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Quality of Service Management for Next-Generation Cisco Networks

LiveAction is Quality of Service (QoS) software that provides in-depth network awareness and end-to-end traffic flow visualization so users can achieve proactive and rapid troubleshooting, remediation, and validation of their QoS issues. LiveAction is also the only management tool available with real-time visualization, point-and-click configuration of Cisco technologies such as QoS, NetFlow, IP SLA, Medianet, AVC, ACLs, PfR, Routing and PBR, Switching and Spanning Tree Protocol. 

Looking for a simple, fast, and intuitive QoS management tool with the latest innovations to help you quickly visualize and confidently manage intricate network systems that would otherwise be difficult to conceptualize with complicated command-line methods? Then look no more. LiveAction is for you.


LiveAction Expert Provisioner Include Six Major Products

LiveAction Provides Complete Capabilities for Managing your QoS Implementation Through its Entire Lifecycle

  • Visual Awareness and Monitoring: Literally see and trace traffic flows end-to-end across the network in real-time using the playback feature. 
  • Troubleshooting: Faster and more effective troubleshooting with system-wide awareness and visibility of QoS policies, traffic flows, routes, and performance issues.
  • Provisioning: Create and edit QoS policies using graphical templates and a policy editor built around Cisco best practices to gain immediate feedback to your QoS changes via real-time traffic visualizations and statistics.
  • Maintenance and Tuning: Easy-to-use graphical QoS policy editor enables fine-tuning of existing policies and highly granular queuing statistics allowing you to see exactly how they are performing.
  • Baselining and Auditing: â€œSingle-Click” QoS Audit  and simple graphical user inferface to perform IP SLA performance tests for network baselining.
  • Reporting: Dashboards and detailed graphical reports at your finger tips for QoS, Flows, Routing, IP SLA, and LAN.

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Netiquette and "Too Much Information!"
By its nature, email works best with messages not more than a page long. Attachments are the best utilization for expanding email communications. The following blog segment provides some basic suggestions.
"This report by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read." 
 - Winston Churchill 


During the course of a busy day, receiving a long and detailed email is seldom welcomed.  Worse still, the longer a correspondence is, the less likely it is to be read.  There also is a distinct possibility that even if it is read, it may not be done completely or with full attention.   
If a long email is necessary, the proper Netiquette should be followed to insure readability, the early introduction of a major topic and a brief explanation for the need to have a long message.  It may also be best to have the correspondence divided and sent separately.
One long-term negative factor of sending a long or verbose message may set a bad precedent in which the recipient will not immediately or ever read future correspondence. 
 Simple steps to avoid wordiness
Certain words can contribute to make sentences less clear as well as providing more verbosity.  Among these are: 
·         Kind of
·         Sort of
·         For all intents and purposes
·         In other words
·         Basically, actually
·         As previously stated
·         Generally speaking
·         In particular
·         Generally, in general
Redundant words and appositives
An appositive is defined (by as a word or phrase to identify, amplify or rename the preceding word.  These can be unnecessarily obvious.  Samples of these appositives which add no value are shown below:


Wordy: This is an example of an appositive which provides unnecessary identification.
George Washington, the first president of the United States and a founding father . . .
Better: George Washington, the first president . . .
Best George Washington . . .

Redundant Pairs
Most email writers cannot avoid using redundant pairs and this is a common mistake made even in brief messages.  Some generic examples of these include:
·         past                  remembrances
·         basic                fundamentals
·         true                  facts
·         honest              truth
·         terrible             tragedy
·         final                 outcome
·         unexpected       surprise
·         past                 history
·         future               plans
·         boundary          line
There are many, many more of these and the best way to reduce their usage is to maintain good Netiquette in messages and to edit text before sending.


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Serkan Gecmen
Developer of the Netiquette IQ online test. Serkan has also worked in the formative levels of the gaming industry and gained significant operational perspective to manage and foster success in seven casino resorts throughout the nation. His efforts have been maximizing guest satisfaction and profitability, property re-branding, hotel launch, advertising, direct marketing, development and execution of large scale promotions and creative concepts that build brand awareness, strategic planning, budget forecasting, Asian marketing, as well as large scale contract negotiations, media oversight, special event planning, entertainment and casino host management.

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