents. In a lot of programs this means that the intended order will be lost. Not to worry, we've added a natural sort to TrialPad 4.1. This means you'll have documents naturally sorted like this: 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 30 (instead of 1, 10, 2, 20, 3, 30 if you didn't include leading zeros).

Search Document Names Independent Of OCR Data
We've also modified the Search tool above the file list so that the file names will automatically be filtered and appear at the top as you type your search term. You can still search all the OCR'd text in your documents by typing your keyword and pressing Search. This modification has significantly streamlined the document search process, especially in cases with a large number of documents.

We've Got Your Back
Apples' iOS 8 is set to arrive to your iPad this fall. We're continually testing TrialPad with each new iOS 8 developer build so that it will be ready when iOS 8 finally ships. 

Press the button below, or visit the App Store on your iPad to update now.
Tap Here to View TrialPad on the App Store

TrialPad Overview Video
There is a new TrialPad Overview Video available for free viewing online. In this video you'll follow Ian as he reviews all the features and tools of TrialPad. For everyone who recently downloaded TrialPad 4.0, this video is an excellent way to see how TrialPad can take you from file management to case presentation.

Here is a link to the video:

Free Quick Start Guide
The TrialPad Quick Start Guide is available for free download from iBooks. Since the iBook is over 80MB, you should use a WiFi connection to download it. Not only will using WiFi make the download faster, it won't consume any of your data allowance.

For those of you who upgraded from TrialPad 3 and want to transfer your cases into TrialPad 4, please see the chapter "Transferring  Cases From TrialPad 3.1 to TrialPad 4.0."

To download the free iBook, tap on this link:
Help, Please
Many thanks for all the feedback we've gotten from all of you. The improvements that come in today's free update were in large part due to your comments and requests! 

Each time we update the app, there's a clean slate in the reviews section of the App Store. Please take a couple of seconds to give us a 5 star rating, or a review by tapping on this link:

If you have a question we can answer, or another suggestion on how to make our apps better, we'd love to continue hearing from all our users at!
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