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Nov 26, 2012

What's Your Perspective?


The words Win, Build, Send define much of what we want to accomplish in Cru. We have seen God do much in regards to winning students to Christ, with several people making first time decisions to follow Jesus, as well as Christian students making choices to reject the typical party culture and follow Jesus while in college.

  We have also seen God do much in regards to building. We have 20 students involved in Bible Studies and discipleship groups. We have been blessed with 10 community volunteers participating in discipleship as well.

  Sending involves, most importantly, helping students to see themselves as sent ones (ambassadors for Christ). This means we are sending them to have conversations about Jesus with their family, friends, coworkers and classmates. The most recent strategy we did to help students engage with those around them was an outreach that we called ‘Think’. The first element of the outreach was to set up a table on campus and invite students to share with us their perspective on spiritual things. We used a tool called Perspective Cards ( to draw out their perspectives on the Nature of God, Human Nature, their Purpose for living, the Person of Jesus and the Source of Spiritual truth. It was interesting to engage on a theological level with various students on campus. We talked to Atheists, uninvolved Believers, Agnostics, Deists and even some Pantheists and Polytheists.  As you can see from this cross section of students that Flagstaff is a fascinating place to do ministry. Through tabling,  we had the joy of seeing one student, Jesus, make a profession of faith.  We also saw, with sorrow, quite a few  students reject sin as a concept and reject Jesus as a savior. Overall the outreach helped both us and the Cru students to see the need for continued prayer for lost students at NAU.

  In addition to using the table, our students wore shirts that said ‘Think’ on the front and ‘What’s Your Perspective’ on the back. With all of us wearing the shirts all week, we hoped to incite curiosity in other students to ask what the shirts mean. Our students could then engage them naturally in spiritual conversations with their fellow students.

  One of our freshmen students, Shaniya (from the Navajo nation), experienced just such a scenario with a fellow resident of her dorm. The girl asked her about the shirt, even though they had no previous relationship. Shaniya asked this other girl about her spiritual journey and they want back to her room to do the Perspective Cards and ended up having about a 2 hour conversation about God. This is one of the many conversations students had in between classes, in the dining commons and in their dorm rooms. We even had 4 students from the Secular Students Club (Atheist Club) come to our weekly meeting to hear the Biblical perspective from a local pastor. We praise God that the Cru students are learning to bring God into regular life and that more students are having positive experiences of Christians and are hearing the good news.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership,
Jeremiah, Lori, Isaiah, Bethany and Judah
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Jeremiah and Lori Kepner


  • Blake, who came to Christ earlier in the semester, recently posted on Facebook about his baptism at a local church.
  • We had 30 students participate in our recent outreach.
  • We took 6 students to a recent conference for Jr’s and Sr’s to figure out what’s next in life.
  • 8/10 girls in Lori’s freshman Bible study came to evangelism training.



  • For students to walk with God well during Christmas break. 
  • For us to raise several hundred in new monthly support
  • For our efforts to recruit a team of 4-6 interns to join us next year.
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