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It's been 15 years and Tabula Rosa Systems (TRS) continues to bring compelling network security, systems management, and product services to our customers.  Each technology is a leader in price performance, customer satisfaction and long-term viability.  To schedule a meeting/webex or to request a product evaluation call 609-818-1802.  See our blog or email Tabula Rosa Systems - your source for dynamic, effective and comprehensive solutions.

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Netiquette IQ blog and Paul Babicki's book
"Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email".  Paul's latest book, "You're Hired! Super Charge Your Email Skills in 60 Minutes...And Land That Job!," is also available from Amazon.

Get Cloud Security.
Govern Usage.

With Netskope, you can safely enable the apps you sanction, and the ones you don’t.

Netskope's cloud application visibility, control and analytics are very strong. The depth and flexibility of its product features are differentiators in the cloud security market. Netskope enables companies to Identify & encrypt (or block) specific data in transit as it’s being uploaded into the SaaS app. The product will also encrypt data already residing in those repositories (such as OneDrive - the storage drive for Office 365, or DropBox, Box, etc.) Netskope also provides blocking of sharing  data residing in those sanctioned repositories to other storage apps. Lastly, the application enables protection of data being accessed outside of the firewall perimeter via mobile devices.

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What's your email IQ?
Take this sample Netiquette IQ Test
and see!  

New book, You're Hired ,contains a comprehensive  test and many tools to improve your email (here's an excerpt from Paul's latest book, You're Hired).
  1. What should your “from” field show?
    A) Your service provider; B)  Your full name; C)  Your desired reply address; D)  Your nickname, E)  All of the above
  2. What should the “to” field show?
    A) Desired public recipient(s); B)  Anyone who wishes to receive the message; C)  Both A and B; D)  Neither A or B, E)  None of the above
  3. Who should be in a “cc” field?
    A) Those not expected to reply; B)  Those who need to know the content; C)  Those in any preceding message; D)  Both A & B, E)  None of the above
  4. Subject fields should:
    A) Never be blank; B)  Be changed for different topics; C)  Left unchanged when an initial direct reply is given; D)  Not exceed 10-12 words, E)  All of the above
  5. Subject fields:
    A) Do not require capitals; B)  Should end with a punctuation mark; C)  Should not include links; D)  Can have all capitals if urgent, E)  Use normal punctuation except the end of the entry
  6. A recipient in a cc field should:
    A) Never reply; B)  Reply only to appropriate people; C)  Include others when replying; D) Reply only to the sender, E)  A & C
  7. When a recipient is in a “Bcc” field, one:
    A) Can forward a message; B)  Should never forward the message; C)  Should only forward to a new recipient; D)  Ought to reply if deemed important, E)  Both B & D  
Answers:  1. C, 2. A, 3. D, 4. E, 5. E, 6. D, 7. B.

New Book, “You’re Hired . . .”, on email etiquette (Netiquette), promises any job seeker clear information on how to immediately (60 minutes) improve email skills.

Email is the essential method of communicating in business. It is the formal way you let others know you are interested in a job opportunity. Emails to prospective employers include résumés as attachments. Optimizing your ability to get your email opened, read and responded to is what this book is all about. Proper Netiquette embodies your competitive edge to make your qualifications known to prospective employers.

By doing the exercises throughout this book, you will hone your email skills and improve your chances of being considered for that next
opportunity. It’s part of your arsenal. Use these skills often and well!

In the world of business, every inch—and word—counts. Within the pages of “You’re Hired! Supercharge Your Email Skills in 60 minutes (and get that job…)”, sales and marketing professional Paul Babicki arms readers with the essential tools needed to quickly learn, implement, and put into play Netiquette best practices to assist with business communication. The book clearly presents the direct methods to improve Netiquette and more readily land a job.

Using refined Netiquette skills ensures emails and résumés are opened, read, and retained. There are advanced guides for proper job acceptance, job rejection, replies, and follow-ups as well. All too often, bad or even average email etiquette can mean the difference between failure and success in a job hunt. Employers are constantly looking for ways to weed out job candidates. This book eliminates the red flags
which lead to rejection by presenting the skills to compose emails more effectively..
In the vein of The Manual of Style and The Gregg Reference Manual, this book is an indispensable resource to return to again and again to improve and sharpen email communications.

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